Thursday Dec 10, 2009

Meet GlassFish v3 FishCAT team



 With GlassFish v3 just released, let's have a

CAT party to meet our GlassFish v3 FishCAT team,together

they have filed 101 bugs, contribute to GlassFish quality greatly. I found

one common theme about them is they are passionate about GlassFish and it's

quality, and they are dedicated to GlassFish open source community,

 last and most they are nice,helpful and fun to work with :-)


Thank you so much for your contribution to GlassFish v3 quality!





ALT DESCR Adam Bien (Germany)


Blog on v3: is_glassfish_v3_ready 



ALT DESCR Cay Horstmann (US)


 Blog on v3: running-php-apps-glassfish

  ALT DESCR Dick Davies (United Kingdom)





  ALT DESCR Felipe Gaucho (Switzerland)


 Felipe will talk about Jersey & Glassfish in the Jfokus conference, in Sweden   
 January 27th


  ALT DESCR Jose Noheda (Spain)


Blog on v3 FishCAT: fishcat-testing-for-v3.html




ALT DESCR Johan Vos (Belgium) Blog: Personal homepage: twitter: @johanvos



  ALT DESCR Kana Kotake (Japan)





  ALT DESCR Kristian Rink (Germany)


Blog on v3: java-ee-bulk-update-netbeans-6-8-glassfish-v3-java-ee-6


  ALT DESCR Matthias Fraass (Germany)





  ALT DESCR Richard John Dirk Kolb (South African)

Blog: TBD





  ALT DESCR Jack Shinsuke Takeuchi (Japan)





ALT DESCR Sebastien Dionne (Canada)



  ALT DESCR Tong Jun (China)

 Blog: TBD





   ALT DESCR Vladimir Perlov (US)

Blog: TBD 





  ALT DESCR Wu Jie (China) 







  Wouter van Reeven (Netherlands)


Blog on v3: migrating-your-web-applications-from-jee5-to-jee6







To be continued, waiting for more FishCATS to join the v3 FishCAT party, ... Johan Vos, Manfred Riem, Wang Hesheng, Wolfram Rittmeyer ...





Wednesday Dec 09, 2009

GlassFish v3 FishCAT Survey Results

Thank you so much for those FishCAT members who took time to participate the GlassFish v3 FishCAT Survey.  We appreciate your valuable input and will continue improve FishCAT program in the future.  Following shows the survey big picture, see the first graph shows the GlassFish v3 quality rating is very high, see the last graph shows every one wants to come back to participate the FishCAT program again, which makes me very happy :-)

To see detailed survey results please CLICK. there are so many good input, don't miss out!

Monday Nov 16, 2009

A special thank you card to v3 FishCATs !

Hi FishCAT members,

Would you like to see how many CAT points you have, please click. The points are calculated
based on the "FishCAT Rewards" section click

A total of 101 issues are filed click. Here is a special thank you card for the FishCATs from the
world.  Thank you to your great contribution to GlassFish quality, Congratulations :-)


Monday Sep 21, 2009

Meet FishCAT member Wu Jie

With this blog I would like to introduce FishCAT member Wu Jie.   The first part is the FishCAT survey with Wu Jie, the second part is Wu Jie's bio.  Wu Jie knows great deal about GlassFish,  let's hear from him !

GlassFish Quality Community (GFQC): What functions you like about the GlassFish projects you tested?

Wu Jie: GUI/CMD, EJB/JPA, GMS(shoal/jxta) , OSGi(felix) and so on.

GFQC: What areas you see the project can improve?

Wu Jie: In the abstract I think we may take the following views into improving GF.
 1.Friendliness and Accessiblity, we should enhance the friendliness and accessiblity of UI(GUI/CMD).
 2.Consistency, we should keep the consistency between GUI and CMD.
 4.Compatibility and Portability. Aimming at the other Application Server, eg. JBoss, SpringSource & Tomcat etc. we should       enhance the compatibility and portability of GlassFish.

Something in the specific, I look forward the OSGi(felix) in GF V3 or future will get enhanced as to Spring DM Server(allow the user application as the OSGi bundle). Glassfish V3 uses OSGi internally for module-based ApplicationServer to meet user's on-demand requirements now, maybe we should reference to Spring DM Server, improve/coordinate felix(OSGi) and HK2 to take full advantage of the capabilities of OSGi.

