Friday Nov 22, 2013

How is UNIX Solaris for a Linux Admin

Playing with UNIX on  a laptop.

The interesting thing, for a Linux Admin, is that he can leverage his Linux Skills and quickly see, play and learn, from Solaris, either by installing the UNIX operating system inside a Virtual machine, or directly download a ready to use VirtualBox Solaris VM.

Another way is to directly learn some How-To and features, by viewing some live video demo from YouTube.

We have selected for you three videos.
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Wednesday Aug 21, 2013

Announcing Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1

Some key features and benefits delivered in Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1.  Want more ? please read this blog to learn the in-depth details of the new release and how to upgrade to the latest release. Please review the What's New section and the documentation about specific details of required and minimum software and supported platforms.[Read More]

Friday May 17, 2013

A Pluggable Solaris IPS Repository

The problem:

Many of the nice features of Solaris 11, like Zones, IPS updates, resources management applied to zones, that we usually want to demo require, most of the time, a working IPS repository. Many people are actually using Virtual Box on their kaptop to do such demo. The only issue is that you either need a fast Internet connection while running your demo (rarely the case), or you need a big Virtual Machine where you have setup a local IPS repository (which can be time consuming), so I'm proposing a kind of mix of the two.

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Wednesday May 01, 2013

Un repository IPS transportable

Le problème:

Un bon nombre de fonctionnalités sous Solaris 11, tel que les zones, les mises à jours via IPS, la gestion des ressources apliquées aux zones, que l'on souhaite souvent démontrer sur un laptop, requièrent l'accès à un repository Solaris IPS.  Un bon nombre de personnes utilisent le produit VBox pour de telle démos. L'inconvénient est de devoir disposer d'une connection Internet rapide lors de la démo (ce qui est rarement le cas), ou d'une machine virtuelle additionnelle configurée en serveur IPS local (ce qui peut prendre du temps). Je propose ici une alternative, qui peut être utilisée sur un laptop Solaris 11 natif.[Read More]

Wednesday Feb 13, 2013

How is SPARC doing ?

Very well, indeed

Before we announce our next generation of SPARC processors, that has been already revealed at HOTCHIPS24 and by Rick Hetherington, it is interesting to read what the Forrester is saying about SPARC/Solaris.

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Thursday Sep 27, 2012

Reading a ZFS USB drive with Mac OS X Mountain Lion

The problem:

I'm using a MacBook, mainly with Solaris 11 (yes it works), but something with Mac OS X (ML). The only missing thing is that Mac OS X can't read my external ZFS based USB drive, where I store all my data. So, I decided to look for a simple solution, where the whole and latest features of ZFS would be possible for free, and even being able later to benefit from any ZFS update that might be included in any Solaris 11 updates.

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Monday May 07, 2012

Applications on Solaris 11

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Friday Jul 01, 2011

The winning combination: Oracle VM Server for x86 + Oracle Sun Fire HW

You might be wondering why should OVM Server for x86 (OVM/x86 here and below) should be seriously considered as a nice (business point of view) alternative to standard Hypervisors, if you are virtualizing Oracle Softwarem, especially if you are planning to move to Oracle x86 Hardware (rackmount or blades). Well, let see some "not well known" facts that might interest you.
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Friday Jun 24, 2011

Public Solaris/SPARC roadmap until 2015

It's now public, and give you a nice overview on what's going on, where Oracle is going with Solaris and SPARC processors.[Read More]

Thursday Nov 11, 2010

Microsoft afraid of OpenOffice

Nice video from Microsoft Marketing.
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Wednesday Jun 02, 2010

Installing Mac OS X in a ZFS Partition

The problem

ZFS has been removed for Mac OS X roadmap. Many people were waiting for it. Here is an alternative for any Apple HW owner to have Mac OS X running in a native ZFS partition, plus some nice features Mac OS X doesn't have yet.

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Wednesday May 19, 2010

After IRON MAN 2

Nice demo on an Oracle driven robot serving a cup of coffe. This movie is not a fiction and really powered by an Oracle Database.
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Thursday Apr 22, 2010

Monitoring OpenSolaris from an iTouch

The idea:

I just acquired an Apple iTouch, and discovered an interesting application called iStat, which allows to show basic iTouch/iPhone infos, remote display iStat Menu info of a Mac, and, this is the more interesting part, do the same remote display from other OS by running an OpenSourced daemon on your favorite OS.

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Tuesday Jan 05, 2010

Official Sun supported IPS repositories for OpenSolaris

You might be wondering what are the various IPS servers that Sun is supporting, what ever you are a free user of OpenSolaris, or a registered user requiring professional support on OpenSolaris, on HA Cluster, on the Sun Web Stack or the GlassFish Web Space Server.

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Thursday Dec 17, 2009


As the INTEL CPUS are becoming more and more powerfull, like more cores, SMT, embedded memory controller (NEHALEM), 3 DDR3 Channels per socket, scalability up to 2 sockets (and next step will be above 4 sockets), some people may wonder if it make sense to continue to run business applications on SPARC Architecture.[Read More]

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