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Creating Custom JDK9 Runtime Images

For a brief overview of how to take advantage of a new feature in JDK9, namely the ability to create custom runtime images, please view the YouTube video that follows.  As an addendum to this video, a recently published blog explains how the creation of runtime images can be automated inside a NetBeans project.  Please Check out Automating the Creation of JDK9 Reduced Runtime Images for further edification. <p> </p&a...

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Automating The Creation of JDK9 Reduced Runtime Images in NetBeans

With the upcoming release of JDK9, the Java SE platform will cease to exist in monolith fashion and will instead be built from the ground up as a series of modules.  This sea change will allow developers to modularize their own applications and furthermore enable them to create runtime images with only those modules that are required to run their application.  Much has been, and certainly will be, written about this massive evolution.  Today we'llfocus on the ability to...

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Java.net and Kenai.com Forges Closing, Moving to GitHub

Aside from all that eloquent prose (wink, wink), my entries have, through the years, referenced a fair amount of source code and provided downloads to some of those examples.  Having wanted to move these to a modern source code repository for a while now; an approaching event has forced the issue: namely that Oracle has announced the closing of the Java.net and Kenai.com forges on April 28, 2017.  In accordance, I've revisited a few blog entries and rehosted referenced source...

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Adding a Timestamp to a Signed Java RIA

As the title suggests, the focus for this article revolves around adding timestamps to signed Java Rich Internet Applications.  The related subtopics are worth mentioning up front in case the reader is interested in jumping right to one of those areas:   Example Signed (and Timestamped) RIAs What is Timestamping and Why Should I Care? How Can Code Be Signed and Timestamped? How Can you Verify That a Jar File Has Been Signed and Timestamped? How Can you Integrate Signing...

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 | Sun | Read More

The $5 Raspberry Pi

Less than a year after the introduction of the Raspberry Pi 2, the Raspberry Pi foundation has once again outdone itself with yet another landmark product launch: the Raspberry Pi Zero.                       Image taken from https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/raspberry-pi-zero/ The Raspberry Pi Zero is truly revolutionary.  At 40% the size of the original Pi, it consumes less than half of the power, and can be configured to draw as little as 80mA. It has a faster processor than...

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Installing Trusted Certificates into a Java Keystore

As software environments continue to ratchet up security measures, the odds of having to deal with digital certificates in more than a superficial manner only increases over time.  Furthermore, platforms are not only mandating the use of certificates, they are to a greater extent shunning the self-signed variety and instead insisting upon certs that originate from a trusted authority.  When managing certificates in the Java world, the utility you're most likely to encounter...

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