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My teacher is an Alien

Kevin Roebuck
Director, Digital Experience

ECON 201 at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro is not like any other economics class in the country (yet). Learning through narrative storytelling and gaming models is a compelling proposition to kids and adults alike in the age of the broadband web. Now, we need to start to document the better attention and assessment rates than some traditional models of education. (I tell you what to remember, then you tell me what I told you on a test). Great job Jeff of the Sarbonian aliens. On a similar note, yesterday UCLA Extension’s Department of Entertainment Studies invited me down to join the opening reception hosting a two-week program for a group of high-level digital media executives including e-learning companies,
government officials, and educators from Korea. This visit is being
organized by the Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency. The theme for the event is Future Trends in the Integrated Entertainment Economy. No doubt Korean gets it as the most wired country in the world. Now, if I can just get Darkstar running on Aaron's
Mediagrid for Immersive learning, things may start to seriously accelerate. We're putting in for a federal grant for the K-web.

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