Join our Blockchain Revolution

Join our Blockchain Revolution The last time this happened me was when I walked into one of our conference rooms at Sun where a student from the University of Illinois was giving a demo of something called "Mosaic". Well, we all know how that one turned out with the new metaphor of the browser and web radically changing the way we communicate, learn and do business. Recently, I got the same feeling after looking into use cases in education for our upcoming Blockchain Cloud...

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Mobile innovation, Chatbots and the Roundtable

Next week in Los Angeles we will be running the first-in-a-series of Chatbot Roundtable Events for our education and research customers to learn more about the technology and how to successfully design, build and implement Bots and Virtual Assistants for campus quickly and successfully.. Today, as a recent example you can visit the University of Adelaide's facebook page and use their virtual assistant to help facilitate an application and start a personalized...

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Chatbot Roundtable for Education & Research

If you're a school, community college, university, museum or research institution in LA then start of the new year and join us for a roundtable discussion on the Chatbot Revolution. Register here.  

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Creating a Consumer Virtual World around Physical Spaces

I'm getting started this week with applying the ideas and some use cases for the digital space monetization solution to a "university campus as a smart city" concept. Stay tuned for a demo experience soon.  

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Danceroom Spectroscopy

It was great meeting David, Becky and Phil from Interactive Scientific last week at OpenWorld. Looking forward to our year ahead bringing the Arts and Sciences to life in 3D on the Oracle Public Cloud  

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Yamaha in AR

Check out some cool shots of a 2018 Yamaha YZ450F rendered in AR and VR at OpenWorld CX show floor this week. Demo components included Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle IoT Cloud, Vuforia and Hololens.  

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#1 in Digital Experience

Good timing as I'm headed into the lab soon for the next demo build and will want to integrate the C&E Cloud Service into our Campus Life project to bring digital media to life for schools  - http://www.cmswire.com/digital-experience/forrester-boots-adobe-names-oracle-lone-digital-experience-platform-leader/

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Preserving our Digital Culture

It's a really important topic so here's the most recent presentations and notes from the world's smartest people on the subject. We even did a story on it at Sun a long time ago...    

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Bots on our new MooC

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Oracle Intelligent Bots

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Digital Experience at OpenWorld

I got my session for OOW this year. It's on Wednesday at noon this year so we'll be focused heavy on demos of Mobile Cloud Suite, our Campus Life demo app, Campus Bots and some augmented and virtual reality demos. 

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Mobile World Congress Americas

All registered for the GSMA Mobile World Americas Conference event #MWCA17 set for next month in San Francisco. Maybe see ya there and chat about new digital experiences for students using Apps, Bots and AR/VR in the Cloud to improve student learning https://www.mwcamericas.com  

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Big Data Agriculture

A cool story on big data and agriculture with NC State University

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From Apps to Bots and now AR

Met up with the good folks at Augment yesterday to talk about their AR-as-a-Service available on Sales Cloud to explore educational use cases and integration with Mobile Cloud Service. More on that at OpenWorld, but Robert's got some cool stuff going on over on the Service Cloud side to check out in the meantime.

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Mobile Cloud Contest at UCLA today

We've entered Mobile Cloud Service and Intelligent Chatbots in the Code for the Mission competition at UCLA. Wish us luck!

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Entertainment Alliance

It was a real privilege to be asked to join the Advisory Board at the California State University Entertainment Alliance this past week. We'll be working to evangelize mobile and digital experience technologies in the cloud to transform the education and align new student skills to next-generation jobs.

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Campus Life Mobile Video

Francisco posted a new video on our work with Mobile Cloud Services and Campus Life initiative with Samsung and Sofbang. \

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Things are getting interesting with our new developing partnership with Samsung to showcase Oracle Mobile Cloud Service and Chatbot technologies on their device platforms from Gear SS watches to Galaxy phones/tablets to magic whiteboards and GearVR mobile virtual reality technology to address the new mobile eco-system strategy now becoming a pre-requisite in digital education and next-gen workforce. Watch for Oracle Partner Sofbangand their new "Campus Life" application an...

