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China ERC

Kevin Roebuck
Director, Digital Experience
It has been almost a year since my last visit to China with Sun. Last time
we attended the SNC Asia event in Shanghai which was great since Shanghai
is just one of the coolest cities in the world. Being a Formula 1 fan,
i had wished I could've stayed another week and hit the first Grand
Prix in PRC at the new track. next time.

sunday's flight heads out at 1pm with arrival in Beijing the following
day at around 5pm. I was thinking of picking up a new PSP as that
15 hour flight is brutal. I've had a few of those flights where I
read every magazine on the plane, look up, and have like 9 hours
to go. The PSP looks like a nice game platform, but no where near
my iPod for tunes.
we meet with the national library of china on tuesday which i am
really looking forward to. Also, the folks from the china academy
of sciences will attend. It's pretty startling to watch them network
10,000 universities and libraries on a high-speed backbone called
CERNET. pretty dramatic change. Sun has been a partner for some time.
I remember working in the ICON group 10 years ago and the opportunity
to be the first company to help CERNET get started. They wanted 10
Netra's for 10 campus nodes. Well, I gave them to them even though
i didn't have the budget assuming that no one would ever account
for it anyways. probably not the corporate thing to do, but it was
the right thing to do as we run the backbone now. As Scott says,
ask for permission, seek denial. go for it.

Other stuff going on will be meetings with WebCT, Blackboard and Real Networks
to see how we can develop the e-learning infrastructure. They are
also interested in Sakai as it seems everything open source is

A short trip though as I come back on saturday in time to celebrate
my girlfriend Seeley's birthday. We're going to Slanted Door which
is a killer restaurant at the new ferry building in the city.

glad it's friday. a great call with our centers-of-excellence today.
more good stuff to work on when i get back

see ya

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