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From Rauschenberg to the PSP

Kevin Roebuck
Director, Digital Experience

The New York Metropolitan Museum is currently hosting an exhibit by noted American
artist Robert Rauschenberg who is known for his found-object collage works. He is credited
as one of the artists responsible for introducing simple, everyday objects into the space of
American painting. His works have included old photos, pieces of scrap, pages torn from
magazines, and any order of discarded societal stuff.

At yesterday's university project forum, Rauschenberg's work was noted in the
context of how a critical shift towards inter-disciplinary studies is punching
holes through traditional silo'd educational models. Students today need to
interpret a variety of mixed media messages and resources and apply
skills in reason, context and expression to be successful in almost any career
in today's flat world economy.

What was even more provocative was the contention that all current learning
management systems both commercial and open source will be replaced
by open source or commercial game engine platforms which allow for
very rich scenario-based planning and student creation and contribution
of knowledge objects. An on-line, never-ending, game in which the student
participates, maybe through a PSP or similar system, to solve problems,
explore the universe and their imaginations.

When the conversation shifted to the idea of content and the fantasies and
fears of digital rights management came to the forefront, John from Dreamworks
made a very cool assertion that one particulaly dark view might include Charlton
Heston immersed in a future world where there is a pure communistic view
of content and no one is rewarded for contribution or consumption.

The notable presence of several authors, filmakers and other artists in
the forum help shed an interesting light on the possible paths we are
creating on the Knowledge Web to coin James Burke's term and project. For
whichever direction we go, there is a very real sense that things must
change in education: administration, tenure, unions, assessment, classrooms,
grading, accreditation and somehow re-think what the whole ballgame should
look like in a completely new way.

A great meeting in the greatest city in the world. Now, I'll start planning
for Digital Hollywood in the spring back by the beach in los angeles in
March and some thoughts on how to change everything for the
better in a digital world.

I think I'll pick up a PSP on the way to the airport as well to start my journey
of what that world might look like in the near future.

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