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Digital Preservation

Check out Oracle's Sponsorship and Cloud solutions for capturing, archiving and preserving the world's digital culture at the PASIG Conference starting today at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Accelerating Digital Transformation

Be sure to check out how our upcoming webcast on our PaaS Cloud Services are enabling the print to digital shift in education.

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Oracle Learning Exchange (Video)

Check out the new video "Personalized Learning for the Digital Age" featuring Commerce and Marketing Cloud prototype solution design elements

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Bitcoin & Blockchain

Jane McGonigal's awesome talk today at SXSWedu on "Learning is Earning"  got me wondering if there is any integration or development work going on with Bitcoin and the Oracle Commerce world to leverage as part of the Oracle Learning Exchange design plan. 

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Sycamore Learning Exchange (Video)

Our first video shoot on the current work at on the Sycamore Learning Exchange

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Jazzed to confirm our Meet Up @SXSWedu to launch Oracle Learning Exchange solution powered by ATG WebCommerce, Endeca Guided Search & Information Discovery and WebCenter Sites.

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Introducing Oracle Learning Exchange

Here are some screenshots of the new Oracle Learning Exchange solution for digital online education built with ATG, Endeca and WebCenter Sites.

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21st Century Education Goes Digital with Oracle WebCenter

Check out our upcoming iSeminar featuring the University of Pretoria detailing how they are transforming their business with Oracle WebCenter.

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Kids and Java

Thanks to Michelle and Java Marketing team and at CMU for another year ahead of great work with helping our kids learning programming and computer science skills. Alice is a great introductory tool to start your learning path to one day being an enterprise architect or ace programmer. Stay tuned. We want to take this on the virtual road this year around the world to a town near you.

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Talent Cities

Here's a copy of the speech from the Minister of Education of Trinidad talking about our "Talent Cities" use case for the Oracle Learning Exchange.

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We're headed into a new project looking to implement the openbadges stuff to enhance and gamify our "personal learning store" e-commerce platform built with ATG, Endeca and Webcenter Sites. Picked it up from the guys at US DoE OET and also including their MyData and Learning Registry services.

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The Council of Great City Schools

The CIO's from our top urban school districts in America are heretoday to discuss the big issues in our schools and the shift to digital learning. It's an important presence for us to have here and to share our Oracle Learning Exchange vision for a real-time analytics and personalization platform providing timely insight for students, teachers and stakeholders in an age requiring lifetime learning. We'll debut the OLX at Open World. Stay tuned.

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Campus outreach with Webcenter Sites

Our partners at Team Informatics are putting out some cool new videos on their continuing success in education with Webcenter. Here's the latest on University of Minnesota.

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Campus Solutions goes Mobile

It's Official. Peoplesoft Campus Solutions Self-Service Mobile Application is live and available via OTN.

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34 Community Colleges, 1 Platform

Recent newsflash on big higher education win for us with the good people of the State of Washington.

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If you want to follow the real news and insight into the online learning revolution, then e-Literate has always been the blog to follow. Now Michael, who also happens to be Oracle Alumni, has recently struck out on his own with Mindwires Consulting. Looking forward to our mash-up in a few weeks with our team to talk about industry disruption and the big new opportunity.

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Students, Java and Immersion

We're into planning this week for our student developer presence at the annual Immersive Education Summit. With a goal to lay out a Java tool and curriculum path for kids to get started learning programming and problem solving early and get them on their way to a good job as an architect/programmer, we'll be promoting the Academy intro to Comp Sci program offering, Dan Green's contributing sessions on Minecraft and sessions on OpenWonderland.  Immersive learning experiences...

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TIES and the Fishbowl

Check out today's webcast on integrating K-12 school IT assets with Webcenter featuring the Minnesota TIES consortium and Fishbowl Solutions, 2pm Eastern.

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Webcenter for Schools

Next week I'm off to the great city of Austin for the TASA Mid-winter conference to demo our solution for digital asset management for K-12 (records mgt, content, curriculum, etc). I'm also checking out potential sites for our mashup event at SWSWedu event. Come by the Oracle booth at the show and check out our Webcenter solution if you're in town for the show.

