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Wednesday Sep 18, 2013

Talent Cities

Here's a copy of the speech from the Minister of Education of Trinidad talking about our "Talent Cities" use case for the Oracle Learning Exchange.

Monday Aug 19, 2013


We're headed into a new project looking to implement the openbadges stuff to enhance and gamify our "personal learning store" e-commerce platform built with ATG, Endeca and Webcenter Sites. Picked it up from the guys at US DoE OET and also including their MyData and Learning Registry services.

Tuesday Jun 04, 2013

The Council of Great City Schools

The CIO's from our top urban school districts in America are heretoday to discuss the big issues in our schools and the shift to digital learning. It's an important presence for us to have here and to share our Oracle Learning Exchange vision for a real-time analytics and personalization platform providing timely insight for students, teachers and stakeholders in an age requiring lifetime learning. We'll debut the OLX at Open World. Stay tuned.