Thursday Oct 08, 2009

NetBeans 6.8 Community Translations Started

NetBeans TranslatedfilesAfter NetBeans 6.7.1, we just startd NetBeans 6.8 translation in translatedfiles community.
Thank you Nicky for handling many CTI projects! All CTI projects are now available on CTI. Please join our community and help translation in your languages.

NetBeans 6.7.1 Community Builds Revised

NetBeans 6.7.1 community build has been revised. You can download the binaries from usual location,
Choose your language from IDE Language list. Or directly from
These binaries are final.

After 6.7.1 FCS, we continued to translate new strings and update translation errors. We finished all 6.7.1 work and will move to 6.8 translation from this week. Thank you very much for your great contribution!

Thursday Oct 30, 2008

NetBeans 6.5 RC2 Community Languages

NetBeans 6.5 RC2 for community languages are also available! You can download German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Albanian. NetBeans IDE is not fully localized but NetBeans Platform part is localized so you can use it for building applications on NetBeans RCP. Please try to download from
Download pages are localized too.

The installer includes all languages so you don't need to select one language from language menu.

Translation coverage are different in language, e.g. Spanish team already translated Java SE part. Please visit the following page to check the translation status.

Wednesday Oct 22, 2008

Call for testing : try NetBeans 6.5 community language build

Daily builds for NetBeans 6.5 community languages are running and you can download from localized Update Center. Please follow the instruction how to get the builds and try in your language.

NetBeans translatedfiles community are going to release some of languages with NetBeans 6.5 - German, Italian, French, Polish, Spanish and Albanian. I understand Polish, French and Albanian community completed NetBeans Platform localization. Other language communities completed more, e.g. Spanish community almost finished Java SE IDE. It's great! We're close to code freeze - please check the builds and give your feedbacks about translations!!

Wednesday Oct 15, 2008

NetBeans 6.5 final l10n-kit, new repository, status and validation pages updated

There are 3 important things for NetBeans translatedfiles community who are working on NetBeans 6.5 release.

Final l10n-kit is ready:
I prepared the l10n-kit for final translation. There are two types, one is entire kit, another is containing just updated/newly added files. If you have TMX, I recommend to use the entire kit because you need entire files at bug fixing, updating translation among the files. Please replace your sources of OmegaT and translate new/updated words, generate translated files again, then integrate.
Status and Validation pages updated:
I updated the source files to use the final l10n-kit and switched repository to release65/l10n. You can see many missing entries but it should be OK now. Once you translate the final l10n-kit, the errors will disappear.
Switch to
Please use repository instead of main/l10n for further integration. Trunk (main) is now open for But we don't use main/l10n now.

Tuesday Sep 30, 2008

NetBeans 6.5 Localization : Preparing NOI18N list

We almost finished preparing NOI18N list for NetBeans 6.5 localization. What is NOI18N list? Even if strings are defined in .properties files, some keys should not be localized as designed. Also some can not be localized for bugs. In most cases, it's not easy for translators to find out which strings can be localized or not. Adding a comment, for example # DO NOT TRANSLATE to .properties files does not help.

Application.lookAndFeel = system

Because usually these comments are not visible on translation editor, e.g. OmegaT.

So we're preparing a list of these keys and running the validation script after integration to detech these strings. Please check the following page for detail.

Tuesday Sep 16, 2008

NetBeans 6.5 final l10n-kit is ready for translation

I prepared the latest l10n-kit for NetBeans 6.5 translation. Please check the wiki if you're working on the NetBeans translation in This is the 2nd l10n-kit but it's almost final.
We started the 1st translation around August 14th. There are many files have been updated from the 1st translation, and there are some files have been added and removed. Please check the diff information on the wiki. As for translation progress, please check the translation status page.

Saturday Aug 30, 2008 Web Content Translation Status

New status page for NetBeans web content is now available. Great, Jack! The detail information is described in his announcement in dev alias of Most popular web contents on are being listed on that page and validated for checking its status - localized timely or not. We need your help for Red and Yellow cells!!

Friday Aug 29, 2008

Community started integration of NetBeans 6.5 translation

NetBeans Translation community started translations NetBeans Platform and other modules for NetBeans 6.5. Currently German, Spanish, French, Italian and Albanian community are contributing these localized files. Thank you for your contributions!
I prepared the page on for checking the translation progress. It's being updated daily, please check the status and validation page once you integrate new files. If you're interested in localization of NetBeans, please check the wiki and join community!

