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Thursday Mar 28, 2013

Students, Java and Immersion

We're into planning this week for our student developer presence at the annual Immersive Education Summit. With a goal to lay out a Java tool and curriculum path for kids to get started learning programming and problem solving early and get them on their way to a good job as an architect/programmer, we'll be promoting the Academy intro to Comp Sci program offering, Dan Green's contributing sessions on Minecraft and sessions on OpenWonderland.  Immersive learning experiences like simulations, virtual worlds, games and animation are key to many STEM initiatives, but also increasingly relevant to use cases in the enterprise as online learning is adopted across all industries at a rapid pace. They also present a compelling new front-end user experience for our talent and human capital development solutions for our customers. Watch this space for an upcoming special event on "Talent Cities" in the near future.

Tuesday Mar 05, 2013

TIES and the Fishbowl

Check out today's webcast on integrating K-12 school IT assets with Webcenter featuring the Minnesota TIES consortium and Fishbowl Solutions, 2pm Eastern.