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Digital Marketplaces

Kevin Roebuck
Director, Digital Experience

A little more than a year ago we were pretty fired up about the concept of digital marketplaces based on the leadership and interest from the California State University system in the idea. Think of it as iTunes for educational content, but with an open system. Some of the early ideas had already been looked at with Sun's work on a brokerage model led by James Simon on the Celebrate Project as part of the European Schoolnet initiatives. We also spent the last year or so working with Merlot on a peer-reviewed marketplace of learning objects. The first phase RFP went out and unfortunately we lost, mostly due to price because our management was too risk averse and stuffed our bid with margin to cover it and the winner went to D2L. With the central architecture and base concepts of an internet content economy for higher education being a bit more complex than a single provider of an LMS can provide, the project has again gained momentum and interest within a core group at IMS. Stuart is now participating in the dialogue as our chief architect for e-learning and it looks to be a hot topic again this year. If the group of both competitors and collaborators can come together and prove out a content sharing, rights and commerce model for content marketplaces ranging free free public square to aggregated department store models, we may make a big step towards providing teachers and students with the flexibility to mashup really creative ways to engage in learning. Keep in touch with IMS and Alti-lab to track the group's progress. It's been a tough week in EDU with the loss of several talented people and my charter and future pretty unclear at the moment. However, as always, change is good and confidence remains strong on the initiatives, technologies and relationships that form my daily life at Sun.

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