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JavaFX & Streaming Video in Healthcare

Kevin Roebuck
Director, Digital Experience

This morning my friend Jon at Vx3 let me know about a cool project at BJC Healthcare (http://www.bjc.org)
a non-profit association of hospitals in the greater St. Louis area.
 They are developing a JavaFX application which is really leading-edge stuff. 
Basically, it's a touch screen computer that will initially be
deployed to about 500 hospital beds.  After receiving a diagnosis, patients
will be able to use the computer to research their condition.  BJC
wanted a way to include streaming video as part of the application but
they could not find a system that would fit their needs. They approached Vx30 who  went ahead and created a sample project on
how to integrate VX30 into a Java application. They have also added an
interface to their VXMPlayer that allows developers to create their own
media controls based upon JavaFX or standard java buttons. Check it out:

The sample project and Java Docs can be downloaded from http://vxweb1.vx30.com/Downloads/VXMPlayer.zip

Registration for a trial VX30 encoder (to create content) can be accessed here: http://www.vx30.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/vx30v2.woa/wa/com.vx30.site.ProductActions/VXTrialRegistration

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