Monday Dec 04, 2006

WSRP available for Windows

    The open source implementation of WSRP v1 by Sun is now available for Windows as well. Please check the WSRP Milestone1 Preview here. The installation instructions are the same for Windows and Unix platforms. The Portlet Container works on Windows already, and that should not be a problem either. Again, the installation instructions for the Portlet container remain the same as that on non-windows platforms.

    So if you are using a Windows box and have been shying away from checking out the WSRP implementation, here is your opportunity to play with it :) If you do have any issues please let us know at .


Monday Nov 27, 2006

WSRP administration made easy

    Anyone who has tried to use any WSRP implementation would know how difficult it is to get something working! So here is something simple to appease the famished.

    Sun's Open Source WSRP Project at provides the implementation of the WSRP 1.0 specification and runs on Sun's Open Source Portlet Container. The instructions on the WSRP project site are detailed and are in easy to understand and use steps. Please follow the instructions to get the source, compile and create a distribution. Once you have the distribution, to administer and manage the WSRP Producer and Consumer, two administration portlets are provided with the source, which are built along with the other sources.
    Please ensure that JAVA_HOME is set to jdk 1.5 home as the admin server uses the platform MBean server to register the MBeans required for administration and management of WSRP Producer and Consumer. Follow the below steps to get your administration portlets up and running.

Start the Admin server:

  1. cd <wsrp-directory>/dist/wsrp
  2. Edit config/deployenv.conf file to provide the GLASSFISH_HOME and the data storage directory where the WSRP Producer and Consumer data will be stored. You may have already done this if you have deployed the WSRP Producer and Consumer. If so, then you can skip this step.
  3. cd <wsrp-directory>/dist/wsrp/admin
  4. $JAVA_HOME/bin/rmiregistry 1099 &
  5. $ANT_HOME/bin/ant -f run.xml

This will start the admin server and create a producers.xml file in the data storage directory specified in <wsrp-directory>/dist/wsrp/config/deployenv.conf and also a consumer.xml file containing the default information.

Deploy the Admin portlets: 

  1. Access the Portlet Container Driver at http://<hostname>:<port>/portletcontainerdriver/dt
  2. Click on the Admin tab.
  3. In the Deploy a Portlet section, browse to the directory <wsrp-directory>/dist/wsrp/admin and select the wsrp-producer-portlet.war.
  4. Deploy the portlet.
  5. Similarly browse, select and deploy wsrp-consumer-portlet.war.
  6. Click on the Portlets tab. You should be able to access both the administration portlets, with an entry for SampleProducer in the WSRP Producer Portlet.

Use the Admin Portlets:

  1. Click on the SampleProducer link and update the Producer by selecting the Portlets that you want to be exposed to the Consumers.
  2. Copy the WSDL url of the Producer. Save the Producer.
  3. In the WSRP Consumer Portlet, click on New button.
  4. Provide the WSDL url of the Producer. (Paste the copied url)
  5. Click on Get Info button. This will get the Service Description of the Producer.
  6. Provide the appropriate details. Click on Save.
  7. The newly created Consumer would be visible in a table in the WSRP Consumer Portlet.
  8. Click on the "Create" link in the newly created Consumer row. This is to create a channel.
  9. Select one of the Portlets whose display names are provided in a drop down list (these are the portlets that are made available in the WSRP Producer), and provide the name for the channel.
  10. Click on Save. This will create a new channel for the remote portlet.
  11. Click on the WSRP tab. You will be able to access the remote portlet.

That's all there is to it really. The number of steps may seem to be overwhelming, but it is very easy to follow and will indeed get you up and running very quickly. Try it out and if you have any doubts, concerns, comments or downright criticisms please feel free to let us know at

Rock on. :)


Open Source WSRP implementation for preview

    It gives me great pleasure to write about the fact that the WSRP 1.0 open source implementation by Sun is out for preview. The project can be accessed at

    The documentation of how to get this working on the Sun's open source  Portlet Container is present on the site. Please feel free to download the code and use it. If you do have any problems, please let us know at and we will be more than happy to help you out and take your feedback.

But for now, this is a time to cherish for the WSRP team. Team lets a take a bow :)




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