Monday Oct 26, 2009

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Wednesday Jul 08, 2009

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Monday Jun 29, 2009

links for 2009-6-29: NetBeans 6.7, Making SOA services more reusable

  • NetBeans 6.7 Released - New features including integration with Project Kenai, native support for Maven, support for GlassFish (v3) and more.
  • Six ways to make SOA services more reusable - Nothing ground breaking or new, but always good to reiterate decoupling the transport from the logic, having standard interfaces, and testing for interoperability.

Tuesday Jun 16, 2009

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Friday Mar 27, 2009

REST for the Weary

I came across a good InformationWeek article, InformationWeek Analytics: State Of SOA, that I thought summarized nicely some common perceptions of SOA, its use, and trends that developers and customers should be tuned into, notably that there is an increased interest in "path of least resistance" approaches using the technology of the Web, i.e. a RESTful style.  One especially on target quote was:

"The REST philosophy has simplicity going for it, and when resources get tight, faster and easier usually wins. However, the two styles can complement each other; it doesn't have to be a case of one or the other. A REST-based approach is a natural for data-oriented applications that focus on simple database look-up scenarios. Many apps fit this model, especially on the Web."

I take two things away from that, the first that it isn't WS-\* vs REST, they can and should co-exist, but the other is that REST is well suited to data-oriented applications or situations where you are accessing or manipulating a resource rather than calling a service.  I can think of many data oriented scenarios (think MySQL) where simple RESTful APIs would be ideal for developers building web applications.

So if one is weary of traditional WS-\* SOA and is looking for RESTful alternatives (the term WOA, coined by Gartner's Nick Gall several years ago, is sometimes used), where can they turn?  Take a look at the Jersey project in the GlassFish community on  Jersey is where the reference implementation of JSR-311, or JAX-RS, has been developed and can be used on its own or easily obtained as part of GlassFish v3 Prelude.

You can also take a look at this blog or this blog to learn more, or plan on attending JavaOne or CommunityOne this year where there will be sessions, labs, and BOFs on Jersey, Identity Services, and more things RESTful.

Monday Dec 15, 2008

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Friday Aug 22, 2008

Where's the Logic? Save Money on SOA with Sun Part 2

I blogged about our new offer and TCO calculator a couple of days ago and thought I'd share some of the response thus far.

The Register wrote that "Sun has capitalized on Oracle jacking up licensing of the BEA middleware products with an offer for its own open-source suite". And drilling into the "jacking up" link in that story gets to you this where Larry Ellison reportedly "told another customer who'd ripped chips from his server just to pay his Oracle license to basically put up and shut up, because things ain't getting cheaper". There's a company that is interested in customer satisfaction!

InfoWorld's article quotes Brad Shimmin from Current Analysis saying "My overall impression is that Sun has seized upon a legitimate market opportunity here, stemming from the usual FUD surrounding the rationalization and integration of two such daunting product portfolios (Oracle and BEA) and more uniquely the purported price increase Oracle announced for WebLogic in July".

The SOA Talk blog also wrote on the subject and included a link to their prior story on the acquisition and skeptical customers saying "BEA users do not want Oracle products".

Interesting stuff. Take a look to learn more.

Wednesday Aug 20, 2008

Where's the Logic? Save Money on SOA with Sun

As you are probably aware, Oracle announced significant price hikes for much of its software including the application server and other integration middleware in the wake of their acquisition of BEA. In light of this, we thought it would be useful to do some comparisons of the pricing for Sun's middleware against the new pricing and found that Sun's offerings provided a significant cost savings over the equivalent Oracle offerings in nearly every situation. Furthermore, our innovative subscription pricing model gives companies an alternative that can save even more money in most cases, reduce the large upfront capital expense traditionally associated with acquiring enterprise software, and eliminate "socket counting" audits that must be done with most perpetual licensing.

Rather than keep our research a secret, we've created an on-line calculator to allow anyone to put in the specifics of their environment and company and see the potential cost savings for themselves. I encourage you to visit yourself to enter your own scenarios, but something as simple as a 20 socket, 4 cores per socket license on x64 hardware has a 5 year TCO with Sun's offering that is over 72% less than the equivalent with Oracle WebLogic or Fusion.

