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    November 10, 2009

VMIL paper on invokedynamic

John Rose
I have written a paper for VMIL '09 on invokedynamic, which my fellow JVM and JIT geeks may find interesting:
Bytecodes meet Combinators: invokedynamic on the JVM

John Rose, VMIL '09 Workshop at OOPSLA, Orlando, October 2009

The focus of the paper is on evaluating the architectural effect of adding invokedynamic to JVM bytecodes. The description of JSR 292 is partial and provisional but I expect the part I have described is mostly stable. There is a lot of overview of (a) current implementation techniques for JVM languages, (b) how these techniques adapt to invokedynamic, and (c) how a JVM might optimize invokedynamic. The treatment is not specific to HotSpot. I hope it is useful to JVM teams and to dynamic language implementors.

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  • Raven Sunday, December 20, 2009

    The paper mentions "C# friend references" on page 2. Does that have anything to do with InternalsVisibleToAttribute in .NET that applies to an assembly? Because otherwise I don't see anything in C# that's a "friend reference", not in the sense of C++'s friend; there's no "friend" keyword in C#.

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