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A gift that matters

Kevin Roebuck
Director, Digital Experience
Worldvision is an interesting way to provide a gift of basic needs to people in developing countries. Who wouldn't like to know their gift was providing a goat or family of chickens or even paying for basic education for a child in need. So,  instead of that tie, sweater or "butterscotch" the animatronic pony, why not make donation, print out a nice e-Card and know for the rest of 2007 that you made a difference someplace. Happy Holidays.

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  • skrocki Thursday, February 1, 2007
    I love this idea. I do think the trick is picking a cause the recipient would appreciate as opposed to a cause you appreciate. I learned this lesson last year when I gave my (cashed up) grandmother a donation to wikipedia in her name...it went over like a lead balloon. Her reaction was "Why didn't you just give me the money?" Looking back there is a small possibility that she would have understood & appreciated a donation made to a cause that she understands.

    BTW, this is a fantastic site to compare information about charities: charitynavigator.org
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