Monday Apr 09, 2012

JavaOne Tokyo 2012

Thank you for visiting our NetBeans booth at JavaOne Tokyo 2012!

javaonetokyo 2012

javaonetokyo 2012

javaonetokyo 2012

javaonetokyo 2012

javaonetokyo 2012

javaonetokyo 2012

javaonetokyo 2012

javaonetokyo 2012

javaonetokyo 2012

More photos on Flickr!

Thursday May 26, 2011

jVi for NetBeans 7.0

jVi (vi editor clone) plugin for NetBeans 7.0 has been updated and the version is now 1.4.1!

NetBeans Plugin Portal page:
Project page:
Download for NetBeans 7.0:
After unzip zip file, you can specify nbm files on Downloaded tab at Plugins dialog (Tools > Plugins).


Option panel is also provided. Enjoy!


Wednesday May 25, 2011

Start NetBeans in English UIs

As you have already noticed, NetBeans 7.0 officially supports Russian localization by default. It means when you start NetBeans 7.0 in Russian environment, NetBeans will run with Russian UIs.


However, I understand you sometimes want to use NetBeans in English UIs. In that case, you can switch UI to English by the followings:

Start NetBeans in English environment:

If you can switch your environment to English quickly e.g. on Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris, please start NetBeans in English locale.

% env LC_ALL=C netbeans

Start NetBeans with --locale en option:

On Windows, you can use --locale en option at NetBeans startup.

% netbeans --locale en

This option can be defined in netbeans.conf file, like:

# Options used by NetBeans launcher by default, can be overridden by explicit
# command line switches:
netbeans_default_options="--locale en -J-client ....

Please note that when you switch language, NetBeans user directory (or just /config/Windows2Local directory under user directory. Thanks Michel for pointing out!) should be cleared - remove or use new one. Some window titles are remaining in previous language.


Thursday Apr 07, 2011

JVM creation failed at NetBeans startup

When you encounter this dialog 'JVM creation failed' at NetBeans startup, you may need to adjust value of -J-XX:MaxPermSize for NetBeans IDE. This value is defined in etc/netbeans.conf like following.
# Options used by NetBeans launcher by default, can be overridden by explicit
# command line switches:
netbeans_default_options="... -J-Xms32m -J-XX:PermSize=32m -J-XX:MaxPermSize=384m ..."
You can adjust 384m to 200m for example. For more detail, please refer to issue 195114.

Monday Apr 04, 2011

NetBeans 7.0 going to support Russian

NetBeans 7.0 RC1 has been released last week and you might already have noticed Russian is now one of the supported languages.

netbeans 7.0 russian

Download page, installer and software are being localized into Russian. NetBeans 7.0 will include supports of Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian localization. When you start NetBeans in Russian environment, you will get all UIs are localized by default.

netbeans 7.0 russian

You can get NetBeans 7.0 RC release from the following location.
If you find any translation issue, please leave your comment here or send email to dev at of NetBeans localization project. NetBeans localization project is also localizing NetBeans IDE and NetBeans Platform into several languages e.g. Spanish, French, German, Italian, Catalan and Galician. You can get those builds as Community Contributed language from the same location.

Thank you very much for your contributions!

Monday Apr 12, 2010

Will you localize NetBeans IDE 6.9?

netbeansNetBeans Localization Project is planning to start localization of NetBeans IDE/NetBeans Platform around 6.9 Beta release. Will your team participate?
Please put your language and translation scope e.g. Platform or Java SE or Entire into We will prepare OpenCTI projects.

Thursday Feb 18, 2010

NetBeans vi plugin for NetBeans 6.8 and 6.9

jVi module for NetBeans has been updated to version 1.2.8. This is for current NetBeans 6.8.
The deveopment version 1.3 is also available for NetBeans 6.9 dev build. You can find it under 1.3-NB6.9-DEVELOPMENT folder.

Sunday Dec 13, 2009

NetBeans 6.8 for Community Languages is available too!

NetBeans localization project has released community languages build for NetBeans 6.8. You can download it from download page by selecting your language. Many contributors are providing translations on Sun's CTI and OpenCTI for now 19 languages! Thank you for your contributions!

Please find which languages are included and the translation progress: If you need localization for your NetBeans Platform based applications, you can use them. Here are the some tutorials.
We continue translation NetBeans 6.8 for next two or three months and will provide daily build soon. Please help NetBeans localization. You can join the community of your language from the following link.

Monday Oct 26, 2009

NetBeans 6.8 Beta for community translations

NetBeans 6.8 Beta has been released last week. It's already multilingual! English, Japanese, Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese are included by default. Also, as you have may noticed, it's including community translations too. Please note that when you download it, please select IDE Language on download page. The installers of community translation are provided separately. The same languages are migrated from 6.7 to 6.8 by using CTI. It was easy migration - we're using translation memory behind CTI. Another good news is that we newly added Romanian language.

