Meet FishCAT member Sebastien Dionne

Sebastien Dionne 's email id is Survivant, if you read quality alias, you definitely know him, he is one of the most active FishCAT members in quality alias.  He tested many, almost all the GlassFish v3 Prelude promote builds, filed many good bugs/RFEs which won him 100 CAT Points,  #2 in the FishCAT v1 program.  Congratulations Sebastien and thank you so much for helping us testing GlassFish v3 Prelude !

Following are valuable input from Sebastien.  He said "That means a lot for me, my expertise is recognized from the community." Yes, your expertise means a lot to us.  "One thing will stay after FishCAT.  The knowledge that I acquired for GF are the investment for my work.",  Yes, learning from each other, sharing the knowledge is so wonderful, not just to work, to life also !

GlassFish Quality Community (GFQC): What functions you like GlassFish v3 Prelude, and what you like to see improvement

Sebastien: I like Installer and Admin gui. 

For Installer: The features that I would like to see (I think some of them are already filled as enhancement) is the be able to configure within the installer the context handler like : comet, mod_jk...  that Will avoid us to edit domain.xml manually.  Be able to upgrade a previous installation.

For Admin gui : have a better feedback from the python installation for update tool.  I had so much time a error in the console, but nothing was return to the console like a error message.  Like the installer, be able to configure and install comet, mod_jk.  Fix the javacsript error in the console.  if there is a concurrency error, that can cause more problem later, and like Sun reuse the component into others projects, that could be problematic.

  What things you like about FishCAT, and what you like to see improvement

Sebastien: The best part of fishcat is the feedback.  I never got a bad response from a developer because I found a bug.  They are happy about receiving enhancements and they are willing to do it quickly.  It's a two ways exchange, our arguments are accepted.  Most important point is when we found a bug, we are almost certain that it will be fixed soon.  Most of the time when you filled a bug on a forum, you are never sure that it will be fixed.  Something the bug is blocking you.

GFQC:  Will you continue with FishCAT program and would you recommend FishCAT to your friends and ask them to join us :-)

SebastienI'll continue for sure the next time.  I don't have friends that have time to play with a appserver, but I could say that if my co-worker use GF, they will participate

GFQC:  Any other suggestion you like to let us know, your input is very valuable to improve GlassFish quality, thanks !

Sebastien: have a weekly checklist of all the issues (bugs and enhancements).  Like a page of all the issues filled for v3 (and the bugs that were there before that) and when a issue is fix, put a green checkbox for it.  like that we will know all the things that are fixed and if we need to test the bugs that we filled. Also and have others pages in the report.  The weekly page, all the issues fixed in the previous week. If a issue is delayed to a next release, tell us why.  Like that the guy that filled the issue won't considerate that his issues are not importantes.

GFQC: Please tell us your most fun memory about FishCAT

SebastienThe best part was when I received questions and request for help for something that wasn't part of FishCAT, not a bug that I filled.. something outside that.  That means a lot for me,  my  expertise is recognized from the community.

One other thing that I like, and when I asked for samples, that I wasn't able to find, to allow my to test.  Like when I asked for a complete sample for OpenESB.  The guy were willing to help me (even if I didn't receive the sample, I think the guy doesn't have one yet)

One thing will stay after FishCAT.  The knowledge that I acquired for GF are the investment for my work. 


Bio: Sebastien Dionne graduated from university in Software Engineering. He started his career making rich client applications for telecommunications companies using Swing. Now he is focussing on J2EE applications in banking companies. His job is mainly to provide real-time applications web based and gateways for the stock market.

Just a side note, I wonder if Sebastien accidentally decreased the counter in his stock market program :-)


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