If you visit the site, you'll also see that we are running a limited time offer that includes:
  • A FREE 5 day SOA workshop
  • Complimentary adapter for WebLogic
  • An opportunity to lock-in our current pricing for 12 months
To take us up on this offer, you'll need to register so do so today!

Wednesday Jul 02, 2008

Inside SOA Renewed

We've recently updated the Inside SOA pages and content to deliver news and information more quickly to take advantage of multi-media and other new methods for connecting with our customers and community. There you will find links to Inside SOA TV, Inside SOA Podcasts, and our Inside SOA blog.

Of particular note, take a look at the Inside SOA TV as we have some new content and videos from JavaOne and the Gartner AADI conference where we had not one, but two customers speak.

We are increasingly using the blog as a way to communicate news and notes more regularly without filling up folks inboxes, so do take a look at that and consider pointing your favorite RSS reader (I happen to use Thunderbird's built in one and like it) at it so you will be notified of our new entries right away.

Monday Jun 16, 2008

Java CAPS 6 Launched

It has now been a week since we launched the Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite (CAPS) Release 6 so I thought I'd share some of the feedback we are getting from the press and analysts

Many of the reports just regurgitate our press release and thus aren't terribly interesting. Several have gone into more depth though including:
  • Sun Releases JCAPS 6 with MDM Suite - John Waters from ADT quotes Dan Sholler of Gartner as saying "The attitude toward open source has definitely changed in the recent past. More companies are taking open source solutions seriously for mission critical situations. Sun might be poised to take advantage of that change."
  • Sun Java CAPS chugs down SOA open source track - Rich Seeley of writes an article with quotes from us as well as Brad Shimmin from Current Analysis saying "The two most important things in addition to the JBI modularization are Sun's shipment of an MDM suite that is itself JBI-based and built on top of the company's ESB as well as its CEP tool, which is built into the ESB suite".
  • Sun bolsters SOA software with data management - Paul Krill focuses on our new MDM Suite.
  • Sun touts open integration platform - Rosalie Marshall quotes Neil Ward-Dutton from Macehiter Ward-Dutton "Now Sun is showing remaining SeeBeyond Customers it still has a commitment to the integration software". And to his comment that Java CAPS is too large for small and medium sized companies and the community, that is what our ESB Suite and Open ESB are for!
  • Sun Unveils Java CAPS 6, Master Data Management Suite - IT News Online quotes Java CAPS customer Vince Blanchard from Medavie Blue Cross saying "Lock-in with any vendor is a top concern for us. Sun's implementation of the pluggable Java Business Integration (JBI) standard combined with its open source strategy within Open ESB and Java CAPS have addressed this concern for us."

  • Friday Jan 11, 2008

    Current Analysis Ranks Sun #1 for SOA Suites

    In a recent report, Current Analysis ranks Sun's SOA offering #1 among the SOA Suites they analyzed.

    Click here to see a chart showing how the various vendors rank in their report.

    While they highlight the offering as the Sun Java Enterprise System, the heart of the SOA support in Java ES is the Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite, or Java CAPS. It provides for the underlying integration/ESB, service enablement, service composition and orchestration, and business process management, and leverages other components of Java ES for the runtime (Application Server), security (Access Manager and Directory), and presentation (Portal Server).

    It is interesting to note that in the abstract they say "...customers require software products that are marketed as a single suite, with unified tooling, management and often installation and configuration utilities" which is a key differentiator of Java CAPS. It was built from the ground up to be an integrated and unified offering with a common IDE, runtime, installer, management environment, and more.

    Wednesday Jan 09, 2008

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    Wednesday Sep 26, 2007

    SOA Podcast Coming Soon

    Our friends from the Identity side of Sun's Software Infrastructure have had a series of podcasts running for over a year now and I'm pleased to announce we will be starting a series around SOA and Business Integration very soon. Stay tuned for more details or visit our Java Composite Application Platform Suite site regularly as it will show up there.

    Tuesday Jul 03, 2007

    SYS-CON 2007 SOA World Readers Choice Awards

    A colleague of mine informed me that SYS-CON announced their 2007 SOA World Reader's Choice Awards and upon reading through them I was pleased to see that a number of Sun products were listed including:




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