Please join the translatedfiles project and each language team for helping NetBeans localization.

Thursday Oct 08, 2009

NetBeans 6.8 Community Translations Started

NetBeans TranslatedfilesAfter NetBeans 6.7.1, we just startd NetBeans 6.8 translation in translatedfiles community.
Thank you Nicky for handling many CTI projects! All CTI projects are now available on CTI. Please join our community and help translation in your languages.

NetBeans 6.7.1 Community Builds Revised

NetBeans 6.7.1 community build has been revised. You can download the binaries from usual location,
Choose your language from IDE Language list. Or directly from
These binaries are final.

After 6.7.1 FCS, we continued to translate new strings and update translation errors. We finished all 6.7.1 work and will move to 6.8 translation from this week. Thank you very much for your great contribution!

Thursday Sep 24, 2009

New Language! Romanian added to NetBeans Platform

Good news from NetBeans translatedfiles project, Joseki Bold SRL has released NetBeans Platform with Romanian localization!
Emilian Bold is a lead of Romanian translation team. Congratulations and thank you very much for the great contribution! Romanian translation will be incorporated into NetBeans 6.7.1 community builds soon.

NetBeans Romanian

You can build multilingual NetBeans Platform applications quickly! We're releasing 17 languages and Romanian for NetBeans Platform 6.7.1, please find your necessary languages from community. If not, please join our community for helping translations.
You can find documents how to make your NetBeans Platform applications multilingual.

Saturday Sep 05, 2009

To NetBeans CTI users : Please respond to CTI survey

CTI team is now opening the survey to hear your comments. It's good chance to send your opinion about which features are really important but missing on current CTI. Dear all CTI users in NetBeans language communities : We're using CTI for NetBeans UI translation. Let's take the time to respond to the survey. Thank you.

Wednesday Jul 29, 2009

Localizing NetBeans Platform Application (2)

As I posted in previous entry, localizing NetBeans Platform Application is simple. You can use Automatic Internationalization feature to modify the codes and for internationalization task. Also the useful properties editor is prepared.


To distribute your application, you can prepare a ZIP file that contains necessary files. Select Build ZIP Distribution from project menu.


By running the application, you should get localized application... Hmm... it seems that only "Button" is localized on that application. Other UI area e.g. File, Edit, View, Navigate, Tools, Windows and Help are just English. Why??


Because these UIs are being provided by NetBeans Platform, not by user module. When we create application on localized NetBeans, corresponding modules and localized jar files are packaged automatically. However, there is an issue 133901. Due to the issue, currently localized jar files will not be into the ZIP distribution and JNLP application.

To get localized jar files for NetBeans Platform, you can copy files from NetBeans installation. If you have installed NetBeans, you can find localized jar of NetBeans Platform files under the following folders.
  • platform10/core/locale
  • platform10/lib/locale
  • platform10/modules/ext/locale
  • platform10/modules/locale
Note that we are providing two distributions from language point of view. Japanese, Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese are included in standard distribution. Other languages are provided as community contributed languages and included in community builds. You can download both on download page. If you want just ZIP distributions, these are available by the followings.

NetBeans 6.7.1 (including Japanese, Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese) :
NetBeans 6.7.1 Community Languages (See TFL10nCommunityStatus) :
I downloaded the community language build above and I extracted Spanish jar files from it. Then copied into my application. Finally all menu items are now localized into Spanish :)


Tuesday Jul 28, 2009

Localizing NetBeans Platform Application

Localizing NetBeans Platform Application is very simple. You can use GUI form editor even for NetBeans Platform Applications. Good tutorial about internationalization on GUI builder has been updated recently for NetBeans 6.7 release. This tutorial works for 6.1, 6.5 and 6.7 releases.
When you're building GUI form on NetBeans, Automatic Internationalization feature will help your internationalization task. GUI form and properties files will be modified automatically with this option is turned ON.


Pease note that the option will appear on properties window when you select the top component of the form.


Once you enable this option, will be created and necessary key and value pairs will be added automatically according to your updates on GUI editor. To edit, there are two ways. "Edit" action will open the contents in usual editor. "Open" action will open a property editor.


The default action is going to open a raw editor (above) . If you choose "Open" from context menu, you can open the special editor for properties files (below). You can add and edit entries by using usual table.


To add new Bundle for languages other than English, select "Add" > "Locale...".


Select language and country code on New Locale dialog.


Once you add a new language, new column will be added in the property editor and you can modify strings and translate them.


Let's run the application. This is a simple example for NetBeans Platform Application running in Spanish locale.


NetBeans Globalization


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