Friday May 15, 2009

x2270 Xeon 5500 Server Runs Cool But Is Hot!

The Sun Fire x2270 runs cool but is very hot!
I added one to the Broomfield, Colorado test farm site. Eric Saxe is running it through it's paces for the tickless project. Darrin Johnson sent four to me and we will be adding them for the tickless project. I love the 1TB drives and the great speed. I plan to get more for general use in the next couple months.

OpenSolaris Test Farm

Friday Jul 25, 2008

2008 OpenSolaris Developer Conference - Prague

The 2008 OpenSolaris Developer Conference in Prague was a great success. There were a lot of great talks and I tip my hat to Dirk Wetter, Wolfgang Stief, Martin Man and Lukas Rovensky and the other conference organizers. You really put on a great event!

I gave the OpenSolaris Testing talk. Deirdre Straughan did a great job, as usual, taping the event, so I have video and slides of the presentation. I allowed attendees to access a Sun Fire x4150 with two Intel Quad-Core Xeon processors from the OpenSolaris Test Farm. It's an excellent OpenSolaris build server platform and was a great hit at the conference. I gave people the access information at the beginning of my talk, and by the end many people will logged on to take a look. I started a nightly build of the SFW consolidation during my talk. Here's the video:

Here's a picture of Deirdre, Jim Grisanzio, Rich Brueckner, Dave Stewart and I at dinner after the second day of the conference during the boat trip up and down the Vltava river in Prague.

Tuesday Apr 22, 2008

ZFS Big Hit at 2008 St. Petersburg Tech Days

With over 3200 people in attendance, Sun Tech Days 2008 in St. Petersburg, Russia was another successful developer event, and I had the pleasure of working with my colleagues from the local Sun office. It was nice to return to St. Petersburg. I visited Leningrad in December 1988, so I noticed a lot of change. The city is definitely the Paris of the north. I gave the OpenSolaris Testing and OpenStorage for OpenSolaris presentations during OpenSolaris Day on April 4th. I gave the presentations in the main hall where the keynotes where given and had a great audience of over 150 people. Alexander Belokrylov did a great job with the demos, and I enjoyed engaging with the audience and got cheers everytime I spoke a little Russian. I have never seen better questions, and we had more questions than time after both presentations.

In addition, I supported Jim Hughes, with the ZFS demo during the Solaris Track keynote on April 3rd. Here's a picture of Jim, Kirill Nikonchuk, who setup the hardware and me the night before. We had some USB issues with a PC clone, but once we switch to a Sun Ultra 40 everything worked. This picture was taken unattended by timer from the keynote podium. Also here's a pointer to the ZFS is Smashing Baby video on YouTube.

Later in the day after the keynote, my wife Suzanne and I climbed up to the colonnade on St. Isaac's Cathedral to enjoy the view. Here's a picture of me in a Z-DAY tshirt, which highlights Halloween 2005, when zfs was first integrated into Solaris.

Monday Apr 14, 2008

Dual Boot OpenSolaris and MacOS

Paul Mitchell's blog post on dual booting a MacBook Pro pointed me in the right direction. Since then, I created this wiki page on so we can further refine the process: OpenSolaris Dual Boot Wiki

Here is the image of what you will get at boot time on your MacBook Pro

Sunday Oct 28, 2007

OpenSolaris on Great Wall

OpenSolaris Developer Summit sweat shirt made it to the Great Wall today (on my back).

Wednesday Dec 13, 2006

dtest - DTrace Test Suite

Adam Leventhal just wrote a great blog on the DTrace test suite, dtest.

The dtest webpage is at:

This is one of the whitebox test suites that is being maintained by developers, and is in the ON source code base on

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