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SODA ODPI-C and Python preview releases are out!

ODPI-C and Python drivers for Oracle Database now support SODA (Simple Oracle Document Access)

These are preview releases for now, so check them out early and let us know what you think!

See Chris Jones' posts for details:

* Python cx_Oracle 7 introduces SODA support

* ODPI-C 3.0 introduces SODA support

This means you can now easily work with JSON without writing low level SQL, and use the Oracle Database as a NoSQL document store from many languages and environments (Java, Python, PLSQL, REST, and C). 

The remaining piece of the puzzle is node.js... we have an announcement coming very soon on that!

Also, check out the SODA landing page which shows other existing SODA implementations (Java, PLSQL, REST, and OCI), which are production ready.

In particular, you might not be aware of the PLSQL SODA implementation which came out recently with Oracle Database 18c. With it, it's now possible to access SODA document collections from SQL or PLSQL, right out of the box, with no additional installation required.

It's been a big cross team effort to get SODA supported across all these new drivers, all with a goal of making the Oracle Database easier to use for application developers.

Feedback is always appreciated.


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