Tuesday Jun 30, 2009

What I did during quite time ?

I don't know if I did mention in the past I love dynamic linked programming languages as Groovy or Ruby (I had aslo cool discussion with Thomas Enebo about) are. Also I cann't forget for Scala which is general purpose programming language which smoothly integrates features of OOP and functional languages.I read only one books and couple of texts about but I still have only light experiences with. So this blog post will be focused on my activities more related to programming. During quiet time I read several books about Grails and Rails. If you want to learn quite easily Groovy and Grails I could only recommend the last this one: " Grails 1.1 Web Application Development" which looks to me very good and is focused on new Grails build 1.1 If you are more familiar it good to have a look at documentation which is here [Documentation]. There is written quite everything you need. 

 I don't want to write a long story why I love Groovy but one of important thing is its ability to work and parse text content especialy GString. At one of my previous position I needed use lot of regular expressions. At that time I used perl or AWK for. Part of my project I wrote using groovy as script language I wanted to parse websites and get only specific information. Then store them in database. With Groovy was this task very easy. I have used this CyberNeko HTML Parser library, SAX parser  and couple of regular expressions of course. I guess this could be very nice presentation for Sun Campus Ambassadors.

This is also the way I tried to lead my team. Just show technologies integration with SUN ones based on universities and students expectations find equilibrium between bored marketing stuff and knowledge . I guess this could be very hard for someone who doesn't have strong technical knowledge background and experiences. I'm very proud lot of members of my team increased theirs technical knowledge. This moment was reflected by presentation successes. Professors appreciated this kind of activities now I'm writing about Central Europe. I have to mention every country needs something different. But stop now :) just let something for next. Next post I'm intending to write about diploma and bachelor thesis I drove in SUN cooperation... just see you later on, cheers

PS: At the first time I used ItelliJ IDEA editor for Grails but now I have returned back and I'm using Netbeans 6.7 again. 

Tuesday May 12, 2009

GeeCON run

GeeCON is over so now it's time to inform the world about our run. We are still working on after promotion. We got lof of gigabytes of pictures and videos. Not easy to sort all of them  out:) but more information are coming soon.

My current message to the world is that we reach our goals, like international team! We had almost 400 developers, 23 sessions (2 days x 2 tracks) and great organizers. Let's look throught our GeeCON Organizers Team . All of them form JUGs (not only from Poland!): Polish JUG, Poznan JUG and guys from Chech JUG.

Now you know our GeeCON team and what about participans ? It's very good to mention that we reached also this goal! We were international. GeeCON covered following european countries:  Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Ireland, UK, Switzerland and France.

Survey we did was very positive -> We did something unique it's a GeeCON and now we are moving to the next year. GeeCON was a incredible experience and chance to meet with  great world speakers. Everyone was satisfied because lot of new friendships came into being :) I want to also mention GeeCON University day supported by Sun Learning Services. It was really great !

Special thanks belongs  to our sponsors and Media partners
Let's feel its atmosphere from pictures :) and wait for more ... Facebook or LinkedIn groups

Thursday May 07, 2009

NEWS: GeeCON and its first blog post

Hi Everybody, 

GeeCON will start soon. We had GeeCON University Training yesterday as you know. I'll blog about later. What I could say at this moment. I got only very positive feedback from all participants. Every training was sold out. Cool! We got the first point.   Now we are before GeeCON Conference start.

We are very busy and under time stress. I'm sending you several images from the place ( Cinema ). See you at GeeCON!

Sorry for bad quality no time to use camera and my mobile is not so good for :)

Friday Apr 24, 2009

Hungarian Techtalk at Eger univeristy

This is very nice example of cooperation between Ambassadors. This tech talk at Eger university was organized by 3 Ambassdors - Gergo Sulymosi, Zoltan Nagy and Tamas Rathonyi


there were 4 presentations:
1. Zoltan Nagy ::: Software development at an enterprise slace - Introduction to Java EE

2. Zoltan Nagy ::: Introduction to enterprise software architecture and development (Glassfish, webservices, ...)
3. Tamas Rathonyi ::: On the web - JSF
4. Gergo Sulymosi ::: RIA development with JavaFX, the $25.000 development competition

Good JOB guys ! :)

What Professors said about GeeCON ?

