Configuration steps to create a zone cluster on Solaris Cluster 3.2/3.3

This is a short overview on how to configure a zone cluster. It is highly recommended to use Solaris 10 5/09 update7 with patch baseline July 2009 (or higher) and Sun Cluster 3.2 1/09 with Sun Cluster 3.2 core patch revision -33 or higher. The name of the zone cluster must be unique throughout the global Sun Cluster and must be configured on a global Sun Cluster. Please read the requirements for zone cluster in Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide.
For Solaris Cluster 4.0 please refer to blog How to configure a zone cluster on Solaris Cluster 4.0

A. Configure the zone cluster into the global cluster
  • Check if zone cluster can be created
    # cluster show-netprops
    to change number of zone clusters use
    # cluster set-netprops -p num_zoneclusters=12
    Note: 12 zone clusters is the default, values can be customized!

  • Configure filesystem for zonepath on all physical nodes
    # mkdir -p /zones/zc1
    # chmod 0700 /zones/zc1

  • Create config file (zc1config) for zone cluster setup e.g:

  • Configure zone cluster
    # clzc configure -f zc1config zc1
    Note: If not using the config file the configuration can also be done manually # clzc configure zc1

  • Check zone configuration
    # clzc export zc1

  • Verify zone cluster
    # clzc verify zc1
    Note: The following message is a notice and comes up on several clzc commands
    Waiting for zone verify commands to complete on all the nodes of the zone cluster "zc1"...

  • Install the zone cluster
    # clzc install zc1
    Note: Monitor the console of the global zone to see how the install proceed!

  • Boot the zone cluster
    # clzc boot zc1

  • Check status of zone cluster
    # clzc status zc1

  • Login into non-global-zones of zone cluster zc1 and configure the shell environment for root (for PATH: /usr/cluster/bin, for MANPATH: /usr/cluster/man)
    # zlogin -C zc1

B. Add resource groups and resources to zone cluster
  • Create a resource group in zone cluster
    # clrg create -n zone-hostname-node1,zone-hostname-node2 app-rg

    Note: Use command # cluster status for zone cluster resource group overview

  • Set up the logical host resource for zone cluster
    In the global zone do:
    # clzc configure zc1
    clzc:zc1> add net
    clzc:zc1:net> set address=<zone-logicalhost-ip>
    clzc:zc1:net> end
    clzc:zc1> commit
    clzc:zc1> exit
    Note: Check that logical host is in /etc/hosts file
    In zone cluster do:
    # clrslh create -g app-rg -h <zone-logicalhost> <zone-logicalhost>-rs

  • Set up storage resource for zone cluster
    Register HAStoragePlus
    # clrt register SUNW.HAStoragePlus

    Example1) ZFS storage pool
    In the global zone do:
    Configure zpool eg: # zpool create <zdata> mirror cXtXdX cXtXdX
    # clzc configure zc1
    clzc:zc1> add dataset
    clzc:zc1:dataset> set name=zdata
    clzc:zc1:dataset> end
    clzc:zc1> exit
    Check setup with # clzc show -v zc1
    In the zone cluster do:
    # clrs create -g app-rg -t SUNW.HAStoragePlus -p zpools=zdata app-hasp-rs

    Example2) HA filesystem
    In the global zone do:
    Configure SVM diskset and SVM devices.
    # clzc configure zc1
    clzc:zc1> add fs
    clzc:zc1:fs> set dir=/data
    clzc:zc1:fs> set special=/dev/md/datads/dsk/d0
    clzc:zc1:fs> set raw=/dev/md/datads/rdsk/d0
    clzc:zc1:fs> set type=ufs
    clzc:zc1:fs> end
    clzc:zc1> exit
    Check setup with # clzc show -v zc1
    In the zone cluster do:
    # clrs create -g app-rg -t SUNW.HAStoragePlus -p FilesystemMountPoints=/data app-hasp-rs