The pluggable architecture together with updatetool provides a reliable cross-platform plugin installation and removal. Also the possibility to quickly install plugins from admin GUI or CLI is convenient. One really has a whole bunch of options to choose from for remote management. Improvement ?  Euh.. Well for me it does pretty much everything I need in a web project. If I have to, maybe the installer can be improved to show more of what it is doing, and more information in case of an error?

GFQC: What things you like about FishCAT?

Wu Jie: I like the open way to maintance the qulaity of GF, certainly it  is efficient. and the I also like the people in Community.

GFQC:  What suggestions you have to improve FishCAT program?

Wu Jie: We may should go on promoting "Let GF go into Campus", and invite more and more students come from different specialized fields and different universitis/colleges. By this way we may get some fancy and neoteric test views, certainly the students may spend more time on FishCAT. This is very helpful for GF.

GFQC: Will you continue with FishCAT program?

Wu Jie: Of course, why not? I think it is the best way to improve GF. and I am being encouraged/touched by the work/life passion of the people in the community everyday.

GFQC: Would you be able to bring your friends to join FishCAT?

Wu Jie: I'd like to ask my friends and friends of friends to join in. It's a good/fast way to fix a problem  and we may also learn
 a lot from FishCAT/GlassFish Community.


Bio: Wu Jie has been engaging in middleware as developer and tester since gratuated from Nanjing University of Technology.  He I has bean involved with glassfish since the beginning of 2007, being involved in GUI/CMD, CMP/JPA, AMX/JMX etc. have submitted some issues and related solutions.

He is interested in the tech related to Middleware, e.g ESB(SCA/JBI), BPM(BPMN/BPEL), OSGi etc. He is also self-absorption on XTP, especially In-Memory Data Grid, Oracle Coherrence, Apache Terracotta, GigaSpaces, certainly there is Memcached which is popular with Glassfish.

I learned a lot from GlassFish Community, feeling that GlassFish Community is just like a nuclear reactor, Perhaps everyone is tiny, but once blend into this group, everyone would have qualitative upgrade. I also don't consciously to "pull" my colleagues into the Community. Perhaps this is just the charm of OSS.

Monday Sep 14, 2009

Please join v3 FishCAT, a community Beta testing program

Hi All,

Would like to invite you to join FishCAT program by filling out this online application form (click), it only
takes 2 minutes to join, but you will find the industry testing experience rewarding.

Welcome to the FishCAT  - a GlassFish Community Acceptance Testing program. The main goal of this
program is to provide opportunity to community to significantly influence the quality of the GlassFish as well
as to get early feedback on stability and usability in GlassFish Beta testing cycle.  We had a very successful
FishCAT program for GlassFish v3 Prelude, click you will see who joined and how many bugs filed. We
appreciate all your help.  We had fun and let's do it again !

We will start our second FishCAT program for GlassFish v3 in about one week.  We would like to invite
you to join FishCAT program by filling out this online application form (click).  If you have an experience
with GlassFish and want to contribute some time and effort to test GlassFish v3, review docs or do i18n/l10n
testing, please join us, applications are being accepted until 9/23 next Wednesday.

We will use mailing list for FishCAT program communication.Your voice is
important to us. Ready to contribute ? We look forward to hearing from you !

Best regards,
FishCAT coordinator for GFQC

Monday Jun 08, 2009

Meet FishCAT members @ JavaOne

On 6/4 GlassFish BOF, Wouter in picture 1 first right, Adam in picture 2 got recognition for their community contribution to GlassFish.

Congratulations to FishCAT members Adam and Wouter and thank you !

I used my new Nikon D90 camera, only know how to take automatic shots at night, by next JavaOne I will use manual setting to set Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO, Focal Length all these things to take better quality pictures, you know quality is number one thing for every thing  :-)

Thursday May 28, 2009

GlassFish Quality Community Postcard @ JavaOne

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Monday May 25, 2009

Meet FishCAT Member Wouter van Reeven

With this blog I would like to introduce FishCAT member Wouter van Reeven.   The first part is the FishCAT survey with Wouter, the second part is Wouter's bio. Wouter is one of our top FishCAT contributors,  he sent more than 120 email posts to quality mailing alias to share his expertise with the community, he filed more than 7 bugs which helped to improve GlassFish quality.  When I asked Wouter will him continue with FishCAT program, he said: "Yes I will definitely continue with the FishCAT program. And if possible reintroduce the weekly or bi-weekly meetings via Skype", as you can see his passion for FishCAT.  In 2009 CommunityOne in SF, Wouter and I will give a joined presentation about FishCAT, click to join this BOF. It will be a fun memory. Thanks Wouter so much for all your great contribution to GlassFish quality !

