Wednesday Sep 19, 2007

Emerson Using Java CAPS

I just came across a story in InformationWeek on Emerson's use of Sun's Java Composite Application Platform Suite (story calls it Sun's SeeBeyond software) to drive efficiency and savings in their supply chain innovation.

One quote I particularly liked was:
  • Hassell estimates that Emerson invested about $500,000 in the hub and has recovered those costs several times over. Putting 10 suppliers in the same shipping container cuts costs by 35%, Hermes say. The company has saved millions in transport costs alone by consolidating shipping. Also, with information such as purchase orders and shipping notices in a common format, Emerson has more visibility into its supply chain, increasing inventory control efficiency by ensuring that materials aren't over- or understocked.
More stories on customer successes with Java CAPS can be found at Have a look!

Thursday Aug 16, 2007

Solaris, Java CAPS, and Coopetition

I'm certainly not the only one blogging about today's announcement that IBM will distribute and Support Solaris on IBM hardware, after all Jonathan did too. But perhaps I have a different twist from others.

This is a classic case of coopetition, but Sun's cooperating with competitors does not extend to just IBM with Solaris but to many others as well. Specifically with Sun's software infrastructure (aka middleware) we support a wide variety of operating systems and platforms, specifically our Java Composite Application Platform Suite supports AIX, HP-UX, Linux, and Windows and we are committed to doing so going forward and our competitors middleware runs on Solaris (WebLogic, AquaLogic, Fusion, JBoss, WebSphere). And the innovation we are doing around integration in Project Open ESB has binaries even available for Mac OS X (which is great since that's what I use!).

As Jonathan was quoted as saying today, "Our view is when you make your products available on other people's platforms, you just meet more customers, which just gives you more opportunities".

Monday Jun 18, 2007

Write a review of Java CAPS

Our outbound marketing and web-site team have added a nifty new feature to the Java Composite Application Platform Suite web-site allowing our customers to submit product reviews. If you are a customer, we welcome your feedback!

Sun a leader in Gartner's Backend Integration Magic Quadrant

Gartner released their latest Magic Quadrant for Application Infrastructure for Back-End Application Integration Projects and I was pleased to see that Sun was in the leaders quadrant with our Java Composite Application Platform Suite (Java CAPS) product. This is actually the new version of the Integration Backbone MQ where SeeBeyond had been in the leaders quadrant as well so it was great to see that amidst stiffer competition 2 years later we maintained our position.

I attended Gartner's AADI conference earlier this week and was able to see Jess Thompson give a presentation where he unveiled this MQ.

Please see our On The Record blog for more information.

Thursday May 24, 2007

New Flash Presentation on SOA

Our outbound marketing team has just made a new presentation on SOA available on Take a look!

Monday May 14, 2007

JavaOne Press

My boss and I ended up talking with the press quite a bit last week while at JavaOne and am pleased to see that a few things we said must have rang true as it is being written about!

Real World SOA

I just saw a blog about InfoWorld's SOA Executive Forum that had a few highlights from the event.

One was:
Focus on using the best technology, not the technology that's easiest to use. Many out there are playing the "mega stack" game, buying all of their SOA technology from a single source. You may get some of that right, but never all of it. Keep that in mind. Always follow your requirements, never follow the technology hype.
I couldn't agree more. If you look at the history of integration there was a time that the only way to get integration technology was from individual vendors and the customer was forced to integrate their integration products (not so nice).

Vendors then created integrated suites, but as InfoWorld is highlighting, this doesn't work so well as one single vendor can't get it all correct and so there is still a need to use multiple vendors/products and there is still an integration of the integration products involved.

Wouldn't it be great if the core SOA platform you bought had standard "plumbing" so that plugging in components or products from other vendors was seamless and easy? That is exactly what Java Business Integration (JBI) is all about and why we are developing this platform as part of Project Open ESB and will be including it in Java CAPS in the near future.

Another highlight was:
Work a holistic strategy around many projects, not a single huge SOA project. Small wins add up to larger strategic gain for your business.
I again couldn't agree more. This incremental approach to SOA is what I talked about in a recent Net Talk on a Low Risk Approach To A Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Thursday May 10, 2007

Open ESB Preview Released

I have blogged about Open ESB previously and am pleased to see that we announced the release of our latest preview yesterday. This release builds upon what has been released previously continuing the alignment with NetBeans and GlassFish and adds more JBI components to those that are available. And I am very pleased to see that not only are the Sun built components but a number of others from our open-source partners and the community.

Please do take a look, try things out, and provide feedback, or if you are so inclined join the community and contribute!

Thursday Apr 12, 2007

BPEL 2.0 Ratified

I was pleased to see that BPEL 2.0 was ratified today. Sun participated in this specification and is working on an implementation as part of Open ESB and I look forward to us delivering BPEL 2.0 support in our commercial Java CAPS offering.

Sunday Apr 08, 2007

The Masters and Sun Java CAPS

I may be stretching a bit here, but Sun has ties to the Masters.

Being a big sports fan, I spent much of Sunday watching the Masters and was pleased to see Zach Johnson amongst the leaders as he is sponsored by Aegon which has been a Sun/SeeBeyond customer for several years using the Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite (formerly SeeBeyond ICAN). Many probably haven't heard of Aegon but have heard of several of their member companies including Transamerica.

Now, I was personally pulling for Retief Goosen and thought he was going to pull it off but faded a bit on the back nine. It was surprising to see Tiger not come through on the last day, especially playing in the last group. I guess he his human after all.




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