Tuesday Aug 11, 2009

The final compilation :)

Yesterday was my the last day at SUN office in Prague. I sent several last emails and had several last discussions with my friends in the office. I don't intending to write long story about. Anyway it's funny when I realized I spent in SUN around 8th years. When I look back it was great experience in all ways ... 
During the 1st GeeCON edition we have discovered simplicity and true of small magic plastic box.  All future is inside !

Cheers and have a great time ;) and my new blog

Tuesday Jun 30, 2009

mirage's world of wisdom - little summary. My end is comming :)

Hola, all my blog readers. I could imagine lot of you have a question why I have stopped blogging. The answer is really simple instead of fact I had lot of stuff to share. I guess this will be one of my the last blog posts here.

Now I'm inteding to share success of my team we had in Europe. Maybe this is also reason why I'm going to leave company in next months. Several people couldn't enjoy our success. Anyway this is a speculation maybe the reason is different :)

I know that I did mention most of time about GeeCON conference. This conferece is only part of activities I did in Europe but this conferece has defititely very positive business impact to SUN technologies. I saw data I couldn't share here (reason is logical). By other activities I mean coopartion with my team members, universities and local sun offices. I'll blog about in next posts. Now I have to attend important meeting about SUN business. See you than ...

PS: this is going to be my new blog: mirage's world of wisdom

Tuesday Apr 21, 2009

Diploma Thesis, NetBeans and Java

I guess this time is good to announce something new. I did announce a lot around Sun Grid Engine. We are driving this together with Lubos Petrik from Czech SUN. Now I want to post some update around work focused on NetBeans IDE. Together with Peter Blaha we started another Diploma thesis in cooperation with Czech Technical University in Prague. The topic of this work is following: When Do Changes Induce Fixes Do the similar analysis that is described in the paper for NetBeans repository.

Instead of fact lot changes are happening universities are away from this game.

Monday Apr 20, 2009

Open Source University Meetup (OSUM)

I guess everybody involved in SUN activities has awareness about OSUM. OSUM was in the past very closed socical network. You need to be registred in to see what is inside. After long time we have change to the better way. OSUM is going to be more open to the public. It means more information and more reasons to be registred in. I guess one of the main principes of any open community is to be open. OSUM is now going to reach this goal.  Have a look at public profile of the groups. Anyway changes are comming ...

Thursday Apr 16, 2009

GeeCON Bus

I have very great news  for all from Vienna in Austria.  Guys from Die Java Student User Group planned to come. We have it confirmed and nowadays they are working on it's organization. When they started to thing about they had in their minds something like GeeCON Bus. They share this idea with us. This idea is amazing because there is no other conference with having similar thing. This fact only showing that GeeCON is really community driven conference.  We hope that there are going to be lot of attendants from Austria to cover whole bus. But there is also possibility to travel by GeeCON train :) but GeeCON bus is much nicer. We all are crossing fingers for success. Not it seems we found sponsors for this bus, but we will see. I sent an email also to Brno univeristy but I still don't have any response because Vienna is not so far from Brno. 

Wednesday Jan 28, 2009

Drupal, NetBeans and plugin

I didn't have so much time after start of the new year. I wanted to post new article but without any success. I was busy a lot.  I have to manage Sun Campus Ambassadors for my regions and also GeeCON and my personal life of course. Now I'm sitting in the class with my students and they are doing theirs final test from Information technologies basics.  So it means I have a time to send my prepared article :)

I'm fun, programmer and user of DRUPAL CMS systems.  My first  tech. post is going to be about. I have read several books in the past about DRUPAL development also I went through many of web pages about, not everything was useful to see and read. I do recommend this book before you start doing anything with.This book is named Pro Drupal Development 2nd Edition.

As NetBeans user I could only recommend  pluging for NetBeans 6.5 .

Late I'll blog more about now I have to correct student's tests :) They wanted to know if they passed. 

Monday Jan 05, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

I want to additionally send all the best to everybody I was in contact with during last year !  I did send greetings to all my accounts on Facebook or LinkedIn.  Today when I opened my emails. I  found out that I can not manage all people I know. 

Last year was really great I have done lot of things by myslef and much more things in cooperation with other people from universities, from SUN and also from various other groups. I have meet  lot of interensting people. I am glad I got opportunity to work with and support all Sun Campus Ambasadors I'm responsible for. True is, they did very amazing job. I believe they ware so motivated this year too.

In the End I want to wish lot of luck to everybody and stay tuned with me! Lot of amazing things are waiting for us. GeeCON is comming :)
Happy New Year 2009!

Wednesday Nov 05, 2008

Sun Laboratories

   I think lot of us heard about Sun Laboratories. I think  projects realized inside Labs are amazing. SunSPOT is also coming from SunLabs. For those how doesn't know about what I'm  writing . Just have a look at Sun Research . Also I think it could be very good topic for Sun Campus Ambassadors pressentation. What do you think ?

I had aslo very motivational meeting with Katherine Hartsell (External Research Office). I'm glad for that!


I like an idea of semantic web. I'm happy when I see implemenation of it. I think these images do not need any comments. When you open this LINK you will be excited. These Web sites are done by Macromedia Flash.  I mention that because our JavaFX wants to be a concurrency to Flash. I think this could be very good stimul.

Monday Oct 13, 2008

Project SETI

From my childhood I'm interesting in extraterrestrial inteligence. I read lot of books around. I like X-Files movies and serials. One time I found Project SETI and it's idea.

The mission of the SETI Institute is to explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevelence of live in the universe. Sun Microsystems become to be sponsor of this great project. Everyone could help to analyze data. You need only to donwload this BONIC software.


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