Thursday Nov 05, 2009

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Wednesday Sep 09, 2009

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Friday Aug 14, 2009

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Monday Jul 20, 2009

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Saturday Oct 04, 2008

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Tuesday Aug 12, 2008

Non Microsoft PCs becoming more mainstream

It is becoming easier and easier to get a personal computer from a major manufacturer running something other than Windows. Of course, there is always a Mac which has been and continues to be a very good option for many, but it is major traditional PC manufacturers offering models with Linux that may be the sign that Windows foothold on the "PC" may be weakening.

Dell announced offerings some time ago, but recently announced new laptops that will be running Ubuntu giving a nice selection of machines to choose from, desktop or laptop.

IBM has also announced "Microsoft-free desktops".

Choice is good!

Monday Jul 07, 2008

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Monday Dec 17, 2007

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Full disclosure: I'm a MacBook Pro user at work but have been a long time Linux user and am in the process of trying out several distributions in Parallels and VMware Fusion VMs on the Mac. More to come on that.

Monday Nov 19, 2007

Linux going mainstream?

Admittedly, I'm getting much of this from a blog on, but I've seen several stories lately indicating growing acceptance and adoption of Linux.

First, as is old news now, Dell begin selling machines with Ubuntu installed and supported. I should note it was also great to see the Sun and Dell agreement for Dell to sell machines with Solaris.

Next, Walmart begins selling Linux powered machines and sells out! Apparently they had about 10,000 of them and underestimated demand.

Third, Forrester calls Linux a credible threat to Windows. This along with another story indicating folks are increasingly open to non-Windows operating systems makes you go hmmmm.

Now, I'm hoping that Project Indiana increases the viability of Solaris on the desktop and when I can find some time, perhaps over the holiday break, I'll install the latest build and post some notes.

Monday Aug 20, 2007

Windows Die Hard Switching to Linux?

I recently blogged about Windows Vista woes and while I knew I wasn't alone, I was a bit surprised Jim Louderback from PC Magazine showing such unhappiness as he did in his recent editorial.

In his editorial after ranting a bit about various issues, he ends by saying, "If Microsoft can't get Vista working, I might just do the unthinkable: I might move to Linux."

I came across this article in Steven J. Vaughan Nichols recent blog about Second-rate Vista has Windows fans looking to Linux. He naturally has a Linux angle, but appears to actually use Vista as well and be speaking from experience.

Are these two isolated cases or is there really a move to not adopt Vista?

Friday Aug 10, 2007

Windows Vista Woes

My Father recently purchased a new desktop computer and as one can imagine it came with Windows Vista installed. Well, after a few weeks of trying to get used to it he is voting thumbs down and wishes he had XP again. For him, he simply finds it harder to use due to unfamiliarity and the changes made and has found no real value add over XP.

I thus found it interesting that eWeek has a story titled Vista Aiding Linux Desktop, the gist being that Vista and its issues has created an opportunity for Linux on the desktop.

A few quotes from the article:
  • "To mess up a Linux box, you need to work at it; to mess up your Windows box, you just have to work on it."
  • "The number of developers targeting Windows decreased by 12 percent in the last year, while their targeting of Linux has increased by 34 percent over the same period..."
Will this result in the demise of Windows? Certainly not, but with Dell and Lenovo now shipping and supporting Linux systems the balance of power is certainly changing.

Tuesday Apr 03, 2007

Vista isn't secure?

I enjoy reading Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols blogs and articles, not (just) because he is a bit anti-Windows, but because he brings a different perspective that I think is healthy.

His recent blog on Dell and Linux on the desktop was interesting, not just because it highlights yet another security hole in Windows, and in this case the "improved security" Vista, but because he thinks this will be the impetus, along with Dell's (soon to be offered) Linux machines, to get Linux on the desktop.

Having just gotten a new MacBook Pro, I'm now one of those using another "closed infrastructure" but I like what I'm seeing thus far. I agree not being bound to Apple would be a good thing, but I'd pick Apple over Microsoft right now.

And I'd gladly use a Linux, or (gasp) even Solaris desktop over a Windows one. I just happen to have the opportunity to have a Mac so I'm giving it a try. I have actually installed Solaris on a spare drive for the old Dell and feel it is workable but there are some apps that just aren't available yet that I use such that it can't really be my primary machine. I did just get the Solaris Express Developer Edition DVD so when I find some time I'll give it a spin.

So, keep your eye out for the next Vista security hole, and in the mean time consider giving an alternative a try, perhaps even Solaris!



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