Thursday Jul 02, 2009

MySQL Proxy 0.7.2 released

The following just went out to our mailing list:

We are happy to announce that MySQL Proxy 0.7.2 is available in a source and binary release for all of our target platforms.

This latest release also brings back Windows support in both the source and binary release.

The list of important changes in this release is:
\* fixed memory leak proxy plugin (#45272)
\* fixed ro-balance.lua (#45408)
\* added CMake build files
\* fixed portability issues for Win32
\* added mysql-proxy-svc on Win32
\* updated INSTALL file to cover all the build steps on win32

Please report any problems on, our Launchpad discussion mailing list or on IRC: #mysql-proxy on

The focus of development is now on MySQL Proxy 0.8.

MySQL Proxy 0.7.2 is currently the recommended version to use unless you develop MySQL Proxy itself.

The packages are available on the MySQL Downloads page.

Friday Jan 23, 2009

MySQL Proxy Web-Seminar

I just realized something else Chris has mentioned:

Since MySQL Proxy 0.7.0 is soon to be released, I thought another brief tutorial would be helpful.

Indeed, we are looking to properly release 0.7.0 soon™.

In case you are wondering what’s happening with MySQL Proxy and what the deal with the code’s new home is, please consider making some time for the web-seminar next week.

It’s free but registration is required.

We will also have Carlo Cabanilla talking about his project and I will talk about where we are with Proxy, what our plans are, how you can get involved and what the next steps are. Please bring your questions :)

Tuesday Jan 13, 2009

MySQL Proxy code now live

It’s done!

Even if it took a while, too long, really, we finally have the MySQL Proxy code out in the open, where it belongs.

As part of this effort, we would also like to make our development process more transparent. To that effect, we’ve also created a Launchpad team that serves as a discussion hub. It comes with a mailing list, reachable at, where we hope to have some interesting discussions about where to take Proxy, what to implement in what way, and of course to offer advice to users.

There’s not much in terms of “process” yet and quite possibly (and hopefully) it will stay this way, but let me outline some of my hopes and plans for going forward:

Pushing directly into the branches that make up the lp:mysql-proxy project is restricted to those in the MySQL Proxy Developers team, only because of licensing issues.

However, since everyone here feels deeply about open source there is a relatively painless way of getting contributions in:

  1. Talk to us on to make sure
    • the idea is sound
    • no one else is already doing it
    • you know what’s involved
    • other people know what’s happening.
  2. Get the code from lp:mysql-proxy and do the changes you’d like to do.
  3. Then push your branch back to Launchpad.
  4. Propose a merge to let us know that you have something you think we should be looking at.
  5. Pending a code review from us (either Jan or me have to approve it at least) we will merge the changes back to trunk and it will eventually see the light of day in a release.
  6. The above actually has a prerequisite: The contributor has to agree to the Sun Contributor Agreement, as described by the MySQL Forge Wiki page.

    I think you will find the SCA to be very friendly, at least I wish I could’ve signed it back in the day. (Kudos to Jay Pipes have to be given here!).

    Unfortunately we have to require people to sign it, otherwise we cannot accept anything other than the most trivial patches, again due to licensing issues.

  7. There is no point 7.

Let also note that the above (sometimes even with contributor agreements) is nothing totally unnatural in the Open Source world and in fact most projects I’ve contributed to had some kind of a “gatekeeper” mechanism, so please do not be discouraged by it. In fact, cool kids are doing it, too ;)

There are a couple of changes to the layout of the code coming up, but I’ll talk about it when the time comes. In the meantime, please give the latest code a try and report any bugs you find on our bugs system, we are not using Launchpad for them, to avoid losing the overview…


Kay Roepke


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