Thursday Jan 14, 2010

Presenting Sourcejuicer at the Beijing OpenSolaris User's Group!

I've been invited to present a talk on OpenSolaris SourceJuicer at the Beijing OpenSolaris User's Group on Thursday January 21, 2010.  Look for the full details on their mailing list.  I'm looking forward to discussing sourcejuicer with more developers and porters!

Wednesday Jun 03, 2009

Source Juicer screencast

Jim Walker pointed me to Markus Weber's screencast demonstration of OpenSolaris SourceJuicer.  If you have a recent version of Adobe Flashplayer installed, you can view it here:

Source Juicer web trends are up!

I used Alex Shindich's Apache Log Analyzer for a quick look at Source Juicer's logs to see whether Dermot and Christian's demonstrations at community one are having an impact.  I think I see the beginnings of a nice trend:

Graph SourceJuicer hits from March-Jun2 2009

Wednesday May 27, 2009

Source Juicer 1.2.0 is now live!

A new release of OpenSolaris Source Juicer is now live on

Release 1.2.0, contains a large number of bug fixes and enhancements, including UI improvements and back-end Build Grid fixes.  Here are some of the bug fixes:

ID Summary
8795 submission time file name validation
9001 IPS packages not published for successful builds
7530 Delay in the data being displayed in review thread
7244 Add new comment/vote/re-submit box to bottom of review thread
8797 Build Status reporting FAILED for successful build
6240 Submitted spec files do not appear on 'Build' page
7246 Parse spec at submit time for validation info and syntax check
7957 Describe BuildGrid environment
8771 UI - Help page - Add more spec,sj & FMRI
8002 Check box for Sun employees OSR requirement on submission page
7933 Pagination: sorting between pages does not work
9092 Add p5i link to build status page instead of FMRI
9091 Need to improve and source juicer logos in header
7922 Add pagintation to review and build pages
8886 link points to wrong url
8692 UI - Make diagram on homepage active & point to workflow description
8691 UI - Homepage should not need scrolling
8736 UI - Review tab - Remove total votes field
8856 Rendering incorrect in Safari and Internet Explorer
8968 MyBuilds empty because submitter not associated with build
8462 Implement sorting on build status page
9083 Broken hyperlink to spec file help page
6511 Error page when user who is not logged in selects 'upload a package'
8930 Redirected to Review instead of Home after logout
6910 comment-formatting should be retained

You may also notice some improvements in build grid and UI enhancements such as:

  • Review and build status pages are paginated
  • Identifier, Submitter, Build Start, and Build Finish fields are populated on build status page.
  • Columns in Review and Build status pages are sortable
  • Some fields were added and some removed to make build status and review pages more efficient.
  • One click installs!  (An FMRI link was was added to the Install field in the Build Status page.  If your build worked, click on it's install field and opensolaris will launch package manager and ask if you want to install this package.)
  • The submit page now makes it obvious that spec file and copyright are the two necessary file uploads. 
  • The submit page also does some checking on the identifier and file names, enforces naming convention and doesn't let you contribute packages entitled SUNW{foo}.
  • Some UI enhancements were also added to the main page, Submit and Myjucr page.
  • More help content was added.

Please let us know if you have any requests for additional enhancements or log bugs if you find them.  We hope you enjoy working with the new OpenSolaris Source Juicer!

Tuesday Mar 24, 2009

SourceJuicer 1.0 is available!


The SourceJuicer team has announced that SourceJuicer 1.0 is now available! SourceJuicer is a web service which facilitates the building and review of OpenSolaris packages. Its goal is to pave the path between building an OpenSolaris package, (which may only work on your laptop) and publishing high quality packages into the OpenSolaris /contrib repository. Here are some SourceJuicer features:

  • It preinstalls the CBE environment in a build zone
  • It provides a community package review system.
  • It provides examples and automatic validation to help walk the contributor through the required spec file fields.
  • Once a package passes validation criteria and builds, it appears in sourcejuicer's internal /pending package repository and can be immediately installed on a clean QA machine for testing:

    pfexec pkg set-authority -O jucr-pending
    pfexec pkg refresh
    pfexec pkg install {foo}

  • If the package is clean and passes community review, it can continue on to the /contrib repository.

We're looking forward to hearing feedback as OpenSolaris contributors make use of SourceJuicer.  You can find out more about the progress of sourcejuicer here on the SourceJuicer Blog.


Christian Kelly


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