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From: amarmkm82@yahoo.com
Sent: Monday, August 07, 2006 10:13
Subject: User

Your Name: Prof. Dr. Mohammad K. Mohammad, Director,
Iraq Natural History Research Centre and Museum
Subject Line: User
Comments: In accordance with the recommendation no. 2 of the
seminar. And, in view of the long and severe economic and scientific blockade
which lasts for 13 years and put our senior as well as junior staff away from
the recent museum operating procedures, then the destruction and looting during
the events of April 2003 that include almost every thing in the exhibition hall,
museum collections, laboratories and accommodation. In view of all these
previous circumstances and hard present situation, please find here some of the
most urgent needs and requirements of our Iraq Natural History Research Center
and Museum/University of Baghdad hopping that you may kindly help us with all of
your strength and capability: 1- Arrangement of condensed course to the senior
staff members at some international famous natural history museums in USA and
Europe, in the current museum procedures, concepts and trends in order to
reorient their natural history sciences interests and knowledge refreshments.
This is necessary as a short term solution for museum development and building
during the 3 or 5 next years. 2- Arrangements some long period courses to the
junior staff members in Museology and current advances to build a good base for
future development of the museum during the coming 10 years and more. 3-
Arranging visits for short times for certain museums in USA and Europe to
compare our new specimens of ticks and insects with their collections and get
the correct identification to build reference collections. 4- Launching a gift
or exchange program of museum specimens to replace the lost specimens specially
from the adjacent countries that Iraq share the same ecosystems with them. 5-
Providing our museum with scanning electron microscope (SEM) along with suitable
training for a technician/s to work on it. 6- Providing the museum with
laboratory equipments and instruments such as dissecting and compound
microscopes with video and ordinary cameras, microscopes with attached
computerized digital camera, electronic balances, incubators, chemicals , glass
ware, internet network for the museum scientific staff …etc…. 7- Building the
second stage of the museum which include the aquarium. The maps of these are
available but it may need innovation and re-consideration. The land is also
available. 8- Providing the library of the museum with its lack of back issues
of certain bulletins and publications such as : The Zoological Record from 1982
until now. Journal of Parasitology from 1973 until now, The Helminthological
Abstracts, The Entomological Abstracts . Also we need new subscription in some
journals such as Zoology in the Middle East. The previous names are just
examples. 9- Scientific advisory and financial assistance for carrying out
studies on initiating and establishment Natural reserves in Iraqi environments
to protect natural heritage and wildlife. 10- Renewing our membership in ICOM
(International Council of Museums) through covering subscription. I hope I will
hear good news from you soon. Thank you in advance and best wishes. Prof. Dr.
Mohammad K. Mohammad Director Iraq Natural History Research Centre and Museum
University of Baghdad Bab Al-Muadham, Baghdad IRAQ

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