Saturday Feb 06, 2010

Amazon Kindle SDK (KDK) uses CDC Personal Basis Profile

So it's true. Amazons KDK is Java ME CDC based with Personal Basis Profile. Java ME PB Profile provides a complete Java ME application environment for example it contains java.awt or java.rmi. Interesting that on KDK FAQ page I found information about support for all major Java IDE including Netbeans.

Amazon Kindle KDK links:

KDK Overview

Developers FAQ

If you'd like to apply to become KDK Beta tester click here.

Thursday Jan 21, 2010

Kindle Development Kit is Java ME CDC based?

It looks like Amazon going to release SDK for Kindle and it should be available for Windows, Linux and Mac. As far I know Kindle has implementation of Java ME CDC so hopefully this Kindle Development Kit is Java based. If this information is true and SDK uses Java platform I should be able to write some kind of plugin/spport which allows to use KDK with Netbeans Mobility. According to this web page we can expect beta release next month.

Thursday Oct 29, 2009

Java ME SDK 3.0 Early Access for MAC OSX available

If someone would like to try Java ME SDK 3.0 Early Access for MAC OSX now it is possible. It's available here:

Don't forget to test Netbeans Mobility 6.7/6.8 with new Java ME SDK for MAC OSX and let me know if it works with Snow Leopard.


Lukas posted article how to download and install Java ME SDK for MAC using Netbeans update center (6.8 beta).

Thanks Lukas!

Tuesday Oct 07, 2008

New Nokia S60 Touch Enabled Emulator

Few days ago Nokia has released new version of Symbian S60 emulator. It has many improvements but what is really important touch screen support is one of it. We should see first device from Nokia based on this OS soon (Nokia 5800) but before it is aviliable on the market everyone can try it by installing S60 Platform SDKs for Symbian OS. This platform has implementation of Java ME and it was really interesting to see how Nokia deals with touch enabled MIDP components. I have to say I'm positively surprised. All MIDP components are "touch-enabled" and what is very important easy to use. Also I really like Look and Feel of these components. I've made a few test and it looks like all components are big enough to operate them using fingers so no need for stylus :). First screenshoot shows MIDP UI in Landscape mode. All changeable/editable elements of this UI can be operate using touch screen.


Second screenshot shows same UI in "normal" mode.

Application based on Canvas in landscape mode.

One annoying thing about this platforms is strange keypad in applications which use Canvas. I understand that most of the current Java ME apps based on canvas does not support touch screen but on the other hand it is very ugly and breaks composition of the UI. I hope it is possible to switch this keypad off somehow if support for touch screen is available in particular application. If you'd like to try this new cool platform with Netbeans Mobility all you have to do is to add it to the list of Java Platforms in Netbeans using "Tools > Java Platforms > Java ME MIDP" then point folder with installed S60 Platform SDK and you ready to go.

More information about new S60 Symbian platform

Thursday Sep 11, 2008

T-Mobile App Store including Java by the end of the year

It looks like that T-Mobile going to open app store for mobile devices and what is important Java applications are on the list. The developers should be be able to set the price of the application and baseline for the developer’s initial cut is 50 percent (it may increase to 70 percent). T-Mobile will also help deal developers with device fragmentation by providing devices to test applications on and a virtual lab. According to T-Mobile this loaner program for the devices is free! (I think you need to cover S&H) Good job T-Mobile! I have to admin that because Apple App store things are changing for better in Java Mobile world. I'm looking forward to see this store online and waiting for other operators to follow T-Mobile. If your are interested in details look here:


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