GlassFish Quality Community (GFQC): What functions you like GlassFish v3 Prelude, and what you like to see improvement

Wouter: Well, the fact that it is the only application server so far supporting JEE6. There are still some minor issues with the admin console which I'd like to see resolved.

GFQC: What things you like about FishCAT, and what you like to see improvement

Wouter: I think the GlassFish Quality members really have done a great effort in listening to the community. Totally excellent! One thing that may be improved is deciding which issue gets which priority. Then again, that is really, really hard to do so I won't complain too hard about this ;-)

GFQC: Will you continue with FishCAT program and would you recommend FishCAT to your friends and ask them to join us

Wouter: Yes I will definitely continue with the FishCAT program. As for asking friends to come and join us, I think that very much depends on whether or not they use GlassFish and are willing to spend time testing new features and reporting issues if necessary. Then again, I would recommend any GlassFish user to join us, be it friends or not!

GFQC: Any other suggestion you like to let us know, your input is very valuable to improve GlassFish quality, thanks !

Wouter: Don't stop FishCAT! And if possible reintroduce the weekly or bi-weekly meetings via Skype.

GFQC: Optional, do you have any fun memory about FishCAT like to share

Wouter: Apart from haveing spent a great many month on the FishCAT mailinglist, I hope the presentation I'll be doing about FishCAT will be a fun memory


Bio: After completing his masters in Astronomy, Wouter started as a Linux Professional Support Engineer for Sun Microsystems. Wanting to do more Java Application Development, Wouter switched to Amis Services in 2005. Four years later, Wouter is a Senior Java and JEE Developer. Wouter also is Expertise Manager for Amis. In this role, Wouter is responsible for the long term Java and Web development strategy of Amis.  Wouter frequently writes about GlassFish and other open source technologies at the Amis Technology Blog, and JavaLobby, In the past, Wouter has presented about GlassFish and OpenOffice at the Dutch J-Spring and J-Fall conferences, as well as at the Devoxx conference in Antwerp, Belgium (formerly known as JavaPolis).

Sunday May 24, 2009

Congratulations to GlassFish Quality Community reached the 100 quality contributor goal !

The Software Quality Engineering (SQE) under the leadership and guidance of Quality Director Satya Dodda, set out to establish an open source testing community around the GlassFish product line. The SQE members identified active members of the GlassFish community, canvassed business and personal contacts and reached 55 universities including their alumni schools. Armed with a passion for quality, the team set out to and established the GlassFish Quality Community (GFQC), an open source test and quality community, which currently holds members from fifteen (15) countries around the world.  Would like to thank GFQC for the following big achievement to enhance GolassFish quality !

SQE has reached the FY2009 100 GFQC contributors goal with active members who are participating in one of the following quality improvement efforts:

  • FishCAT Program 32 active members, 28 from v3 prelude, 4 from Eclipse plugin v1.0
    • GFv3 Prelude opportunity to "field" test the product and provide feedback.
    • Eclipse Bundle effort to reach the Eclipse community and get feedback on the new GlassFish plugin.
  • Test Contribution Program  (3 contributors)
    • An opportunity to develop test cases, address community reported defects and improve the quality of the GlassFish project.
  • Student: Test Class Program (29 students).
    • An opportunity to learn how to test the GlassFish product as part of the university curriculum classes.
  • Student: Technology Program (38 students)

As a result of the hard work a total of 393 defects were reported through Issue Tracker.

FishCAT members : 145 bugs filed

  • 125 bugs filed from FishCAT for v3 Prelude query
  • 20 bugs filed from FishCAT for Eclipse Bundle 1.0 query

Students : 248 bugs filed

  • 126 bugs filed from SJSU students as part of testing courses (2008 Summer Class) query
  • 122 bugs filed from SJSU students as part of testing courses (2009 Spring Class) query

We thank each and everyone of the contributors for their participation which can be measured as follows:

  • The number of defects reported through Issue Tracker
  • Their involvement in a GlassFish technology project. Special recognition was given to those who contributed code.
  • GlassFish product documentation reviews and comments
  • GlassFish testing with other frameworks (Hibernate), technologies (Rich Faces) or databases (SAP MaxDB)
  • Test cases developed based on TestNG framework and submitted to the GlassFish quality team.

