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Earth Day 2007 Digital Be-In

Kevin Roebuck
Director, Digital Experience

I'm thinking of putting a small sponsorship together for this year's Earth Day 2007 Digital Be-In 15 in San Francisco set for April 21. The original Human Be-In was described as a "Gathering of Tribes" bringing people together across diverse cultures and backgrounds to form a generational coalition in the pursuit of the great idealistic goals in the counter-culture of the 1960's. I'm hoping it may be a good platform to express Sun's eco-sustainability story as well as advocate the use of e-Learning to spread to gospel of Saving the Planet from global warming. If anyone at Sun in the Bay Area wants to participate, just drop me a note.

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  • sushil_yadav Saturday, March 3, 2007
    The link between Mind and Social / Environmental-Issues.
    The fast-paced, consumerist lifestyle of Industrial Society is causing exponential rise in psychological problems besides destroying the environment. All issues are interlinked. Our Minds cannot be peaceful when attention-spans are down to nanoseconds, microseconds and milliseconds. Our Minds cannot be peaceful if we destroy Nature.
    Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment.
    Subject : In a fast society slow emotions become extinct.
    Subject : A thinking mind cannot feel.
    Subject : Scientific/ Industrial/ Financial thinking destroys the planet.
    Emotion is what we experience during gaps in our thinking.
    If there are no gaps there is no emotion.
    Today people are thinking all the time and are mistaking thought (words/ language) for emotion.
    When society switches-over from physical work (agriculture) to mental work (scientific/ industrial/ financial/ fast visuals/ fast words ) the speed of thinking keeps on accelerating and the gaps between thinking go on decreasing.
    There comes a time when there are almost no gaps.
    People become incapable of experiencing/ tolerating gaps.
    Emotion ends.
    Man becomes machine.
    A society that speeds up mentally experiences every mental slowing-down as Depression / Anxiety.
    A ( travelling )society that speeds up physically experiences every physical slowing-down as Depression / Anxiety.
    A society that entertains itself daily experiences every non-entertaining moment as Depression / Anxiety.
    Fast visuals/ words make slow emotions extinct.
    Scientific/ Industrial/ Financial thinking destroys emotional circuits.
    A fast (large) society cannot feel pain / remorse / empathy.
    A fast (large) society will always be cruel to Animals/ Trees/ Air/ Water/ Land and to Itself.
    To read the complete article please follow either of these links :
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