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ipTV with a brain

Kevin Roebuck
Director, Digital Experience

Innovation happens elsewhere and intelligence is evenly distributed across the planet.
Two of my favorite saying's of Bill Joy that describe why it matters every day to pay attention
and keep an open mind.

In that spirit, i got a call from mike kelley the other day who I remember well as
the sales director for sun in latin america when i first arrived in the group in
1992. It was a great time. Our organization was responsible for latin america,
africa, eastern europe, commonwealth of independent states and Asia. There
were some amazing changes in the world going on from mandela to yeltsin
and we watched, contributed and participated in all of it.
I'm convinced the web, and more directly, IP will carry all data and voice universally
at speeds, storage and processor rates we can't imagine today except when ILM
or Pixar create something that never existed yet looks real as can be.

Miguel now is involved in a venture to drive educational broadcasting using
the IP infrastructure. Mexico is very progressive in the distance learning
arena and a number of schools have terrific outreach programs for both
urban districts and the very, very rural.

Since working with WGBH on the importance of storytelling in public broadcasting
and lifelong learning as part of the sun DAM collaboration:

WGBH - Sun Center = http://daminfo.wgbh.org/

It's probably time to set up a series of dedicated servers to all the crazy ideas
and link my co-conspirators at digital hollywood, stanford, mit and oxford
in a demonstration of our "centers-of-excellence" friends to these key
projects. Everything is open to participate in by design. Chaos as a
key principle in innovation and creativity being welcomed.

I'd make a guess that outside the chairs, lightswitch and chalkboard, chances are their's
probably a cable TV plug in the wall next to the power and that's all we need to get
started. Toss at wireless port on it and everyone is lit.

I'd also guess outside the chairs, lightswitch and chalkboard, chances are their's
a cable TV plug in the wall next to the power and that's all we need to get

i put on this forum that my boss and management doesn't even know exists or
have much of an interest in staring their own direct communication to the planet,
i'd just like to thank scott and jonathan for believing and trusting in us and
hope that you all believe in revolution and breaking the rules too.

I'll post all the stuff about miguel's company, solution and contacts after his visit
on february 6th for anyone who'd like to learn more from a good guy in the
right business at the right time and for the right reasons.

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