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Kevin Roebuck
Director, Digital Experience

More media stuff in the news today and this time from our COE
project at Georgetown
University who seem to have unearthed a new solution for streaming
video and
digital asset management called ShareStream. I spoke with David, the
CEO, this morning and we're going to work up a go-to-market and
technology plan for Education starting in the mid-atlantic states. Thumper seemed like a no-brainer to start off. They don't have
their website up, but here are some details on what they are up to until I can get more details.

ShareStream, LLC provides enterprise digital media asset-management
platforms and streaming media services for higher education and
healthcare entities. ShareStream’s technology was developed in
conjunction with Georgetown University to unleash the vast
pedagogical potential of streamed, downloaded and podcasted
multimedia. In pursuit of this goal, ShareStream developed a
comprehensive offering of services that provided best-of-breed
solutions for all of the essential steps in digital distribution of
multimedia content. These services include: streamlined
encoding/data transformation services that produce superior picture
quality and ensure the longevity of our client’s collection; an
enterprise digital media asset-management platform with extensive
archiving and content management capability; high-level
user-credential verification checking and digital rights management
functionality; unparalleled integration capability with universities’
preexisting IT infrastructure via ShareStream’s proprietary
middleware, and worldwide content distribution capability through
secure streamed media and download and podcasts to PCs, handhelds,
and MP3 players. ShareStream has worked extensively to ensure that
these services function seamlessly with one another within the
university environment, resulting in a hassle-free work flow,
beginning with encoding (digital content creation) and culminating in
secure delivery of content to end-users. Thus, ShareStream’s suite
of solutions brings higher education an “all-in-one” turnkey
product, extensively tailored to thrive in universities around the

ShareStream’s technology also offers universities a platform that
allows for legal, piracy-protected handling of copyrighted content.
Recognizing that universities’ distribution of digital media was
being significantly impeded by concerns surrounding piracy of content
and compliance with the legislation garnering digital distribution of
content for educational purposes, namely the Teach Act, ShareStream
has developed a digital media asset-management platform empowered
with a digital rights management and security framework designed for
the unique needs of higher education. Via its proprietary middleware,
ShareStream seamlessly integrates with universities’ data services
and learning management systems, enabling high-level authentication,
authorization, and course-enrollment checking capability. The
platform’s user-credential verification technology allows
universities for the first time to distribute digital multimedia
content both on campus and beyond unencumbered with concerns of
legality and liability. Features

of ShareStream’s pioneering digital media asset-management
platform/digital library include:

  • sophisticated cataloguing capability through proprietary content

    management tool

  • clean, intuitive, and accessible digital library application

  • flexible reporting tool that allows for easy monitoring of user


  • high-level digital rights management and user-credential


  • streaming server-agnostic platform

  • secure, encrypted streamed media as well as vodcasts and podcasts

    from password-protected library

Another key feature of ShareStream’s digital library is its ability
to embed its application within university’s course management
software/ learning management system, whether it be Blackboard or
another product, providing students and professors with ShareStream’s
digital library functionality within a familiar, centralized learning
environment. This allows students and professors to take advantage
of the ShareStream service’s capability within a broader
educational context.

ShareStream was founded by David Weinstein, who conceived the concept
for ShareStream while an undergraduate at Harvard, Allan Weinstein,
founder and chairman of InstantDx, the company whose pioneering
electronic prescribing product OnCallData was the first eRX service
to launch true electronic connectivity with all the major national
pharmacy chains, and Paul Kline, a security and encryption expert and
founder of Current Technnologies, the leader in broadband over power
line networks.

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