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Big Head Todd and the '57 Goldtop

Kevin Roebuck
Director, Digital Experience

It would seem crazy to buy a premium guitar off eBay, yet that is exactly what I did a few
months back and I am sure glad i did. All I can say is that if you play the guitar do not ever
pass up the chance to own or play one of these puppies. I had just seen Todd Park Mohr of
Big Head Todd and the Monsters absolutely jam with one at the Fillmore a few
months prior and that event got me hooked on the idea that I had to have one. Being
impulsive is both a blessing and a curse somethings. But, that DVD is out and you should
seriously consider adding it to your collection, if you like full concert dvds.

It looked great on the eBay site that day. It was one of those commercial drop sites that
take stuff from the public and post it for them. The goldtop looked clean
as can be with no dings, scratches or anything. The bid price went to
$1,800 but with a list price of $4,000 and retail discounts to $2,500 I
said what the hell and went for it. They had good feedback rating too.
I waited to the last second to put a bid in $100 over the current and got
it. The thing landed in the lobby of my place 3 days later. Perfect.

Tone, that's all I can say. A thick, rich rock and roll blues tone with sustain
that lasts like a pipe organ in a cathedral. The finish is this classy, luxurious deep gold
with the light back rather than the darkback models that some prefer.
I hooked it up to the Fender Cybertwin with a Nady wireless system and
now just hang out on the deck, jam and watch the ships roll by on the Bay.

On February 18th, the gang and I head back to the Fillmore to see BHTM again. It
should be a great show. I'll post the set list after.

k out

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  • skrocki Thursday, February 2, 2006
    Wow...sweet catch! I saw BHTM in concert at CU's Folsom Field in the late 90's. It was not only memorable b/c of a great concert, but a (usually non-smoker) friend unknowingly dropped his cigarette in my hair. Ah...the smell of burning hair with BHTM live in the background...
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