Tuesday Aug 31, 2010

NetBeans Mobility at JavaOne and Oracle World 2010

This year we are going to show how to use Java ME Location API to build application to track and share current users position. During our HOL participants create a mobile application which uses the Java ME Location API to track a user's friends and display them on a map. Additionally, this mobile application allows the user to exchange status with friends and shows them on a map along with their photos and names. This HOL is aimed at developers who would like to learn how to bind application content with the current position of an application user.

Participants will learn:

  • How to use Java ME Location API
  • How to use maps web services in a Java ME application
  • How to use Java ME Generic Connection Framework
  • How to use visual tools to design the flow and UI of the application
  • This application can be used with Yahoo Maps (which we are going to use during HOL) or Google Maps (license restrictions).

    Details about HOL:

    Thursday: 3:30PM
    Where My Friends Are: Java ME Location API in Practice
    Stream(s): JAVAONE
    Track(s): Java ME and Mobile
    • S314126
    • [HOL]
    • Hilton San Francisco/Plaza A

    Wednesday Nov 18, 2009

    How NASA going to use Netbeans Platform

    It's not Java ME/JavaFX related subject but I just saw cool article on Javalobby about how NASA going to use Netbeans Platform. Link below:

    NASA Adopts the NetBeans Platform

    Wednesday Jun 17, 2009

    Java ME SDK 3.0 and NB Mobility 6.7 running on Mac OS X

    Few days ago I had a chance to play with Java ME SDK 3.0 for Mac OSX. I have to admit it looks very promising. It supports all JSR's I need and Mobility 6.7 recognizes SDK 3.0 "out of the box". I've tried few applications and everything works smooth. Actually I had to slightly change one of the classes in SVG Rich Components Framework but part from that everything seems to be OK. I'm not 100% sure about current availability of SDK for MAC OS X but I'm afraid we have to wait some time for some public release.

    Additional JSR's available in tested version:

    • Advanced Multilmedia Supplements API 1.0
    • File Connection and PIM Optional Package 1.0
    • J2ME Web Services 1.0
    • Mobile Media 1.1
    • SVG API 1.0

    Screen shoot: Netbeans Mobility 6.7 + Java ME SDK 3.0 - SVG based application running on touch screen device

    Screen shoot: Netbeans Java ME Project Properties with Java ME SDK 3.0 platform

    Update: Netbeans Mobility is not officially supported on Mac OS X but it works pretty well on this OS :)

    Monday May 04, 2009

    Netbeans Mobility at JavaOne 2009

    JavaOne 2009 Registration

    If you are going to visit JavaOne this year and you'd like to learn more about NetBeans Mobility and meet the Mobility team we are hosting two hands-on labs and one technical session:

    Technical Session

    TS-5117 - Touch Our Application! Building a Rich Touch-Enabled SVG UI for Java™ Platform, Micro Edition

    Speaker: Karol Harezlak (Me)

    Hands-on Lab

    LAB-5502 - Your First Mobile Game

    Speakers: Andrew Korostelev, Ivan Sidorkin

    LAB-5539 - Touch Your Application! Building Slick, Touch-Enabled UIs for Java™ Platform, Micro Edition

    Speakers: Brad Schmidt, Lukas Hasik, Karol Harezlak (Me again)

    Don't forget to visit the Mobility team in the NetBeans booth!

    See you there!

    Thursday Dec 04, 2008

    Overview of new features in NetBeans Mobility 6.5

    Netbeans 6.5 is available for more then two weeks so I think it's about time to summarize new Mobility Features in 6.5:

    • One of the most important feature in this version is SVG Rich Components which includes improved SVG Composer and Visual Designer Support for SVG Components. Using this feature developers can build SVG UI for mobile devices in very similar way to GUI builder and then import it to the Visual Midlet using SVGForm component.

      Tutorial which helps to start to use this technology:

      SVG based Personal Information Manager created with Netbeans Mobility

      and more information about this feature:

      SVG Rich Components in Netbeans Mobility 6.5

    • Support for BlueRay Development (CDC)
    • Visual Databinding. Make it is possible to bind UI (Form's Items) with datasources like Web Services, Web applications and so on.

      More info here:

      Visual Databinding in Netbeans Mobility 6.5

      and tutorial is on the way....
    • Custom Components API Project Support helps to create new Visual Designer components and add Java ME external libraries to the VMD environment.

      Few screenshots:

      New project Custom Components Support wizard.

      New Mobile Custom Component wizard.

      New Custom Components wizard.

      More information:

      Custom Components API Project Support

    Saturday Sep 13, 2008

    Going To JavaZone in Oslo, Norway

    I and Lukas Hasik going to JavaZone conference in Norway next week. We have BOF (Birds of a Feather) session which ia about new Java ME SDK Early Access 3.0, new features in Netbeans Mobility 6.5 and other new technologies in Java Mobile world. So if you interested in any of this subjects come and see our lecture in room: Lab 4, timeslot: 17.09.08 19:30. You can find more details about it here:

    Future and Present of Java ME development – Netbeans Mobility IDE

    Homepage of JavaZome conference:

    JavaZone 2008

    See you there!


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