Wednesday Jul 23, 2008

NetBeans 6.5 Localization Planning

We started discussion about NetBeans 6.5 localization in the mailing list of project. See the discussion thread for the detail.
If you're interested in localization of NetBeans, please join the project and send your comment to the mailing list. Now most project documents are being managed in NetBeans wiki. Here are the important ones and starting points for all other related documents.

Monday Jun 30, 2008

NetBeans 翻訳プロジェクトTシャツ第2弾

NetBeans の翻訳プロジェクトで今回 T シャツを作りました。左が表で右側が裏です。さてどれが何語でしょう?日本語、ハングル、漢字はわかりますけどそれ以外はさてさて…実は私もわかりません \^\^;

このTシャツは第2弾です。初代のデザインの T シャツは happy_ryo 氏がこの写真のようにかっこよく着てくれていますが、日本語コミュニティでブログ書いてくれている方とか、FAQ の翻訳に参加してくれた方とか、オリジナルコンテンツを提供してくれた方などにお配りしました。この第2弾もみなさんに配れるように現在交渉中です。

Friday May 23, 2008

NetBeans 6.1 : How to localize NB Platform

I prepared a document about the l10n-kit and localization process for NetBeans Platform and announced it to NetBeans Translatedfiles Community.
If you're interested in localization of NetBeans Platform, please try it. If you're developing RCP based on NetBeans Platform and want to localize it to several languages, you can follow the scenario.

If you know NetBeans 6.0 localization process, you need to understand the new l10n-kit (a set of English files to be localized) first for 6.1. There are two big changes from 6.0.

l10n-kit structure
l10n-kit was created from NetBeans source tree prior to NetBeans 6.1. In 6.1, l10n-kit is created from NetBeans binary and NetBeans NBMs. It means l10n-kit is the same structure of NetBeans installation image. You can find the detail info in NB6.1MLPlan.

NetBeans switched to HG (Mercurial) from cvs at 6.1. Our localized repository is also provided.
We were using the same directory for all languages prior to NetBeans 6.1.
Now, in 6.1, we're using a sub-directory per language. The above example is now changed to the following structure.

Call for Testing : NetBeans 6.1 Japanese, Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese

Daily development builds for NetBeans 6.1 ml release are now available. You can download and install it in your language. Installer and NetBeans IDE are fully localized. Japanese, Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese are included.
Most UI messages have been localized. We're now working on bugfixing of UI messages and online help, and trying to release these ml version in next month. If you find any issue e.g. wrong translation, please send to local community or translatedfiles community. You can find contacts of local community in the following FAQ.

Friday Feb 08, 2008

NetBeans 6.0.1 ML finally Released

We finally released NetBeans 6.0.1 multilingual IDE for Japanese, Chinese and  Brazilian Portuguese. The installers are available from the following official download page. Windows, Solaris SPARC&x86, Linux and Mac OS X installers are available.
Congratulations, Michel Graciano and community members of Brazilian Portuguese language in Brazilian Portuguese community localized most of UI messages of Platform, Base IDE, Java SE, Mobility and Ruby. Sun was doing the rest of the modules and online help. I understand that we have never localized NetBeans Mobility, Profiler(included in Java SE) and C/C++ into Brazilian Portuguese in NetBeans 5.5, but now all packs have been fully localized into pt_BR!! Ruby and Ruby on Rails are new for 6.0 but these have been also localized.

For other languages in project, German, Spanish and Polish  community are very active for 6.0 localization and trying to release something soon. Please check the translation status.
Localized Installer:

Ruby on Rails project:

Sunday Jan 20, 2008

NetBeans 6.0.1 Brazilian Portuguese : call for testing

Finally NetBeans 6.0.1 has been fully localized into Brazilian Portuguese!! Congratulations, Michel Graciano and community members of Brazilian Portuguese language in!!

The development builds are available from the following location. You can download it in your language and on your preferred platform. Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese localizations are available. Installer for Windows, Solaris SPARC, Solaris x86, Linux and Mac OS X are available.
Here are the some screenshots of Brazilian Portuguese IDE:

We're going to release these localized IDE this month. Please try and send your comments to each language community and translatedfiles mailing list. You can find contacts in the following FAQ.

NetBeans Globalization


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