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Reporting live from a pretty amazing CES and HigherEdTech event. Mobile everything, Exreme HD digital, interactive gaming, demos of personal drones and the worlds' largest OLED powered 3D wall. But, the real reason for being here is HigherEdTech session where today industry leaders like Joel Klein, Andrew Ng and Larry Summers are participating in a great session on the future of education in a digital world. It's simply a massive show. PT Barnum would be proud. Next up is SXSW...

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Check out the very cool story we featured at OpenWorld on Exalytics at San Diego Unified School District.

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Modolabs Press Release

Here's the press release from Educause this week from our partner Modolabs announcing their mobile integration for Campus Solutions initiative at UMass.

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Social Media for Higher Education

Be sure to check out our webcast on Social Media in Higher Education using Oracle Social Cloud on Thursday, 10:00am Pacific. Just click on the image to register. Very cool stuff.

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Codename One

When Dr. Dobbs says something good about it, then it's definitely worth looking into right?. In this case, some ex-Sun guys have created a Java-based lightweight tool capable of producing native interfaces across mobile platforms for a Write Once, Run Everywhere Mobile story and with a NetBeans plugin announced yesterday that looks great for our academic customers and to integrate with our stack. Cool. Time for a call with Shai next week.

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The Cup, Beans and a JUG

Next week we get back together with the America's Cup Event Authority, KQED and Autodesk to set a course (no pun intended) for the education outreach program surrounding the 34th America's Cup. Our "Make the Future" story about making it fun for kids to learn about computer science, engineering and programming in Java continues as way to bring about a tidal wave of next-generation coders using NetBeans. In the end though, kids need mentors and that's where a JUG somewhere may...

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EPM and Games

So, Can we improve the operational performance of schools and universities through games? Heck yeah and Marta has some ideas on where to start. Enterprise Gamification View more presentations from Marta Rauch

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Going Mobile

It's not only one of my favorite songs by The Who, but also what our Peoplesoft Campus customers across America are doing with our partnership with Dub Labs & AT&T and their Campus Guide solution. Just ask Cindy.

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Oracle goes 3D

Today we announced that Oracle is the 1st commercial affiliate of the Immersive Education Initiative which starts today at Boston College. So, if you have an interest in using Java, MySQL, NetBeans, Glassfish and VirtualBox technologies and deploying them on to create 3D interactive or mixed reality learning and collaboration experiences for education or business use. Then, Watch this space for more updates on this pioneering new community work on the 3D Web.

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If you'd like to have potentially millions of people certified on your product or technology, then let me know before I meet up with Andrew next week.

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I'm really looking forward to the Worldwide Apps User Experience (US) Gamification Day tomorrow at Redwood Shores. Follow us at hashtag #gamifyOracle and check out Jake's UX Design Jam blog for more details.

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Maker Faire Java Zone

Billed as "The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth". Here's the video from our Maker Faire panel and Java Zone on Gamification, Robotics and Simulation: Start Using Java. Gamification, Robotics, & Simulators: Start Using Java from Maker Faire on FORA.tv

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REAL Commission

Sara and Diana led Oracle's contribution on the TechAmerica Foundation's Recommendations for Education and Advancement of Learning (REAL) to fulfill the Obama Administration's Digital Promise Initiative. Read the report here.

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Just got back from a trip up to Vancouver for the LAK12 conference on using big data, analytics and visualization to improve learning (some cool links to check out: US DoE Report on LA, OAAI/Sakai, SolarRearch on LA, Katy Borner Macroscope, Gapminder, SciMaps). On the way back I dropped in to see Bruce at AWS to talk about partnership around the Oracle Education Cloud on what turned out to be on a very interesting day to be in downtown Seattle.

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Education @ Oracle

We launched our new Education and Research newsletter this week. Check it out.

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Yesterday, we kicked off our engineering project to put eScholar's popular Complete Datawarehouse product through Exastack Optimization. With every US state chasing Race-to-the-top funds and using big data, analytics to get the right information, to the right users, at the right time and in the right context.

