Friday Aug 22, 2008

Where's the Logic? Save Money on SOA with Sun Part 2

I blogged about our new offer and TCO calculator a couple of days ago and thought I'd share some of the response thus far.

The Register wrote that "Sun has capitalized on Oracle jacking up licensing of the BEA middleware products with an offer for its own open-source suite". And drilling into the "jacking up" link in that story gets to you this where Larry Ellison reportedly "told another customer who'd ripped chips from his server just to pay his Oracle license to basically put up and shut up, because things ain't getting cheaper". There's a company that is interested in customer satisfaction!

InfoWorld's article quotes Brad Shimmin from Current Analysis saying "My overall impression is that Sun has seized upon a legitimate market opportunity here, stemming from the usual FUD surrounding the rationalization and integration of two such daunting product portfolios (Oracle and BEA) and more uniquely the purported price increase Oracle announced for WebLogic in July".

The SOA Talk blog also wrote on the subject and included a link to their prior story on the acquisition and skeptical customers saying "BEA users do not want Oracle products".

Interesting stuff. Take a look to learn more.

Sunday Jun 15, 2008

links for 2008-6-15

  • BEA AquaLogic SOA business dismantled - Not that The Register is always to be believed, but an interesting quote from this one. "Oracle's decisiveness belies the fact BEA was unwilling, or unable, to rationalize its WebLogic and AquaLogic product lines and teams. This created structural issues, with former chief executive Alfred Chuang once admitting BEA's sales teams had been selling both products against each other."
  • Ten things missing in the iPhone 3G - Flash and no video are the big ones for me, but I also still don't think I'd like the soft keyboard as well as my BlackBerry's full keyboard. And no cut/paste? Also see this.
  • BlackBerry Bold shows up on AT&T’s site, still no word on release date - Adding 3G, higher resolution screen, GPS, Wifi would all be welcome enhancements to my Curve 8300
  • BlackBerry Bold vs. iPhone 3G Comparison - Interesting comparison chart. Seems to boil down to iPhone has larger screen (although same resolution), more standard memory, and sexy iPhone UI but Bold has a real keyboard, video camera, and better Bluetooth support. I'll have to give both consideration but may stick with my Curve with the new BlackBerry OS 4.5 (better browser, adds video to the camera, and more) for the time being.

Tuesday Apr 29, 2008

Links for 2008-4-29

Thursday Jan 17, 2008

links for 2008-1-17

Wednesday Jan 16, 2008

Sun, MySQL, Oracle, and BEA

It has been a busy news day!

To start with, the on/off again BEA acquisition by Oracle is now on again. See my previous post for what this could mean, but it is still early and there are many questions about what it is going to mean to Oracle's middleware and both Oracle and BEA customers. Some of the early quotes are interesting however.

Larry Ellison says at one point:
"...customers can choose among Oracle and BEA middleware products, knowing that those products will gracefully interoperate and be supported for years to come.”
This sounds like they are acknowledging that they have overlap and that they don't plan on rationalizing that overlap for "years to come".

Alfred Chuang states:
“our two businesses are a natural fit.”
but then says the companies will work on a
“comprehensive integration plan”
It all seems a bit confusing with products continuing for years to come, but being a natural fit, but needing a comprehensive integration plan. We will all be interested to see what happens.

The other big news of course is Sun's acquisition of MySQL. There has been a lot written on this of course including: I'm excited about it as it will provide a variety of opportunities for the Java Composite Application Platform Suite (CAPS) which is Sun's SOA and Composite Application product offering. With MySQL, Sun now has a complete software stack from the operating system to Java to Software Infrastructure (i.e. middleware) including an application server, identity products, and an integration platform with Java CAPS, the majority already in open source with nearly all new development taking place in open source. This last point is a key differentiator against the competition.

Stay tuned for updates on how the MySQL acquisition can create more value for Java CAPS customers.

Sunday Oct 14, 2007

Oracle plus BEA = Bearacle Liquid Fusion?

Oracle's bid to buy BEA got me thinking about what this would result in. Oracle's portfolio already includes by and large pretty much everything BEA has so what would they do with the overlap?

I think it is safe to assume they aren't going to do away with their Fusion middleware, so either they are just buying BEA customers and will try to move them to Fusion over time, or they will try to rationalize the overlap and merge the best of each of the products in which case, would they call the resulting portfolio Liquid Fusion? I'm guessing they probably won't merge company names and thus will avoid Bearacle. :)



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