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Kevin Roebuck
Director, Digital Experience

The Open Knowledge Initiative™ (O.K.I.) originated from discussions between Stanford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which focused on e-Learning platform scalability, flexibility, stability, and interoperability. MIT led the project and secured funding. We set-up a Center-of-Excellence project to develop the technology with Vijay, Scott and Jeff and it's still very active in the Commons. Now, OpeniWorld takes the story to a new and higher level.

The premise of OKI is to specify an open and extensible architecture, detailing how the components of an educational software environment should communicate with each other and with other systems, applications, and services in the enterprise. It is designed for broad adoption in higher education.

The aim is to develop meaningful, coherent, modular, and easy-to-use Internet-based environments that are scalable, stable, and open. These environments will allow students, faculty, and administrators to assemble, deliver, and access vital and innovative educational resources regardless of time, place, or platform. Universities and faculties will for the first time be able to easily share resources, and to enhance the development of customized applications by building them on common foundations.

The OpenIWorld program committee is seeking candidate software and systems for evaluation at the event.  All proposals are welcome. Candidates that address the following User-centric Technology Challenges will be
given special consideration.

  • Shareable and Transparent Identity Management: This challenge focuses
    on applications that require authentication of users, authorization of
    their actions, personal profile management, etc.  In particular
    applications that can work seemlessy across multiple user communities
    will be showcased.
  • Easy and Personal Course Information Management:  This challenge
    focuses on applications that require access to course catalog systems
    or course and student information, or require synchronizing course and
    student data with administrative systems, or across multiple student
    information systems, etc.
  • Platform Independent Learning: This challenge focuses on increasing the
    convenience of on-line educational experiences by making innovative
    educational applications deployable and re-usable across more than one
    learning support application or course mangement environment.
  • Convenient and Ubiquitous Access to On-line Content:  This challenge
    focuses on leveraging learning content as broadly as possible by making
    multiple software applications able to access all sources of one or
    more types of content; such as publisher supplied materials, museum
    collections or professional group repositories.

For more information regarding OpeniWorld go to http://www.openiworld.org


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Comments ( 3 )
  • Rafael de F. Ferreira Friday, March 30, 2007

    I didn't quite understood if this call for proposals is directed at OKI-enabled software or the idea is to gather requirements and experiences from existing software that does not necessarily currently work with OKI OSIDs.

    I ask because, before being hired as a Sun Campus Ambassador, I was involved in a (pretty big) project for developing an open source LMS here in Brazil. If there is interest, I could forward this (or any other info) to the project.

  • kevin Monday, April 2, 2007

    Hi Rafael.
    I believe both areas are important to the OKI community. I am meeting with them this week. email your proposal or idea and i'll hand it to them personally. e-Learning@sun.com.
    the student ambassadors are very welcome to play with the OSID technology. we have a collaboration with MIT that you can dig into too.
  • Rajesh Lohana Tuesday, October 9, 2007

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