Tuesday Mar 30, 2010

Netbeans Mobility 6.9 for MAC OS X

Some time ago I blogged about Early Access of Java ME SDK 3.0 for Mac OS X (which is successor of Wireless Toolkit). Currently Java ME SDK 3.0 is stable and developers who use Mac OS X can use it with Netbeans 6.8. In this case it's necessary to separately download Netbeans 6.8, Java ME SDK 3.0 and use Netbeans Update Center to get rest of the Mobility plugins. In release 6.9 we are going to bundle Netbeans Mobility with Java ME SDK 3.0 and officially support Mac OS X as a platform for Java ME developers. If somebody would like to try Netbeans Mobility 6.9 for Mac OS X today then Development build (means not stable!) is available here:


Note: There is a one major difference between Java ME SDK for Windows and Mac OS X - Mac version doesn't support Java ME CDC - only CLDC/MIDP. So if you'd like to write Java ME app for CDC you still have to use Windows.

Thursday Oct 29, 2009

Java ME SDK 3.0 Early Access for MAC OSX available

If someone would like to try Java ME SDK 3.0 Early Access for MAC OSX now it is possible. It's available here:


Don't forget to test Netbeans Mobility 6.7/6.8 with new Java ME SDK for MAC OSX and let me know if it works with Snow Leopard.


Lukas posted article how to download and install Java ME SDK for MAC using Netbeans update center (6.8 beta).


Thanks Lukas!

Wednesday Jun 17, 2009

Java ME SDK 3.0 and NB Mobility 6.7 running on Mac OS X

Few days ago I had a chance to play with Java ME SDK 3.0 for Mac OSX. I have to admit it looks very promising. It supports all JSR's I need and Mobility 6.7 recognizes SDK 3.0 "out of the box". I've tried few applications and everything works smooth. Actually I had to slightly change one of the classes in SVG Rich Components Framework but part from that everything seems to be OK. I'm not 100% sure about current availability of SDK for MAC OS X but I'm afraid we have to wait some time for some public release.

Additional JSR's available in tested version:

  • Advanced Multilmedia Supplements API 1.0
  • File Connection and PIM Optional Package 1.0
  • J2ME Web Services 1.0
  • Mobile Media 1.1
  • SVG API 1.0

Screen shoot: Netbeans Mobility 6.7 + Java ME SDK 3.0 - SVG based application running on touch screen device

Screen shoot: Netbeans Java ME Project Properties with Java ME SDK 3.0 platform

Update: Netbeans Mobility is not officially supported on Mac OS X but it works pretty well on this OS :)

Thursday Oct 09, 2008

Upgrade for Netbeans Mobility Microemulator Plugin - Solaris, Mac OS, Linux

+ +

Finally I've had some time to take care of Microemulator Plugin Support. Previous version of this plugin does not work with the Netbeans Mobilty 6.5 and I've promised to fix it as soon as 6.5 is in the stable state. Unfortunately I was not able to do it until now because I was busy with new features and bug fixing for new NB release. New version of Microemulator plugin is not very well tested (yet) so please report problems on the home page of plugin (listed on the end of this entry). Information about plugin and Microemaultor below.

List of technologies implemented in the Microemualtor 2.0.2 and what is supported (or not supported) by Netbeans Microemultor plugin 1.0.1:

