Monday Dec 27, 2010

So much news, so little time...

It's a long time since my last blog - it's been a busy time! In this blog entry I catch up with some of the big news announcements, and illustrate upgrading from OpenSolaris to Oracle Solaris 11 Express[Read More]

Thursday Mar 25, 2010

Response to "A comparison of virtualization features of HP-UX, Solaris and AIX"

It's a long time since I've had to refute errors in partisan "comparisons" of Sun technology, but it's time again. An article posted by Ken Milberg on IBM sites inaccurately describes Oracle virtualization technology, and I set the record straight....[Read More]

Sunday Mar 21, 2010

A new look at an old SA practice: separating /var from /

Today's blog is a short look at two variations on the old sysadmin practice of separating /var from /, inspired by recent "how do I do this?" calls - influenced by ZFS boot and Solaris Containers (zones) with ZFS root.[Read More]

Thursday Jan 21, 2010

Logical Domains 1.3 Released

A new version of Logical Domains has been released, with new functionality for resource management and domain migration.[Read More]

Sunday Dec 06, 2009

Deduplication now in ZFS

Deduplication is now available in ZFS in the latest OpenSolaris build! Have a look at early experience with this exciting new feature.[Read More]

Friday Oct 02, 2009

Hercules goes commercial!

The Hercules open-source mainframe emulator had lead to a commercial mainframe offering? What does this mean - can it be successful?[Read More]

Friday Sep 25, 2009

ZFS, Live Upgrade and Flash Archive - happy together at last

Flash Archive is a really handy Solaris feature for cloning Solaris systems. Unfortunately, until recently it didn't work with Solaris 10 systems that leveraged ZFS boot - but now it's available. Here's my experience making use of this.[Read More]

Wednesday Jul 01, 2009

Virtual SMP in VirtualBox 3.0

VirtualBox 3.0 introduces support for multiprocessor virtual machines. This is an exciting development! Some thoughts on when to apply this, and recommendations for how to use it with optimal performance.[Read More]

Monday May 11, 2009

Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of the Odd Permissions

A mystery in which a user can create directories and files on ZFS, but cannot remove them! [Read More]

Sunday Feb 22, 2009

DTrace and the mighty Hercules

DTrace is one of the really powerful features of Solaris, providing fantastic observability into application and system behavior. Here, an example of using DTrace to provide instrumentation data into an emulator program I occasionally use.[Read More]

Monday Feb 16, 2009

sirius - OpenSolaris on System z - an update

Work has continued on "sirius" prototype port of OpenSolaris in the last few months. Here's some news on how the project is going, and experiences with the code.[Read More]

Friday Oct 17, 2008

OpenSolaris on System z - finally goes public

The initial version of OpenSolaris on z (also called "sirius") is now "out in the open" - there's a bit of buzz about it. I've been involved with this project for several years, and now it's something we can talk about.[Read More]

Friday Sep 19, 2008

Response to Joe Temple's blog on my blog...

IBM made an announcement that made invidious and inaccurate comparisons to our products. I blogged about why it was misleading. Other people blogged about my blog and said things that were even more misleading. Read my response here.[Read More]

Sunday Jun 15, 2008

No, there isn't a Santa Claus

I really don't like to use this blog for refuting competitor exaggerations and FUD. I'd really rather spend the infrequent time I spend on this blog talking about Sun technology. THere's so much great new stuff in Solaris, in our servers and storage products, and software stack, that it's just a nuisance to have to refute silly attacks on us.

But, once again into the fray. Read on to see the latest fuzzy math[Read More]

Monday Jun 02, 2008

Zones in OpenSolaris LiveCD inside VirtualBox under OpenSolaris!

Can you use the OpenSolaris LiveCD to test features like Solaris Containers? Can you do it even when you run it in a virtual machine? Yes, and it's very helpful, so read on...[Read More]



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