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Traversing Virtual Worlds

Kevin Roebuck
Director, Digital Experience

I saw today that John Gage is still helping to bring some light into politics through technology and this time at the US Congress opening using Second Life. Since there are now more than 30 virtual worlds like SL creating more than $350B MMOG market in the biggest act of participation since the world met Netscape back in 1995, it's pretty clear these immersive virtual-world
applications coming out of the consumer world and into find all kinds of industry collaborative environments and schools just like web 2.0 stuff.
But when you look at all this great stuff for teaching, learning and collaboration, the next questions you start to ask are how do you get from world to world? URLs won't work, really. Can I transfer my identity from one world to another? Surely, the folks in the Worlds of Warcraft don't want to see some avatar from far distant world or time in SL show up and blow their whole scene in Azeroth!

Well, this year Mediagrid and Sun are taking on exactly those kinds of issues and more and with multiple working groups trying to address the future of the convergence of grid, digital media and broadband. The action item is to get some folks out to Boston College to meet with Aaron soon to talk about Project Darkstar, Looking Glass and Identity technologies playing a part along with our other university new media collaborators. Looks like we'll do the digital hollywood follow up event in either Vancouver, San Francisco or Shanghai. Please help if you want to get invovled. The door is open.

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