A big thank you to every one involved who helped us succeed and achieve the 100 quality contributor goal !!!

Tuesday May 05, 2009

FishCAT meetup @ CommunityOne

Dear GlassFish Friends and Community members,

We GlassFish Quality Community (GFQC) cordially invite you to attend a session titled "FishCAT, or How the Community Helps Improve Software Quality" at CommunityOne in Moscone Center, San Francisco. FishCAT member Wouter and I will present at this session.

Join us along with other GlassFish friends and community members in this wonderful opportunity to:

  \* Learn about open source testing for GlassFish
  \* Explore ways in which the community drives software quality improvements
  \* Network with like-minded fellow professionals
  \* Discover ways you can easily contribute to the GlassFish testing

Please join us by:

(1) Register to CommunityOne:

(2) Submit the form below. The first 100 submitters will get a surprise gift:

When: June 1st, 2009, 11:00 AM
Where: Moscone Center in San Francisco, California
   747 Howard St
   San Francisco, CA 94103

Thank You, and look forward to seeing you,

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Sunday May 03, 2009

FishCAT for v3 Prelude survey results

We have great results from this FishCAT for v3 Prelude Survey.  Thank you so much for 
the following people who participated the Survey. Here are some highlights
and please click on the names to see the complete survey and get to meet 
them too :-)

ALT DESCRAdam  "I really appreciated the instant, amazingly short feedback cycle and the 
short line to the engineers. It was a pleasure for me to participate"

ALT DESCRKana "FishCAT is a really nice activity. We're planning to organize testing 
team in Japan GlassFish User's community. It will be wounderful if some
local-branches of quality community are organized in some part of the 
world to share knowledges"

ALT DESCRKristian "It's a pleasant experience and I like the mellow, relaxed style of 
communication on-list. The idea of having a community pretty much doing
"acceptance tests" and having a quick way of reporting any issues 
related to this seems beneficial to the project as a whole."

ALT DESCRJack "Any body can join FishCAT program from all of the world. Update Center is 
very nice function. In doing so, developers are able to add
only the modules they need"

ALT DESCRSebastien  "The best part of FishCAT is the feedback.  I never got a bad response from a 
developer because I found a bug.  They are happy about receiving
enhancements and they are willing to do it quickly."

ALT DESCRWim  "What I like most is to see that there is such a great community out there! A 
post on the mailing list hardly ever comes without numerous replies.
If a problem turns out to be a bug, the response of the development team 
is incredibly fast. I was amazed to see some bugs posted to be fixed in the
very next promoted build!" 

ALT DESCRWouter "I think the GlassFish Quality members really have done a great effort in listening to the community. Totally excellent! One thing that may be improved is deciding which issue gets which priority. Then again, that is really, really hard to do so I won't complain too hard about this ;-)"

Thursday Apr 02, 2009

Meet FishCAT Member Hantsy Bai

In this blog I would like to introduce FishCAT member Hantsy Bai a strong Open Source supporter from China.

Judy: Hi Hantsy, I got to know you through China GlassFish user group. Thanks for join the group and help us build GlassFish community in China. Today, I would like to get to know you more, could you please tell us about your interest in open source and what is your passion in ?

Hantsy: Firstly, thank you for giving me an opportunity to introduce me to the Glassfish community. When I was a college student, I bought a series cd disks of Redhat 5.5 by chance from others. This is my first time to meet with open source technology. After graduation ,  my first job is a PHP developer.  There I used Linux (Mandrake 8.1)  everyday.   From then on ,  open source is part of my life. Until now, my interests still focus on Linux, PHP and Java. Currently , I spends most of my spare time on researching web techniques and the newest Java EE standard.

Judy: How do you get to know GlassFish and NetBeans ? Any publication/blogs you like to share ?

Hantsy: I do not remember my first time to know Glassfish and NetBeans. I only remember the first version of NetBeans I've used is 3.5.  In my memory, Netbeans 4.0 is  a revolution. I have written some posts about NetBeans usage on my blog before, you can found them on There is a screencast I made about Struts development with NetBeans. I 've just released the first version of the free Stripes book and all of the source code are Netbeans projects. I think I will take more time to experience Glassfish.

Judy: How do you foresee GlassFish adoption in China compare to other application server market in China. What are good ways to sell GlassFish service in China ?

