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Immersion Day

Kevin Roebuck
Director, Digital Experience
Today's Immersive Education Technology Group meeting will take place on Sun's island in Second Life. Please join us if you'd like to participate. The next meeting will take place in Wonderland!


Thanks, everyone, for today's meeting. We had a full house (more than expected
on Friday afternoon) and although I didn't take a formal count it seemed as if
we had between 30 and 40 people gathered today. Below is a link to the Education
Grid page that we reviewed today, followed by an audio transcript of the entire
conversation (in MP3 format):

Education Grid page: http://ImmersiveEducation.org/EducationGrid/

Voice Transcript:

If someone would like to run the audio file through a speach-to-text converter
so that we have a text transcript as well please let me know; we'll link the
audio transcript (and any text transcript) to the Web page itself for our records.

Subject: Today's Education Grid meeting in Second Life
From : Aaron E. Walsh
To : grid.ied

As a follow-up to our Education Grid discussions that started at the Summit
we'll have a 1 hour meeting this afternoon (Friday Feb 1st) in Second Life. =
This is an informal (ad-hoc) meeting to discuss the first draft requirements of = the Education Grid.

If you'd like to receive meeting announcements in-world (within Second Life)
please join the "Immersive Education" group (search Second Life groups for
"Immersive Education" to join).

Today's meeting will be held in Second Life and is hosted by Sun =
Microsystems. For future meetings we'll gather in Wonderland and Croquet as well. During the 1 hour meeting today we'll review and discuss the general requirements for the Education Grid, which in turn will provide feedback for the requirements draft.

Please join us if you would like to participate in the design of the =
Education Grid (or even if you'd just like to know more about this Immersive Education project). Below is the link to the Sun Microsystems venue where we'll meet, along with a link to overview slides for the Education Grid. Please note =
that when today's meeting starts the slides below will be updated:

Event : Education Grid meeting in Second Life (Immersive Education)
Date : Friday Feb 01 2008
Time : 2:30-3:30pm EST (11:30-12:30pm PST / Second Life time)
Venue : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sun%20Microsystems/123/23/63
Slides: http://ImmersiveEducation.org/EducationGrid/

The slides page (above) contains transparent PNG images which are best =
viewed in Firefox or the latest version of Internet Explorer (older browsers will show blocks of white).

Feel free to drop in at any time during the meeting.

Best regards,
Aaron E. Walsh : MediaGrid.org
Immersive Education Technology Group (IETG)

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