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You Are What You Eat?

James Connors
Principal Solutions Consultant

So you may ask, what effect does the food we eat have on our blood pressure?  My experience, documented below, won't likely hold up to whole lot of scientific scrutiny, but it's good enough lesson for me.

A combination of poor eating habits and genetics lands me in that ever-increasing group of individuals who have high blood pressure.  At first I was what you might consider borderline hypertensive.  Being thin and active, in conjunction with my doctor, we only monitored my levels to make sure they didn't get worse.  Unfortunately they did.

In an attempt at avoiding medication, I started seriously watching my sodium intake.  The resulting change in blood pressure was noticeable in pretty short order.   See the table below for daily readings for the last two weeks.  In general, I try to take my reading at or around 8:00AM if possible.

Having spent my whole life eating pretty much what I please, it's not easy to make this lifestyle change.   But with the help of loved ones, things have been going quite well.  But then came Mother's day (5/10).   A combination of brunch with my parents and dinner with my in-laws put the kabash on any diet plans.  I knew this would happen, and was frankly looking forward to the feast.  It only took one day for my pressure to skyrocket.  Amazing.  But man did I enjoy eating the waffles, bacon, crumbcake, bagels, Mimosas (Orange Juice and Champagne) cookies, macaroni, meatballs, turkey, chocoloate cake, Coke, Espresso, wine, Sambuca and Cognac to name a few.

 Date  Time  Blood Pressure
 4/29 8:01 AM
 4/30 8:19 AM
 5/1 8:18 AM
 5/2 7:48 AM
 5/3 9:22 AM
 5/4 7:53 AM
 5/5 8:20 AM
 5/6 7:16 AM
 5/7 6:19 AM
 5/8 6:56 AM
 5/9 7:48 AM
 5/10 9:14 AM
 5/11 7:56 AM

Back to the bland diet, that is, until the next feast.

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Comments ( 1 )
  • Troy Campbell Monday, October 5, 2009

    I would suggest looking at "raw"

    food. Easiest way I know of is

    to do a "smoothy" shake once or

    twice a day with 60% fruit and say

    40% veggy's..also google "David

    Wolfe" to get more info...regards.

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