    More details of adding storage

  • Switch resource group and resources online in the zone cluster
    # clrg online -eM app-rg

  • Test: Switch of the resource group in the zone cluster
    # clrg switch -n zonehost2 app-rg

  • Add supported dataservice to zone cluster
    Further details about supported dataservices available at:
    - Zone Clusters - How to Deploy Virtual Clusters and Why
    - Running Oracle Real Application Clusters on Solaris Zone Cluster

Example output:

Appendix: To delete a zone cluster do:
# clrg delete -Z zc1 -F +

Note: Zone cluster uninstall can only be done if all resource groups are removed in the zone cluster. The command 'clrg delete -F +' can be used in zone cluster to delete the resource groups recursively.
# clzc halt zc1
# clzc uninstall zc1

Note: If clzc command is not successful to uninstall the zone, then run 'zoneadm -z zc1 uninstall -F' on the nodes where zc1 is configured
# clzc delete zc1


Can Sun Java System Web Server and BEA Weblogic Application Server support Zone Cluster in 3.2u2.

Posted by Carina on October 05, 2009 at 07:11 AM CEST #

At the moment for
\* BEA Weblogic Server (7.0, 8.1, 9.0, 9.2, 10.0, 10.2) and
\* JES Web Server (All versions upto and including JES 5 U1are supported. All releases upto and including 7.0, 7.0 U1, 7.0 U2 and all future updates of 7.0 release)

are supported in global zones and zone nodes with Sun Cluster 3.2. Agent is not supported in failover zones and zone clusters.

Supported application agent in zone clusters:
\* Failover Apache and Scalable Apache versions packaged with Solaris 10u6, and later
\* MySQL 5.0.77 and later 5.0 versions as qualified with Solaris Cluster MySQL 5.1.x
Note: to deploy MySQL in a Zone Cluster, patch 126032-06 or later is required on SPARC; patch 126033-07 or later is required on x86.
\* The SUNW.gds resource type is supported in Zone Clusters. (Important: Applications made HA (by Sun) using the GDS agents are not by default supported. They have to be exclusively qualified and support announced. )

Posted by jschleich on October 06, 2009 at 04:12 AM CEST #

very good article, very intersting and usefull. Thanks!
Just one remark in step B for creation of resource group it doesn't woked for me, I had to change the syntax:

clrg create -n zone-hostname-node1,zone-hostname-node2 app-rg


clrg create -n physical-hostname-node1:zc1,physical-hostname-node2:zc1 app-rg


Posted by Pierre Bergdolt on November 26, 2009 at 08:29 AM CET #

Excellent post - many thanks.
Just in case it helps anyone else out, I got bitten by Bug 6879147 when I tried to create my 4th zone cluster.
See for details.

Posted by Richard Wright on November 17, 2010 at 09:05 AM CET #

It is a real shame that the Blueprint "Zone Clusters - How to Deploy Virtual Clusters and Why" is no longer accessable. If it is still floating around on SWAN somewhere and is still available for public consumption it would be great if it could be posted up.

Posted by Richard Wright on November 17, 2010 at 07:15 PM CET #

The Blueprints will be relocated. When this is done, I'll update the post with the new links...
Thanks, Juergen

Posted by Juergen Schleich on November 19, 2010 at 03:28 AM CET #

Is zone cluster support for HA Oracle?

Posted by guest on December 22, 2011 at 11:23 PM CET #

Yes, HA-Oracle can be used in zone cluster if using Oracle or higher and Solaris 10 5/09 (update7) or higher.

Posted by guest on December 27, 2011 at 08:19 AM CET #

What is the configuration steps to configure HA oracle Listener,DB and etc for zone cluster or any documentation link for configuation.

Posted by guest on December 28, 2011 at 02:24 AM CET #

Simply use the HA-Oracle Guide
" "

Posted by Juergen on December 29, 2011 at 11:48 AM CET #

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