Thursday Mar 07, 2013

Console logging in Oracle VM Server for SPARC

It's often useful to retain logs of domain consoles for troubleshooting and auditing. A new console logging feature in Oracle VM Server for SPARC makes it easy to do this, securely and with minimal effort. Read more for details...[Read More]

Friday Mar 01, 2013

Announcing Whitepaper: "Implementing Root Domains with Oracle VM Server for SPARC"

A new whitepaper describes root domains with Oracle VM Server for SPARC, which can be used to provide bare metal performance and other benefits.[Read More]

Saturday Feb 09, 2013

Oracle VM Manager used with SPARC - demo

Oracle VM Server for SPARC with Oracle VM Manager - demonstrated in Youtube videos! Read the full article for links and other information.[Read More]

Monday Feb 04, 2013

Best Practices - Top Ten Tuning Tips

This blog post lists and briefly explains performance tips and best practices that should be used in most environments. [Read More]

Wednesday Jan 30, 2013

Oracle VM Manager support for SPARC

This blog entry discusses new virtualization management features for SPARC servers: the ability to manage Oracle VM Server for SPARC (logical domains) servers with Oracle VM Manager 3.2. Current product features, prerequisites, and capabilities will be described. Subsequent entries will show how to configure Oracle VM Server for SPARC to use the Manager, and give examples of using it to run virtual machines[Read More]

Friday Oct 05, 2012

Running Solaris 11 as a control domain on a T2000

There is increased adoption of Solaris 11, and some customers test it with older servers. This blog entry illustrates how to run Solaris 11 as a control domain on a T1-based server like a T2000.[Read More]

Monday Oct 01, 2012

Best Practices - which domain types should be used to run applications

Enhancements to SPARC T-series servers and Oracle VM Server for SPARC open up options for running applications in I/O domains with native performance. This blog reviews domain roles and describes when this can be a useful way to deploy applications in domains.[Read More]

Friday Aug 31, 2012

Best Practices - Dynamic Reconfiguration

Oracle VM Server for SPARC provides dynamic reconfiguration for CPU, RAM, and I/O devices, letting virtual machine resource be changed on the fly without disruption. Solaris cooperates with Oracle VM Server for SPARC to safely allocate and de-allocate dynamically changing resources - as illustrated in this note.[Read More]

Monday Jul 09, 2012

New blog article series "What's up with LDoms"

Highly recommended: a new series of blog articles by Stefan Hinker, titled "What's up with LDoms" (officialy Oracle VM Server for SPARC) at

The article provides an architectural overview of Oracle VM Server for SPARC and even discusses some new and advanced features. I recommend this to anyone wanting to get a good understanding of Logical Domains / Oracle VM Server for SPARC.

Thursday May 24, 2012

Cross-CPU Live Migration in Oracle VM Server for SPARC 2.2

Oracle VM Server for SPARC 2.2 can now live migrate running guest domains between T-series servers even if they don't have the same chip type or frequency. [Read More]

Wednesday Jul 13, 2011

In the zone - new demo/example of zones on OTN

OTN is hosting a new flash demo with a customer story and explanation showing how zones can reduce costs and improve delivery of new services with quicker time to market. Also: a new world record benchmark.[Read More]

Thursday Jul 07, 2011

Secure administration of Oracle VM Server for SPARC (Logical Domains)

Oracle VM Server for SPARC (Logical Domains) includes provides a variety of features that enhance security. This article describes its security advantages, and illustrates how to use Solaris Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to permit management without requiring the use of the root userid.[Read More]

Wednesday Jun 15, 2011

DTrace with Oracle VM Server SPARC 2.1

Live migration is the most notable of the new features of OVMSS 2.1, there are several other enhancements. Another one is the addition of DTrace support for instrumenting OVMSS behavior.[Read More]

Thursday Jun 09, 2011

Live migration in Oracle VM Server SPARC 2.1

Oracle VM Server SPARC now supports "live migration" - this blog entry explains how it works, shows examples using it, and describes how it can be used. [Read More]

Wednesday Jun 08, 2011

Oracle VM Server SPARC 2.1 Released

Oracle VM Server SPARC 2.1 Released - with new features, especially live domain migration. This blog entry gives a quick overview of the new features.[Read More]



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