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Content goes Digital

Kevin Roebuck
Director, Digital Experience
in the wake of the recent ALA meeting in boston, it was
another good event. though i didn't like the layout this
time with all the tech folks sequestered upstairs. but,
i'm sure they got a lot of feedback

there is a
wonderfully committed community of people in passionate
support for the true value brought to america's generations
of adults and kids by the mission of public libraries, though i
was really hoping to see a considerably more progressive
collection of technologies and projects in the digital space
including e-learning vendors, museum curation and public
broadcasting components as all these communities are
confronting similar issues.

last month google announced their digitization effort with
some of the worlds' greatest academic libraries, several
of which sun has collaborative research projects with
such as Stanford University. i certainly commend google
for providing a watershed moment in our goal of universal
access to all human knowledge, the real issue comes to
us not through access to free information, but the necessity
to create an knowledge sharing infrastructure which allows
and protects the rights of publishers, authors and artists
who are interested in financial reward for their creative
efforts and protection of those rights in the digital world.

a few of us at sun are now involved in a research project
with some like-minded universities and standards bodies
to build and release an open source brokerage system in
Java that allows for exactly that, a new economic model
for digital content in education. more on that soon.

so, just when the siren's pitch drops as the speeding
fire engine goes past, google's announcement creates the
same doppler wave in the community of curators, librarians,
public broadcasters and publishers that are preparing
to participate in the new global digital library

k out

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