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Wednesday Jul 25, 2012

Codename One

When Dr. Dobbs says something good about it, then it's definitely worth looking into right?. In this case, some ex-Sun guys have created a Java-based lightweight tool capable of producing native interfaces across mobile platforms for a Write Once, Run Everywhere Mobile story and with a NetBeans plugin announced yesterday that looks great for our academic customers and to integrate with our stack. Cool. Time for a call with Shai next week.

Tuesday Jul 24, 2012

The Cup, Beans and a JUG

Next week we get back together with the America's Cup Event Authority, KQED and Autodesk to set a course (no pun intended) for the education outreach program surrounding the 34th America's Cup. Our "Make the Future" story about making it fun for kids to learn about computer science, engineering and programming in Java continues as way to bring about a tidal wave of next-generation coders using NetBeans. In the end though, kids need mentors and that's where a JUG somewhere may wish to play along. Meanwhile, here's a quick look at the new Oracle Racing AC-72 wing arriving in San Francisco and due to hit the Bay on August 21-26. Inspirational.

Thursday Jul 05, 2012

EPM and Games

So, Can we improve the operational performance of schools and universities through games? Heck yeah and Marta has some ideas on where to start.

Enterprise Gamification

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