I think it's good to mention now before. During my work I'm in touch with lot of professors from various universities over Europe. I'm glad that quite all of them are excited by GeeCON. Only little doubt they are having about planed time (Economical crisis). I think it could be true but Economical crisis doesn't mean that Communities are going to stop. Now it's seems GeeCON is going to be very successful. Good sign for all. I know that lot of work is behind and our GeeCON team is working pretty much last days to cover every bugs but in general we are doing very well. Our team is great. Now we have GeeCON Bus, GeeCON university, Facebook or LinkedIn groups. We are replying lot of emails :) and we have attendants ...

What to say in the end ?

PS: this is not only professor's opinion :) this is only name of my post.

GeeCON Bus Part - two

I want to promote GeeCON Bus organized by JSUG Group again.  Progress looks very nice :). By doing promo to this possibility we want to involve more people . I have still awareness about those who are interesting in this possibility. It would be cool to connect them before because GeeCON event is community driven. As I spoke to my friends from Hungary It's much easier for them to go from Vienna.  For more details just have a look at JSUG main site and try to cooperate with them.

GeeCON is looking forward to see you there :)


Tuesday Apr 21, 2009

GeeCON Media Parners

Time is running and GeeCON is knocking at the doors. GeeCON University is going to start at May 6. This week we have increased family of out media partners. New member became to be the main JAVA portal in Czech Republic. It's Java.cz ! You can say hello to Java. cz and have a look there

Java portál\* is an open internet portal that serves the Czech community of users of Java and related technologies . Anyone can register there and share his opinion with other people interested in Java by posting articles, news or links to interesting resources. This portal also closely cooperates with the Czech Java User Group and contains podcasts
from CZJUG-organized seminars.

 GeeCON Media partners family

Friday Mar 27, 2009

OSUM explanation done by Gary Serda

Hello Everybody, I'm back again. This post is for those who don't know about OSUM yet. This short movie was taped by Alper and Gokhan. Great job guys! You are going to have this introduction from the real source. This message is coming from Gary Serda.

Thursday Mar 26, 2009

GeeCON: short message about

During GeeCON introduction at CZJUG meeting I did mention lot of advantages for student but of course GeeCON is focus on Java developers, enthusiasts and companies in similar way Just have a look at http://www.geecon.org and find out all possibilities. Also I have badly news for today. GeeCON web is not working because an unexpected issues with our provider.

Another nice news is that guys from Austria are inteding to manage GeeCON bus from Vienna to Cracow :) Just join our facebook or linkedin group to find out more about. 

Friday Mar 20, 2009

SCA meeting - Iberia, Italy, Czech, Poland and Hungary

Yesterday I had a meeting with SCAs from countries mentioned above. It was very nice in all directions. Meeting was done over  Elluminate as normal. This application allows me to share also desktop applications and doing more reall presenation. I used this feature and instead of common organizational information I did technical demo for SCAs. Tech demo shoudl be more for motivation and increase curiosity. In that way I'm pretty sure it was succesful.

Based on the fact I did presenation more focused on NetBeans I also tried to mention all useful resources around. On my blog I'm giving you chance to download it and keep your eye closer .

Day before I read JavaFX specification again and I did couple of examples but then I decided to promote NetBeans and PHP development.  Why I did it ? What I have seen across the world PHP is one of the most popular technology. NetBeans is also very good IDE and it's still better and better. Whatever,  PHP support  is implemented. No doubts about benefit from . 

I decided to connect it with DRUPAL Content Management System. I brought out to student how connect to specific database and how to work with inside the IDE. For better imagine have a look at PDF file I'm providing to you as inspiration.Only one comment I did evererything in real with appropriate explanation about. PDF is more like list of sources.

I didn't forget to mention GeeCON. There are going to be lot of opportunities for all students, for others enthusiastic too. I'm looking forward to see most of them there too again.

JUST Enjoy !

PS: PDF was send to ambassadors alias 


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