Friday Apr 20, 2007

Securing Web Service - JavaOne Lab

We are fortunate to have to opportunity to attend the hands-on lab session (LAB-5410 : Using Identity to Secure Web Services) conducted by Dr Aravindan. This is a dry run session for JavaOne.

We learned how to use Sun Java System Access Manager and Glassfish Application Server to secure web services. It is very easy to setup and configure the profiles for securing web services. There are 5 exercises in the lab. Once we have completed them, we have a good understanding of how it works. Many things appear to be seamless when we are configuring and running the exercises because under the cover Glassfish and Access Manager are doing the heavylifting.

To have a glance of how we secure web service, download Java EE 5 SDK Update 3 Preview 1 With Tools Bundle; and more information here (This sample is using a calendar service as illustration, In JavaOne, LAB-5410 uses stock quote service.) I recommend that you attend LAB-5410 in JavaOne 2007 so that you can have a better understanding of how things work; and Aravindan will be there to answer your questions.

Thursday Jan 04, 2007

Monster in my room

Dec 24, 2006. My 4 years old damaged my keyboard.

He thought that it was fun to remove the keys. Amazingly, it happened within a few minutes.

I got a replacement from Dell store. Cost of damage

  • 8 dollars for the keyboard panel; and
  • 16 dollars for 2 days shipping

Thursday Dec 21, 2006

Five Things about Me

Got tagged by Pat!

Here are mine

  1. Dennis is not my real name. "Vei Ming" is. Dennis ("sinned", if you read dennis backward) was given to me by a teacher. In high school, I never behaved myself in class and was a C student. So ... (so what! :-))
  2. I am allergic to seafood. I will have skin rash and itch if I eat seafood. None of my family members have this allergy. Hmmm... where do I get it from?
  3. I was a vehicle mechanic in the Singapore Armed Forces. I can only repair diesel trucks. I can help you to fix yours if you happen to have one :-)
  4. I lived in a Taoist template from birth till 8 years old. I witnessed many things that I cannot explain until today.
  5. I am a Singaporean, my wife is a Malaysian and my son is an American. We carry passports from different countries ;-)
Indira, Aravindan, Rajeev, Micheal and David. You're it!

Wednesday Nov 15, 2006

Dell owes me money :-)

User paid to uninstall Windows XP

I am not using WindowsXP on my Dell. I am running Fedora. Now, where is my refund :-)

Monday Nov 13, 2006

Avoid Imitation!

SINGAPORE, Nov 9 (Reuters) - Crocs Inc. , maker of the hugely popular crayon-coloured rubber clogs, called for better escalator safety after a Singapore child lost a toe when its imitation clog got stuck in an escalator.

On Saturday, two-year-old Chong Shiyr's right big toe was ripped off in a Singapore mall after her rubber clog -- an imitation of a Croc shoe -- got stuck between the escalator gap and the side wall.

Her toe was found nearly three hours later but could not be reattached as it was too badly damaged.

"Crocs shoes are completely safe. The popularity of our shoes has helped draw attention to a long-existing issue that we think is very important -- escalator safety," Crocs public relations manager Tia Mattson said in a statement emailed from the U.S. early on Thursday.

"Escalators and moving sidewalks, particularly those that have not received proper care and maintenance, can be dangerous and pose risks to their riders," Crocs added.

The incident is the latest -- and possibly the most serious -- accident involving rubber clogs and escalators. On Oct. 5, ABC News reported that there have been several similar incidents in the United States.

Friday Nov 10, 2006

4 secs and you are out

Websites face four-second cut-off

With high speed internet access and better equipments, I think that user's expectation is going to increase over time. I remember those days when I was on dial-up line with 56K modem and high data dropping rate. Then I was \*very patient\*. :-)

With Web 2.0, the web access time is significantly reduced. This is really nice. I do not know if our younger generation is able to appreciate this as they have not gone through the "Static Content, Slow internet speed, Slow PC, ..." You name it. Almost everything was slow then.

And, we are pampered with wealth of content on the Web. With Google (organizing the Web), you can search for answers to your question in less then one second. :-) I use Google Group almost everyday. (it was dejanews, then it became "deja" and then "Google Group")

Now, doctors are googling ... [Google 'aids doctors' diagnoses'].

Tuesday Nov 07, 2006

Yahoo, Microsoft and Google Maps


I guess it is Google vs Microsoft Maps now. The former provides satellite view and the latter provides 3D view. Aha. You have 3D view if you have IE 6/7 plus allowing Microsoft to install a piece of software. I do not have the chance to see the 3D view yet because I do not have Windows running. I would have to go find a Windows machine to see it :-)

Wednesday Nov 01, 2006

IMO, This is unacceptable

I am wondering what the Department of Transportation was thinking when they put this system up. It is so dangerous.

Monday Oct 30, 2006

J2EE Agents is formally open sourced.

This announcement is made to
The J2EE agent Architecture document and the source code for the Sun 
Java System Application Server 8.2 are now available.

    \* A PDF of the J2EE Architecture document is posted here.
    \* The source code for the J2EE agent for Sun Java System Application Server 
      8.2 is available from the OpenSSO CVS tree. A README located in this 
      directory specifies the location of build and installation instructions.

The nightly build is available here.

Give it a try!

More J2EE agents source code will follow in next few months. Stay Tuned!


Wednesday Oct 25, 2006

Monster Truck

Driver: 28 lbs, 4 years old
Car: battery power - 6 volts

Tuesday Oct 24, 2006

Firefox and Lightning

Just upgraded to Firefox 2.0. And installed Lightning .3 extension on Thunderbird to read my Google calendar. Pretty cool! Thanks to mozilla open source projects and google :-)

And, I got my firefox's anti-phishing warning :-)

Way to go!
Latest from BBC News

Thursday Aug 31, 2006

Firefox - Forecastfox

I just installed Forecastfox extension for my firefox browser. This extension is very nice done. It shows me today's weather plus the next two days forecast.

I guess I have to go learn how to build firefox extension. Maybe I can build an extension to help people to automatically download all the external libraries that are required for OpenSSO project. :-)




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