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Today we announce the release of the GlassFish Portfolio.  You can find more information at and there will be many bloggers that outline the contents of the offering (WebStack, GlassFish Enterprise Server, GlassFish ESB, GlassFish Web Space Server, and optionally the GlassFish Communications Server) and how these map to primary application scenarios (Web/LAMP development, Java EE, SOA/integration, and collaboration), the simple and MySQL aligned pricing starting at $999 per server per year (saving up to 90% over proprietary alternatives), and more, so I thought I'd instead focus on how this release extends Sun's innovation and creativity in adopting and providing enterprise support for many different types of open-source.

There are several different types of open-source models, and the GlassFish Portfolio is the first offering to combine all of these in an enterprise supported offering.

First you have company led open-source.  This is where a single vendor leads an open-source community and contributes the majority of the code and IP.  This is the probably the "traditional" open-source model where a company puts their code/product into open-source but stills offers support/licenses/etc. on the open-source or a derived commercial product.  The GlassFish and OpenESB communities started this way and continue to have Sun as the major contributors.

Second you have third parties that contribute to a company led open-source community.  This is where an open-source community really takes off and gains momentum as a broader audience sees value in collaboration and contribution.  The contribution by Ericsson of the SIP servlet technology to the Sailfin community (included in the GlassFish Communications Server) and the 20+ components contributed by many developers and organizations to the OpenESB community are examples of this.

Third, and where things get more interesting, is when there is collaboration in multiple non-company led open-source communities.  This is where either through joint collaboration or developers proving themselves and having interesting IP/code to contribute, developers from company A obtain commit rights into non-company led open-source project or community.  Sun's contribution to and collaboration with Liferay and contributions into the Apache community are examples of this.

What is truly innovative about the GlassFish Portfolio is that it brings all of these models together in an enterprise supported offering with support options ranging from patches to call-in support to 24x7 support with dedicated customer advocates.  Because Sun is doing all the work to meld the different open-source models and communities together, customers gain the benefit and don't have to worry about the "hidden costs" of open-source.  And because we have commit rights into the communities, we can provide patches and enterprise support without any fear of forking.

With the GlassFish Portfolio, we meet you where you are.  If you are already using "LAMP" but have a bunch of different versions in different departments and just want someone to handle getting all the right versions together, testing it, and providing patches, the GlassFish Portfolio is for you.  If you want 24x7 support for your mission critical Java EE implementations, the GlassFish Portfolio is for you.  If you need to integrate into existing systems to build your web-facing applications, the GlassFish Portfolio is for you.  If you want to create a web space for collaboration within or between departments, the GlassFish Portfolio is for you.

So, take a look, learn more, and see how the GlassFish Portfolio can work for you.



hi kevin,

on your pricing link. there are several options (basic/silver/gold/platinum).
i could not find out what exactly the difference here is.
very cool offer btw!
do you have an additional link?

regards chris

Posted by Christian B on February 10, 2009 at 06:22 AM PST #

If you click the "+" images on the left of the tables below the pricing you will see what is part of each tier.

Posted by Kevin Schmidt on February 10, 2009 at 06:43 AM PST #

ups thats really easy ....

Posted by Christian B on February 10, 2009 at 07:11 AM PST #

Hi Kevin,

GlassFish Portfolio sounds like a great offering and I'm sure it will be well received! Open source collaboration is definitely taking many forms and it's going to be interesting to see what innovative models come to play.

I did want to clarify that Liferay is a full commercial open source company, providing subscriptions to our Enterprise Edition for the various app servers we support. The IP is owned by Liferay, Inc. and our employees make 90%+ of the commits, so by your definition we're a company-led open source product, and our collaboration with Sun fits with your scenario 2.

Congratulations on the launch of the new product!


Posted by Alice Cheng on February 13, 2009 at 09:56 AM PST #

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