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The latest video from Wonderbuilders on using Java and 3D virtual experiences to transform communication and training in healthcare

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Gamification picks up steam suddenly with meeting at Badgeville on Friday, gamification summit with Advanced UX in May, Erika's talk at G-Summit, Marta's presentation on mobile usability and gamifying enterprise communities at STC 2012. Nicole and I with a live 3D demo at Innovations in Online Learning, and the highlight launch of America's Cup for Java Kids Virtual Design Competition at the Immersive Education Summit in June with Oracle Academy and the Java team

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Mobile or the Science of Programming Languages

Just two things to share today. First is some news in the mobile computing space and a pretty cool new relationship developing with DubLabs and AT&T to enable a student-centric mobile experience for our Campus Solution customers. And second, is an interesting article shared by a friend on Research in Programming Languages related to STEM education, a key story element to my project with Americas Cup and iED, but also to our national interest

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Bruce over at AWS is proving to be a great new partner to work with on new edu startups and developers looking for a high-volume, low cost and digital distribution model built-for-market on Exastack. With a Get Started for Free, full Oracle and AWS support, Getting started on EC2 docs, more than 45 Oracle AMI's, overnight provisioning, flexible pricing based on demand and a killer content delivery network that's good enough for NetFlix. Well, 'nuff said. My partners are in Exa...

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Real-Time Stream

SSL gateway access cut off to our performance test engagement without notice. Trying to fix strange bug with their app running on 11g on solaris10. Hypothesis of database locks not clearing and bringing system down (never good). Waiting on NNPS data. Lab not re-opening soon. Arghh. 31,000 kids. District Admin tapping foot. Re-apply for asap access to OSC lab. President waiting, friend. Fingers crossed.

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Kinect vs PS3

If a JRE is still shipped inside every PS3 via Blu-ray, then I'd sure like to talk to someone at Sony about joining forces to combat this stuff and offer a compelling alternative.

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Java and the America's Cup

This is a quick snapshot of the very cool lobby at Americas Cup Event Authority just before our meeting on Friday. The project is a go and we're putting together the project plan now for a student-created 3D Web experience of the Americas Cup using OpenWonderland to promote Java and STEM education along with our new corporate partnership with iED. Initial ideas include models of SF Waterfront build-out, detailed animated models of Oracle Racing boat components, visualizing...

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JMonkey Engine

JME is the OpenGL game engine for our core Java path that we are working on now at iED. Just a little something to complement the new focus at Oracle Academy by letting kids work on something that's both fun and teaches valuable skills at the same time.

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An interesting new read from NSF on a high-level vision for Advanced Computing Infrastructure for 21st Century Science and Engineering.

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I first met Henrik for coffee a few years ago one morning in San Francisco when he was working at Stanford and running the very cool MetaverseU event. Now, it's HTML5 and he's got TL;DR. Booked.

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Java Path

Here's the student developer curriculum path at St Paul College in MIN which was rated the #1 community college in the USA. Intro to Csci (Language C) -> CS 1 (Python and Elementary Graphics) -> CS2 (Python, Pygame and C++) -> Java 1 (Java and Swing)  ->  Java 2 (Java, JME, OpenWonderland Modules) -> JSP and Servlets (Java, Glassfish, MySQL). C simply used for an intro to programming, develop computational thinking with Python and C++, then develop a professional skill around...

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This week's Generation-Y/Digital Natives work led me to an introduction and upcoming demo with the good folks at Badgeville to see how they are making learning apps in schools fun, rewarding and social with their gamification platform (like iLearning or Taleo for example). Any Oracle folks who would like to join in on the webcast, just send me a note to join the experience. (We'll archive it too for folks that can't be their live)

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At a time when we are investing support for great tools like Alice, Greenfoot and OpenWonderland to engage young students to program in Java and learn skills in computer science, technology, engineering and math. Minecraft is the latest and a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. School is now in session!

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Transforming K-12

On Tuesday President Obama talked about the critical importance of having great teachers in our schools in his State of the Union Address. Well, here's an Oracle solution to help do exactly that.

