Which capacities for my Oracle Database on ODA ?

In final, how much capacity do I have for my Database on ODA X6-2? If you have decided to have your Oracle Database running on an appliance ODA X6-2 HA, and you are wondering which storage configuration you should be selecting for a given Database size, after a quick check at the actual documentation (Storage on Oracle Database Appliance), here is a different version of the same consolidated tables from the documentation, giving you the actual usable capacity (DATA & RECO)...

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Benchmarking ODA X6 with Swingbench

ODA X6-2, simple, smart and powerful for your Oracle Database After the announcement in june of the new Oracle Database Appliance for the Standard AND Enterprise editions of the Oracle Database (aka ODA X6-2S and ODA X6-2M), and after the announcement of two new other models, the ODA X6-2 L and ODA X6-2 HA, we have just released two whitepapers using Swingbench for ODA, to test this all-flash portfolio: Evaluating and comparing Oracle Database Appliance X6-2 HA Performance Ev...

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ODA X6-2 Roadshow in Paris, Arrow France

Yesterday was the last session of the ODA X6 Roadshow delivered by Arrow France, in 8 different french cities (Lille, Strasbourg, Lyon, Aix, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes and Paris). Due to an important level of pollution, the city decided to promote "bus and metro" by making them free this day.I had the chance to present the new ODA X6 portfolio in Lille, Nantes, Bordeaux and yesterday Paris. We shared the most common use cases where partners are helping our customers, like...

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Arrow Switzerland, ODA workshop for ISVs, Bruttisellen

On November 24th 2016, in Bruttisellen (near Zurich), Arrow Switzerland has invited ISVs and Partners to an Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) workshop, to present the new ODA X6-2 portfolio. I had the chance to share the stage with Markus Gysel (Arrow CH Pre-Sale Engineer) who presented the Arrow Solution Center in Bruttisellen, and Markus presented the DBVisit Standby solution for Oracle Database Standard Edition, that makes a nice solution when bundled with ODA. The same...

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FORS Distribution, Moscow, Oracle Database Appliance X6-2

Last week in Moscow, where the "Oracle Database Appliance" seminar for Oracle Partners was taking place in Oracle Offices, in order to present the new ODA X6 portfolio, I had the chance to visit the FORS Solution Center, where FORS is training our partners, showing demos, delivering Proof Of Concept and running Benchmarks, on different versions of Oracle Engineered Systems, and having their own events like the last one on the Oracle Database Appliance. Thanks to the FORS...

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The winning combination: Oracle VM Server for x86 + Oracle Sun Fire HW

You might be wondering why OVM Server for x86 (OVM/x86 here and below) should be seriously considered as a nice (business point of view) alternative to standard Hypervisors, if you are virtualizing Oracle Software, especially if you are planning to move to Oracle x86 Hardware (rackmount or blades). Well, let see some "not well known" facts that might interest you and help you in saving more money for your entire company (and not only the Virtulization team). Fact 1: OVM/x86...

Friday, July 1, 2011 | OVM | Read More

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