Friday Dec 04, 2009

RESTful Web Services and EJB 3.1

First, no, I'm not dead, and I'm still at Sun. But there hasn't been that much activity with NetBeans IDE support for WS, and I've been working a lot on PHP and Cloud. I'm here though to plug Milan Kuchtiak's new DZone article, which shows how JAX-RS 1.1 can be used with EJB 3.1, taking advantage of the new EE6 Singleton EJB and the JAX-RS @ApplicationPath annotation. Check it out at DZone.

Wednesday Jan 28, 2009

NEW temporary problem with RESTful client stubs created in jMaki or Spring framework

Well, the last problem with RESTful client stubs was fixed in jMaki plugin Now however a new problem has been exposed. See Issue 150367. The change to Jersey 1.0 caused a regression in the client stub generator. This was fixed but did not make it into 6.5 release. There's a set of updates, which internally we call Patch 2, due to go out no later than mid-February. The fix for this problem will be in that set of updates. In the meantime, if you want to try out the Creating and Consuming RESTful Web Service jMaki Components tutorial, use the following sample projects instead of the projects you make in the tutorial: EDIT: As soon as I write this post, Patch 2 is released! So the problem is over.

Wednesday Oct 01, 2008

@ProduceMime, @ConsumeMime > @Produces, @Consumes

In the 0.9 version of Jersey supported in development builds of NetBeans IDE, the old annotations @ProduceMime and @ConsumeMime have been replaced with @Produces and @Consumes, respectively. These new annotations are not backward compatible! If you want to use any RESTful services created according to an earlier Jersey version with Jersey 0.9, you have to change the annotations. The new annotations are also used in the upcoming official JAX-RS 1.0, of course.

Wednesday Jun 25, 2008

RESTful Web Services from Database function in NB 6.5 M1

In NetBeans 6.5, in a single wizard you can create entity classes from a database and create RESTful web services from those entity classes. You used to run two wizards to do this.[Read More]

Sunday May 18, 2008

Jersey REST 0.7, now with Spring support

Jersey REST API 0.7 contains support for the Spring framework. This post shows how to use NetBeans IDE 6.1 with REST 0.7 to create a web application where a Spring-aware servlet is exposed through both a singleton and a per-request RESTful service. [Read More]

Friday Mar 14, 2008

Axis2 plugin now available again! Also REST 0.6 and SOAP UI!

Those of you with an interest in NetBeans Axis2 support will be glad to hear that the Axis2 plugin is available again from the Update Center. Not that I've seen it there--I installed the latest "All" bundle of 6.1 development, and Axis2 support was already present. You'll also be glad to hear that libraries in the NetBeans project are now copied to the Lib folder of the AAR file. Milan is hoping to change the Axis2 feature to support remote server deployment. The way he'd like to do it would simplify Axis2 support in general. However, we don't know if this will be done in time for the release... REST 0.6 and SOAP UI are also now supported. More about them later, after I've had a chance to investigate further.

Friday Feb 08, 2008

REST 0.5 is out

As you may know, the version 0.5 RESTful Web Services plugin for NetBeans IDE has been available since 18 January. I've already updated the snippets in relevant tutorials. The most visible changes in the API are:
  • Replacement of the @UriTemplate annotation with the simpler @Path.
  • The @HttpMethod annotation has become a meta-annotation, with the following changes:
    • @HttpMethod("GET")-->@GET
    • @HttpMethod("POST")-->@POST
    • @HttpMethod("PUT")-->@PUT
The deployment and complilation processes have also been simplified. For more details, see Paul Sandoz's blog. Releases of Jersey and the NetBeans REST plugin are related to the JAX-RS release schedule. The Jersey release schedule is available here.

Tuesday Feb 05, 2008

New Tutorial Exposing MySQL DB

There's a new web services tutorial up, based on a demo posted on Arun Gupta's excellent blog. This tutorial shows you how to set up NetBeans IDE to access a MySQL database and then expose database fields as RESTful web services, via entity classes. The tutorial is called Consuming a MySQL Database in a RESTful Web Service. It makes a good follow-on to Connecting to a MySQL Database and Getting Started with RESTful Web Services on GlassFish.

Thursday Jan 31, 2008

New REST on Tomcat tutorial

Good news for those of you who have struggled trying to deploy the Getting Started with RESTful Web Services tutorial on the bundled Tomcat AS. No more digging about on netbeans wiki. I've combined the configuration instructions on the wiki with the existing tutorial, and created the new Getting Started with RESTful Web Services on Tomcat tutorial. The original tutorial is now titled Getting Started with RESTful Web Services on GlassFish.

We've been having some trouble building the new tutorial's project on linux boxes. These problems are related to known issues about library definitions on linux (Issues 126339 and 115947 for those of you in the NetBeans IDE community). If you have a linux box and use this tutorial, please let us know how it went.

For that matter, any and all feedback would be welcome!


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