Saturday Mar 28, 2009


While the Immersive Education London Summit is only a few weeks away, we are already lining up the next project work and initiative and this time in the Middle East. Here are some early details of the important work which lies ahead.People2People: Using Virtual Worlds for developing Leadership and Conflict Resolution Skills Among Arab and Jewish Israeli Students - Selected and approved by the GRID Institute and Immersive Education, USA.

The main goals of the project are:

  • To build a 3D virtual space, the technological infrastructure and pedagogical concept for conducting the study using Sun Micro Systems's Wonderland.

  • To conduct a study which will examine and analyze the multidimensional interactions of Arab-Israeli high-school students and students, while they collaboratively build engaging learning objects and design games within 3D collaborative virtual space.

  • Granted with 9,000$ US from Grid Institute and Immersive Education, the  project lead by Dr. Hanan "VRider" Gazit, at the Instructional Systems technologies department at H.I.T-Holon Institute of Technology, will start this spring and run for three years. It will receive Sun's hardware, software and technical support from Immersive Education. The Sun's Wonderland platform will run on H.I.T's own server that will be connected to the Immersive Education Grid.

  • Project Chief Scientist and manager: Dr. Hanan Gazit
    Dr. Hanan "VRider" Gazit is a faculty member of the Instructional Systems technologies department at H.I.T- Holon Institute of Technology, were he teach games and virtual worlds. Hanan is the CEO of MetaverSense Ltd., an Israeli based company leading the use of virtual worlds, digital Games and social networks for instruction and business. Hanan holds a Ph.D. degree in the Learning Sciences and a Magna Cum Laude M.A. degree in Science Education, both from Tel-Aviv University. A former post doctorate fellow researcher at LIRT Lab, Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation Institute for Interdisciplinary Applications of Computer Science, University of Haifa.  Hanan serves on the Association of Virtual Worlds' Advisory Board, on the Editorial Review Board of the International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations. He founded the Digital Games Research Association [DiGRA] ISRAEL and serves as the Israeli Chair of the coming SLACTIONS 2009 Conference.

    H.I.T - Holon Institute of Technology is a modern technology-oriented academic institution. It has four faculties, eight departments, several research centers and a wide variety of state-of-the-art research laboratories. The Department of Instructional Systems Technologies provides a unique and specialized B.A program enabling its graduates to address the challenge of effective use of modern technology for promoting innovative learning and training in all sectors.

    Tuesday Jun 17, 2008

    Wonderland Special Event

    On Friday June 20th at 4pm EST the Immersive Education Initiative will
    launch the Education Grid with an array of Sun Wonderland virtual world
    servers ("nodes";) hosted by Essex University (United Kingdom),
    University of Oregon, St. Paul College, New Media Consortium (NMC), and
    Sun Microsystems. Faculty and staff from each host organization will
    join faculty from the Woods College of Advancing Studies at Boston
    College to guide visitors through the Wonderland virtual worlds that
    debut on the Education Grid this Friday.

    The Education Grid is provided free of charge to the general public and
    Immersive Education Initiative members. Starting this Friday, Immersive
    Education Initiative members can conduct classes and meetings within
    Wonderland virtual worlds on the Education Grid. Initiative members can
    also use the Education Grid to build custom Wonderland virtual learning
    worlds, simulations, and learning games.

    Immersive Education's virtual world Platform Ecosystem and corresponding
    Education Grid provide educators with an open and comprehensive
    end-to-end infrastructure for a new generation of learning worlds,
    interactive learning games, and simulations. Sun Microsystems
    Laboratory's Project Wonderland is an official Immersive Education
    virtual world platform. Wonderland is now being enhanced to utilize the
    Education Grid, which is being designed to deliver a rich library of
    learning objects, digital media assets, learning games and collaboration
    services from which a wide variety of Immersive Education experiences
    can be assembled. Friday's event will give educators an early preview of
    the emerging Wonderland client-side platform and corresponding
    server-side Education Grid.

    This event starts at 4pm EST (1pm pacific / Second Life time) in Second
    Life and then moves into the Education Grid's Wonderland virtual worlds

    WHAT: Education Grid launches with Project Wonderland

    WHEN: Friday June 20th, 2008 at 4pm EST

    WHERE: Sun island

    Thursday May 29, 2008

    Immersion goes Global

    The Immersive Education Initiative is going international with events coming up in South America in both Colombia and Brazil. On August 22nd will be the first event with an Immersive
    Education Day at FundaciĆ³n Universitaria Sanitas in Bogota. Stay tuned for more and ping us if you'd like an event at your school.


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