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Singapore Games Village

It's just great to see community progress for the all Java OpenWonderland 3-D Virtual World Platform and the team at Wonderbuilders

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OpenWonderland goes to Europe

Past my day job, I also have the privilege of being Vice President and Member of the Board of the OpenWonderland Foundation(Formerly Project Wonderland for ex-Sun folks). It's great to see the progress Wonderland is making as the platform-of-choice for open source collaborative 3-D virtual worlds built in Java. The upcoming and first european IE Summit in Madrid will show a number of projects and innovations for virtual and game-based learning. I also dropped Ultan a note...

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MySQL in Education

I'm working today on the notion of an engineered system for running both Moodle and Drupal on top of MySQL on Sun backed up with GBU support subscriptions and services for the education market where open source growth presents an opportunity for our story. At Sun a few years back, we had some challenges with PHP threading model on T-series processors, but maybe that's been addressed with latest CPU architectures. Stay tuned.

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Thanks Steve

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Announcing some great news for our academic customers in a new program called HOPE

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Onsophic, Inc

Onsophic is the latest startup around learning analytics in the rapidly changing market for educational technology. The results from the Cal Berkeley pilot in Statistics W21 (Go Bears!) seem promising with more than 1.3 million records collected from 300 students over a summer class. Marleen and I are set to meet up next week in Palo Alto and talk about transitioning their SaaS platform over to Oracle DB from MySQL plus a few other things developing quickly here around Sakai.

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Nortel called it Chainsaw. Now it's at Avaya called web.alive. Today, the platform is likely to be part of my panel discussion and demos on transforming K-12 education at OpenWorld. At Sun, we had called our vision of the 3D Web Project Wonderland and fortunately some great people still do

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CRM for a Student-Centric World

At Oracle, the design philosophy for our systems to support education is that the student is at the center of the teaching and learning process for life. So, when one of our K12 customers asks, "Can we build a new hybrid LMS and SIS system for the 21st Century based on the ideas, tools and platform for CRM?". The answer as it turns out is yes.

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Common Cartridge

With IMS LIS compliance in the bag with SAIP and gaining market momentum, yesterday we kicked off an effort to look at compliance for the other two key IMS Digital Learning Specs for Common Cartridge for UCM and bLTI for OSL. Here's a short video about why it's important to us and the market

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Tracking the Cloud

This morning over coffee I ran across an interesting new report from the good folks at CDW on cloud adoption including some insights into the education market as well as other industries. We'll have lot of news to share at OpenWorld on the subject. Hope you can join us.

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Campus Technology 2011

Just boarded VirginAmerica FL 358 out to Boston for Campus Tech 2011. Luckily, the East Coast heat wave has passed and a couple of good days lie ahead supporting the Oracle booth and meeting up with key academic solutions partners like Unicon to talk about Sakai, Nicole from Wonderbuilders to talk about the OpenWonderland and the 3D Web, Sharestream media and Moodlerooms. Here's a cool new video demo from the world of Wonderland to see the Java 3D toolkit in action.....

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Encyclopaedia Britannica

Sean and I just finished an OSL demo for the good folks at Encyclopedia Britannica. We're moving forward now on mapping federated search via Webcenter, curriculum and content integration to UCM and adding their professional development services to train our teachers on the integrated system and create a virtual bundle for customers around the world. It's exciting to begin a partnership with one of the world's most trusted sources of information on every topic imaginable....

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It's on the road this week to LA for the Sakai Annual Conference. Sakai is many things: A community, a suite of open source software for teaching and learning with more than 350 academic institutions using it and a Foundation which manages it's direction and future. Oracle is a Commercial Affiliate Partner with Sakai also playing as a Reference Implementation for SAIP. This week's goal? Investigating the feasability of a Sakai H/W Appliance sized on SPARC/Solaris,...

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We launched our project in ISV-engineering with Sharestream yesterday to port and tune version 5.0 of their Digital Media Management and Delivery platform to support OID, UCM, Weblogic, DB as well as new sizing for SPARC/Solaris hardware appliances. They are a fast moving start-up we began working with at Sun with early success in higher education connecting digital media services with LMS/CMS systems and are now moving into new market opportunities in healthcare and federal...

