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An Embedded Java 8 Lambda Expression Microbenchmark

It's been a long road, but Java 8 has finally arrived.  Much has been written and said about all the new features contained in this release, perhaps the most important of these is the introduction of Lambda Expressions.  Lambdas are now intimately integrated into the Java platform and they have the potential to aid developers in the traditionally tricky realm of parallel programming. Following closely behind, Compact Profiles promise to open up the tremendous benefits of...

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Raspberry Pi and Java SE: A Platform for the Masses

One of the more exciting developments in the embedded systems world has been the announcement and availability of the Raspberry Pi, a very capable computer that is no bigger than a credit card.  At $35 US, initial demand for the device was so significant, that very long back orders quickly ensued. After months of patiently waiting, mine finally arrived.  Those initial growing pains appear to have been fixed, so availability now should be much more reasonable. At a very...

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Java One 2012 Java SE Embedded Hands On Lab Returns!

After successful runs at Java One 2011 San Francisco and Tokyo, The Java SE Embedded Hands On Lab returns for Java One 2012.  If you're attending the Java One event in San Francisco (Sept 30 - Oct 4), please consider signing up for this session.  As an added incentive, we will be raffling off a couple of the Plug Computer devices that you'll gain experience with during this lab.  Seating is limited to 100 students, so register early. Here's an overview: This hands-on lab aims...

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The Shackles are Off

Today marks an important milestone for JavaFX 2.0.  Prior to this date, only a select few partners had early access privilege to the technology, and for good reason.  During that early access period, the API was in a very fluid state, and from personal experience I can tell you that changes to the JavaFX 2.0 API were done almost on a build-by-build basis.  The announcement of a public beta not only makes the software available worldwide, but also signals that the JavaFX 2.0...

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Consumer Electronics: Your Utility Company's Best Friend

If you're reading this article, the chances are real good that your home is full of electronic gadgets.  Moreover many are permanently plugged into wall sockets.   Having recently purchased a P3 International P4460 Kill A Watt EZ power meter, I've been running around getting a feel for how much energy some of these common components use. For this first table, I wanted to see how much energy was being consumed by audio/visual components that were plugged into the wall, but not...

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You Are What You Eat?

So you may ask, what effect does the food we eat have on our blood pressure?  My experience, documented below, won't likely hold up to whole lot of scientific scrutiny, but it's good enough lesson for me. A combination of poor eating habits and genetics lands me in that ever-increasing group of individuals who have high blood pressure.  At first I was what you might consider borderline hypertensive.  Being thin and active, in conjunction with my doctor, we only monitored my...

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