Hantsy: Currently, many developers and companies know little bout Glassfish. I think some work must do. The first, I have pointed out before, Glassfish need a new web community website, which must be a powerful competitor to The second, as a Chinese , I preferred reading Chinese document. Glassfish have good documents at , but only Installation guide have a Chinese version. The third, communication is very important,  through User group, Conference , Training and other face-to-face approach, the user can share their stories to each other. If Glassfish is widely accept by companies and developers , I think GlassFish service sale is not difficult.

Judy: I am a GlassFish SQE manager and I have a lot passion to build GlassFish Quality Community in China, to involve community to help us testing GlassFish. Thank you so much for joining FishCAT for Eclipse Bundle program.  Any suggestion on where and how to grow community in China ?

Hantsy: As said before , more communication is necessary. On the other hand, provide some opportunity to introduce Glassfish to developers and companies on some events. Many developers are very dependent on some specific application server, such as JBoss . We must provide more chance to them to try Glassfish. I think once some of them have used Glassfish, and will love it forever.

Judy: Any thing you like to talk about your life, your job :-)

Hantsy: I have resigned for a long time. I feels tired out. Sometimes I am confused of my future. I love coding but dislike the job provided by some companies. I am always think as a developer , his job should be creative,  with enough freedom and valued by others. But in China, I am very disappointed few companies pay attention to the effort  and health of  their programmers. I think may be I work as a SOHO in future , for freelance project development or writing.

Judy: Thank you so much for joining FishCAT for Eclipse Bundle program.  I look forward to counting your bugs, ha, and the most wish you all the success in the Open world !


Bio: Hantsy Bai graduated from Jiangsu University of Science and Technology on 2001. He majored in Food Science and Technology at university. He worked as a developer after graduation. Bai has 8 year's Java EE development experience. Now he still focus on open source world. His interest includes Linux, PHP, Java EE, Spring, Groovy, etc. He lives in Guangzhou, China.

Wednesday Mar 11, 2009

Announcing FishCAT for Eclipse Bundle, a community acceptance testing program, please sign up and join us

Hi All,

Welcome to the GlassFish Community Acceptance Testing Program for the GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse (FishCAT
Program for Eclipse Bundle). The main goal of this program is to involve community to do Beta testing to enhance the quality of  this integrated bundle.  This bundle will help grow GlassFish community significantly and enable developers who are used to working with Eclipse to employ GlassFish as their development and deployment application server.

We will start this program soon and it lasts about 4 weeks. Now we need your help. If you have experience with Eclipse/GlassFish and want to contribute some time and effort, please fill out the application form below and send it to

Your feedback is important to us. Ready to contribute ? We look forward to hearing from you ! 

[1] GlassFish Community Acceptance Testing - FishCAT
[2] GlassFish Quality Community - GFQC

----- Application Form for FishCAT for Eclipse Program -----

This is an application form for volunteers from the community who are willing to participate in GlassFish Community Acceptance Testing for Eclipse Bundle program (FishCAT for Eclipse Bundle) and help to test GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse. Please fill out this application form and send it to  Thank you !

Please type all information.

Personal Data

First Name:
Last Name:
E-mail address: ID:

User Profile(Please check one)

Experience with Eclipse:
() Newcomer
() more than 3 months
() more than 1 year
() more than 4 years

Experience with GlassFish:

() Newcomer
() more than 3 months
() more than 1 year
() more than 4 years

Testing time plan to spend:
() less than 2 hours/week
() less than 4 hours/week
() less than 6 hours/week
() less than 8 hours/week
() more than 8 hours/week

Additional Comments if Any:

() I agree to publish my name on GlassFish community web site.

Saturday Feb 07, 2009

Feb 17th Chinese Webinar - GlassFish Portfolio

Judy and Jiandong will present Sun GlassFish Portfolio  the Tuesday  (2/17), at 7:30pm PT which is the Wednesday (2/18), at 11:30am Beijing time to Chinese community.

There was a Webinar hosted by Eduardo at GlassFish Portfolio launch day today, full details at TheAquarium Online. We will be presenting this info in Chinese.

Slides, other material and, later, recordings, will be posted to a Wiki Page, when the page is ready I will post the link in this blog.   This Chinese Webinar will be Online -, this is our first Chinese Webinar and we are looking forward to you joining us !

The GlassFish Portfolio includes many products, leveraging the recently released GlassFish v2.1 Server. Please read Introducing the Sun GlassFish Portfolio and GlassFish Portfolio launch coverage for more product information. Also here is the Release Note which puts every thing in one place.




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