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Blackboard World

I registered for BB World today. It should be a really good event this year with it being held in Las Vegas, the new momentum with SAIP and Blackboard corporate relationship and hearing the keynote from Sir Ken.

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Here's an OK screenshot of from Elbie's terrific demo today of Pittsburgh County Schools data being fed into a Google Earth engine and rendering real-time analytics and visualization on actual student and school performance in the area all through a standard porlet in Webcenter. Courtesy of new partners at 3rc

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Flipping the Classroom

Another great TED talk this time by Kahn Academy's Salman Kahn on their model to use video to re-invent education. I spoke with the good folks at Kahn last week about collaborating with us at Quest to Learn to see if students and teachers would benefit from using the Kahn model for lectures and competency training as homework and the Q2L model to really engage students in the classroom  using game-based learning, digital tools and powered by OSL to solve real-world problems...

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Next Up, Ed Tech 2011

After a week in Long Beach with the good folks at the IMS Learning Impact despite the rain. Highlights included Gerry's update on Merlot and the Affordable Learning Solutions program they have put in place for OER resources to save student's money. Other cool stuff on Common Cartride at the GLRC and the semantic web, Gates Foundation on digital learners and the Florida Virtual School. Of course the best part was seeing Linda's killer demo of SAIP with Blackboard and Marc's...

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IMS Learning Impact

I arrived in Long Beach last night around midnight after a 3 1/2 hour flight delay at Oakland because the plane we were about to fly got hit by lightening earlier in the day. A great way to start a week for sure. Anyways, headed for breakfast now with David from Sharestream. Then it's off to register and first afternoon of the IMS Learning Impact Conference. Graeme is also here from OSL DEV as we're evaluating K-12 uptake in IMS and whether specs in IMS Digital Services may...

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A great interview with Alan over at eLine Media, publisher for the Gamestar Mechanic platform and developing new partner for us, on the value of games especially to teach STEM. Created by the Institute of Play and in use at Quest to Learn, it is one of the core learning tools we are looking at integrating into the OSL pilot.

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If you remember the Project Wonderland 3-D virtual world platform, then imagine it running today on Sun Ray to create a new learning experience for kids. WonderSchool is a startup operation in the Netherlands using OpenWonderland along with the Alice authoring tool to build collaborative learning environments and support virtual schools. The project also looks to include additional tools like Oracle Student Learning and OpenOffice all powered by Sun Servers. We're just...

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Quest to Learn

The transformative new School for Digital Kids in New York City called Quest to Learn has recently completed their first quarter of assessments piloting Oracle Student Learning as a platform for 21st century learning with promising results. Last week I signed up Amy from our curriculum design partner Flattoads for OBIEE training so the teachers can start delivering their reports for parents and administrators. In a surprising development, it's rumored the new Mayor of Chicago...

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Stanford Consulting & UCM in Education

It's great to be back online after a long break from blogging about stuff. This coming week should be fun as my friend and colleague Art hosts another invaluable PA-SIG event this time here in the Bay Area. What's special about this event is a chance to talk to some of our prestigious customers about a project I gratefully accepted from Michael Feldstein to work with some really bright students at Stanford on a new value proposition framework for our highly rated Universal...

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TED Talks: Bring on the learning revolution!

There is simply no better way to describe our mission with OSL than Sir Ken has just done

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New OSL Video

Check out our cool new video on the Oracle Student Learning initiative.

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America's Broadband Policy

Another great talk by Lawrence Lessig, strangely as keynote for a storage event held last week in Florida.

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The Board

I was very grateful to have been invited and accept to join the Board of Directors at the OpenWonderland Foundation. The first meeting is next week coinciding with the Immersive Education Summit in Boston. Now is the time to set the course at Oracle into the 3-D Web

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We Feel Fine

If you enjoy TED talks, check out Jonathan Harris' below and then head over and point your browser at We Feel Fine and click the "open we feel fine" link to explore a really cool Java applet GUI that visualizes real-time micro-stories from around the web using different visual metaphors like madness, murmurs, metrics and mobs. Thanks Amy.

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