Monday Nov 30, 2009

links for 2009-11-30: Old school Microsoft coders; VirtualBox "Teleportation"; Google more closed than Microsoft?

Monday Nov 23, 2009

links for 2009-11-23: Steve Jobs hates the App Store; ChromeOS

Monday Nov 16, 2009

links for 2009-11-16: Google and Governments; AT&T on Sun's Cloud; GlassFish and Egyptian Seafood

Friday Nov 06, 2009

links for 2009-11-6: Android explained

Monday Nov 02, 2009

links for 2009-11-2: Google's turn-by-turn rule changing; VoIP; Gartner on open-source

Thursday Oct 29, 2009

links for 2009-10-29: DoD and Open Source; Chrome OS Beta

Thursday Oct 22, 2009

links for 2009-10-22: IT Falling Behind Tech Curve?; Motorola and Android; Shelfware as a Service?

  • How did IT fall so far behind the tech curve? - It is true, the future of IT needs to be a hybrid on several levels from on-premise vs SaaS and IT being the top-down dictator vs user-defined bottom up approaches.
  • Motorola goes all-in for Google Android - While I think my iPhone is a fantastic device, especially when jailbroken, it is closed, proprietary, locked in to AT&T (in the US) and a host of other negatives so I'm definitely interested in how Android matures over the next year which will be about the time my AT&T contract is up.
  • SaaS: Shelfware as a service? - SaaS is not a cure all (no duh!).

Tuesday Oct 20, 2009

links for 2009-10-20: Google Street View Goes Tricycle; Cloud or not?; Asay on EU and MySQL

Thursday Oct 15, 2009

links for 2009-10-15: Google Wave; Mono risky business

Friday Oct 02, 2009

links for 2009-10-2: IBM targeting Google; Google Wave

  • IBM Challenges Google's Webmail Dominance - The price is right, but it admittedly has fewer features than Google.  But both are a lot cheaper than the offering from Microsoft according to the article.  This is a clear indication though that IBM doesn't consider cloud e-mail only for consumers and doesn't want to cede that market to its competitors.  For those interested in such things it does support IMAP IDLE and they do have a free trial, but you have to call to sign up.  Now isn't that old school.
  • Google Wave crashes on beach of overhype - I have not tried it (I'm open to an invitation anyone!) but this makes it sound like it is far too busy an interface to deal with for any type of quantity of groups/friends/messages.  But it is early and I'm sure Google will improve it.

Wednesday Sep 30, 2009

links for 2009-10-1: iPhone apps stealing your phone number; eBay drops GM; LA City Hall e-mail; Snow Leopard after 30 days

Wednesday Sep 23, 2009

links for 2009-9-23: Google Wave and XMPP; International Space Station

Tuesday Sep 22, 2009

Google Sync now supports Mail on the iPhone

I became a Google Sync user awhile ago when they released support for over the air calendar syncing from the iPhone.  It has worked well and I've had no issues with it.  At the same time, and actually before using Google Sync, I have been using the built-in Mail app on the iPhone to access my Gmail account which treats it like an IMAP server and this too has worked well.  As Google Sync didn't support mail, this meant configuring two accounts, one for calendar and one for mail, but you do that once and then you are all set.

I was interested then when Google announced today that Google Sync was adding mail support, and especially push mail support for Gmail.  Now, I have to be honest that I'm perfectly happy with my current setup and in fact am leery of adding anything with push as it is likely to impact battery life and we all know that under heavy use the battery on an iPhone is not its strongest point.  And I'm not really losing anything without push as I get enough e-mail that my phone would be going "ding" all the time and because I get enough mail, I don't really need a notification to know I have new messages so I just go run the app and let it download the messages then and I'm set.  The few seconds spent downloading is well worth not taxing the battery.  But I decided to give it a shot anyway as I can always turn push off and have the optimization of a single account to configure and manage.

So I followed the instructions, deleting my existing Gmail account then going to the settings for the Google Sync account and turning on mail syncing.  Worked great, that is until I went to try to look at my mail.  I immediately get a message saying unable to connect to the server and no messages are listed.  I try again a few times and same result.  After waiting a bit and trying again, it finally works and I can see the messages just like I could previously.  So what, I had that before and while I now have a single account to manage, lets see if push really works as that would be the perk of having this.

I make sure push is turned on, get back to the iPhone's Home screen and send myself an e-mail from another account.  I stare closely at the Mail app to see the unread message count go up and listen for the ding, but nothing.  I wait 30 seconds and nothing.  A minute and nothing.  In the meantime in the web interface on my laptop I saw the message arrive about 5 seconds after sending.  "What's up?" I ask.  I again run the Mail app and get the connection error again.  So I give up for the time being.

An hour or two later I gave it another shot and this time there is a friendly "ding" and the message count jumps up, ... but by 3?  I look at the web interface and only my test message arrived so that doesn't make sense.  So I run the Mail app to see what the three messages are.  To my surprise when I go to my Inbox the Mail app doesn't show me any new messages and proceeds to try to connect to download them.  Huh?  I thought I had push?

I suspect that the failure to connects and perhaps other issues are caused by Google's servers being overloaded, so I may try again later.  But to test the theory out I turn mail off on the Google Sync account and recreate my old Gmail account.  When I use it, the Mail app connects quickly and downloads 200 messages in seconds.  Hmmm, so either it isn't the servers, or the more likely explanation is that the "Exchange" servers supporting the push and syncing are overloaded but the standard servers for serving up POP and IMAP are working just fine.

For me, I'll just stick with my 2 accounts and no push for now.  I may try the push again later when Google figures things out.

But what is your experience?  Have you successfully gotten push working from Gmail on the iPhone?  Post your comments!

Monday Sep 21, 2009

links for 2009-9-22: Top-10 IT moments; Wireless boosters; Apple Lied?; AWS in Europe; Java not dead




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