  • Works with all wersion of Netbeans 6.x
  • Operation Systems supported: Solaris, Mac OSX and Linux
  • CLDC 1.0/1.1 (JSR 30/139) - no reported issues
  • MIDP 2.0 (JSR 118) - large parts of CustomItem are not implemented
  • Bluetooth API (JSR 82)-1.0 - requires lib/microemu-jsr-82.jar, this is stub API definition used only during compilation process, for runtime integration with BlueCove (http://code.google.com/p/bluecove/) is needed (in this version of plugin bluetooth is supported only during compilation)
  • FileConnection API (JSR 75)-1.0 - requires lib/microemu-jsr-75.jar and additional command line parameter: --impl org.microemu.cldc.file.FileSystem (in this version of plugin bluetooth is supported only during compilation)
  • Mobile Media API (JSR 135)-1.1 - requires lib/microemu-jsr-135.jar, this JSR is only partially implemented
  • Wireless Messaging API (JSR 120)-1.0 - requires lib/microemu-jsr-120.jar, this is stub API definition used only during compilation process
  • Nokia UI API-1.0 - requires lib/microemu-nokiaui.jar
  • Siemens API-1.0 - requires lib/microemu-siemensapi.jar
  • Location API (JSR 179) - possible integration with OpenLAPI (http://thinktankmaths.com/technologies/openlapi/)


NB Microemulator plugin home page + tutorial how to use it: http://plugins.netbeans.org/

search keyword: Microemulator

Microemulator home page: http://www.microemu.org/

Saturday Jun 07, 2008

Microemulator Support on Netbeans Plugin Portal

Recently I was able to fix and update Microemulator Support plugin for Netbeans Mobility. It has new home page on the Netbeans Plugin Portal. Microemulator Support plugin supports three operation systems: Solaris(OpenSolaris), Mac OS and Linux. Plugin's page also contains tutorial how to use it with Netbeans Mobility 6.1.

Netbeans Mobility Microemualtor Support

Monday Jun 02, 2008

NetBeans Mobility on Solaris

Some time ago Sun released OpenSolaris. It is simply the x86 version of Solaris 10 made open source. It is available as Live CD with very cool installer (Similar to Ubuntu Linux). The Netbeans Mobility Pack was unusable on this OS because of lack of the Java ME SDK for this platform. Major problem with JavaME/MIDP emulators for Solaris was missing preverifiers. Most of the them are native applications which comes with Java ME platforms for Windows or Linux like Wireless Toolkit or MPowerPlayer for Mac OS X and they are not available for Solaris. Fortunately since version 4.0 ProGuard comes with preverifier. The ProGuard is set of tools 100% written in Java so it also runs on Solaris. I was able to combined ProGuard and Microemualtor and now it is possible to write, run and debug MIDP application on my favorite OS. This feature is not yet part of the Mobility 6.5 but most likely will be in the final version of incoming relase. If you are using Solaris x86 or Mac OS X and you'd like to try this new feature you can download "preview" version of plugins from Netbeans wiki page:

Mobility Support for Solaris and Mac OSX

Microemulator is available here:

Microemulator project home page

Micoremulator, Mobility and OpenSolaris in action:

Monday May 05, 2008

Netbeans Mobility 6.1 is out

Netbeans 6.1 is finally ready. In this release most important task for Mobility team was to improve NetBeans Mobility stability. We didn't implement any "breakthrough" features but there is one worth it to mention: MPowerPlayer SDK support for Mac OS X. Using NetBeans Mobility 6.1 it is possible to add MPowerPlayer SDK with "Add Java ME Platform" wizard same way as you can add WTK 2.5.2 or any other Java ME Platform to Netbeans Mobility (under Windows or Linux).

This is MpowerPlayer SDK running on Mac OS X:

and Mobility 6.1 Screen Designer in action:

Part from this feature I was also able to do small improvements all over Mobility Visual Designer. One of this improvements is direct access to the SVG Composer from Screen Designer while you working with SVG files. This feature is available in the Screen Designer pop up menu - "Edit SVG File".

You can download Netbeans Mobility from HERE .

Note: If you want to install Mobility on Mac OS X you have to download "OS independent ZIP" because NetBeans Mobility for Mac OS is still not (officially) supported.

Update: Unfortunately I just found out that I have small bug in MPowerPlayer SDK plugin. If you install MPowerPlayer make sure that SDK path dose not have spaces in the name, otherwise you may not be able to run MPowerPlayer emulator directly from NetBeans Mobility. I'll try to fix it in incoming NetBeans Patch for 6.1.


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